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Do you want to buy a trackless train for your mall business? The fantastic trackless train is not only good-looking but suitable to sit together for kids and adults. There are two types of train cars are suitable for your shopping mall. The carriages of the train matches its style so that it doesn’t look strange. The trackless mall train for sale from DINIS possesses both delicate appearances and comfortable riding feeling. When people ride it, they may astonish how special it is. Moreover, they may receive a wonderful and interesting experience.

Fantastic mall train for all ages customers in your shopping mall

Best Children Amusement Trackless Mall Train For Sale

trackless mall trains for kids for sale

Look, a lovely small indoor train moves towards us! The beautiful train twinkling as stars, so charming it is! Many children rush to watch and experience this train ride. They delightedly jump into the attractive train and surprise its internal designs, enjoying a wonderful tour with other kids.

Moreover, riding trains can not only bring happiness and joy to children, but cultivate their Beauty Quotient and Emotional Quotient. Children have the ability to discern beauty, but they still need adults to guide them in understanding true beauty.

The exquisite mall train made by DINIS provides a great landmark for children’s learning. Children who want to take the train must need the support of adults. Before riding it, they will try their best to make their parents agree to their requirements. At the same time, they also cultivate their logical thinking and language communication skills.

Have you ever take a trackless antique train in shopping mall? DINIS launch a classic and stylish train for adults. It is proper for you and your friends to take together owing to its appearance and seats. It looks like a traditional train but has some discrepancies.

For example, its interior is more intricate than traditional train. A lot of shinning little lights decorated on the train body make it dazzling. Open carriages of the train provide a wide vision for your passengers and make them browsing other things without hindrance.

trackless train for sale China manufacturer

Besides, it runs with several battery pieces and you can use it for more than 8 hours every charging fully. Furthermore, we equip the beautiful train with bonded leather seats, which gives passengers a better sitting experience.

Refined and Diverse Mall Train Cars for Adults and Kids

There are two types of the trackless train carriages often used in shopping mall. Both of them can give customers a good viewing experience. Some recommended styles of the train cars are as follows:

Small thomas battery mall train

Open Train Carriages

Open carriages with arched windows: The open car of the trackless mall train has several arched windows which make it looks more distinctive. People seem to be sitting in a castle when you see them from the outside of the carriages. They are very popular with children and adults.

mall train ride for kids and adults

Semi-closed Train Cars

Elegant sightseeing mall train car: The elegant sightseeing train has a minimalist and intricate appearance. It has small doors of the carriages and is safe for little babies. Moreover, there are no limitation for people’s age and even elder people can take it and love it. No matter what style your mall is, you can choose this small train because it is versatile.

You can Customize the Trackless Mall Train from DINIS

The Capacity and Colors and More of the Trackless Mall Train

There are so many kinds of trackless mall train rides you can select for your shopping mall. Such as the carnival train for 24 people, the exquisite elephant trains for 16 passengers, 36 seats sightseeing train, etc. You can choose it according to your favor and practical demands. If you want to customize a trackless mall train for you business, just let us know in advance. We support you to print the train rides with the logo or trademark of your shopping mall. Otherwise, you can choose the capacity of your train car and customize the color and decorations of it.

What Material is the Trackless Mall Train Made of?

  • Sturdy Fiberglass Locomotive Shell and Steel Metal Train Cars

The trackless mall train rides from DINIS are made of high-quality Fiberglass and Steel Metal. Both materials have the characteristics of durability and corrosion resistance. The advantages of them are as follows:

  • Fiberglass is lightweight and can be made into various shapes.
  • Steel Metal has good corrosion resistance and can prevent rusting or damage to trains, making them more durable.
  • Both of them are environmentally friendly materials that are recyclable and easy to process and install.
  • The fiberglass can be used to make comfortable seats and cabin interior decoration to improve passenger comfort. At the same time, Steel Metal provides good structural support and helps ensure the safety of the mall train.
  • Our products can be used for over 8 years under reasonable use and regular maintenance. So you can purchase it with confidence.
FRP material trackless antique train

Specialty Services of the Trackless Mall Train Rides Business

Expanding more business for the trackless mall train can make more profits for you. You can refer to the following aspects to make full use of your small train rides.

  1. Properly promote your shopping mall trains, offer discounts to small train passengers, and attract them to come and take them.
  2. Regularly hold train themed parties to attract more families and children to take the trackless family trains.
  3. Reasonably layout the running routes of small trains in the mall to fully display various areas of the mall
  4. Periodically maintenance and timely repair of your small trains, providing tourists with a good riding experience.
  5. Collect customers’ feedback, actively listen to customer feedback, and improve services based on feedback to meet customer needs.

Where I can Buy a Mall Kids DINIS Train Ride

Two ways help you to purchase our products:

trackless train for mall price

Purchase After Visiting The Factory Personally

The DINIS is a professional manufacturer of making the trackless mall train. Furthermore, we have made the amusement train rides for 20 years. So we have enough experience and confidence to produce one train which only belongs to you. We have a factory specializing in manufacturing amusement equipment in Henan province, China. Visiting the train rides in person may give you more real experience and make you feel at ease. We are welcome you to visit our industry and select the mall train suited for you.

Contact Us Online To Buy The Funny Trackless Mall Train

We have established a product specific website. All styles of the electric trackless mall trains you can watch online. Moreover, our excellent customer service personnel will help you choose your desired train rides without leaving your home. Besides, you need to prepay 50% of the price of the selected product, and the balance should be paid delivery.

Peppa pig mall kids train

If you have any interest or problem for our trackless mall train, come and send us an enquiry!