Vintage Amusement Park Trains for Sale

Multiple vintage amusement park trains for sale at DINIS. They run on specific tracks or roads, with different scales, popular with kids and adults. There are 3 types of train carriages for your selecting. Furthermore, I have provided additional tips on how to select the most suitable train cabins in the following article. So, come and read it with me!

Small to Large Antique Trains for Different Scales of Amusement Parks

Vintage Mini Ride on Train for theme park

The small ride-on train looks retro and interesting. It is very popular among children and adults in amusement parks beause of its classic design like a traditional train. Moreover, painted in vintage red overall gives it a nostalgic feel, evoking a sense of age. In addition, the miniature size of the vintage park train also make it stand out from lots of amusement rides.
Despite its compact size, this amusement park train is ingeniously designed to maximize space. While it doesn’t have separate carriages like larger amusement trains, its seating arrangement is efficient enough to comfortably accommodate over 15 passengers.

Moreover, the way to ride this vintage amusement park train is very unique. And you just need to sit on its body and grasp the armrest on the front of its seat. Then, you can enjoy a delightful train tour in your park. It’s safe to say that most people haven’t encountered such a distinctive antique train in other amusement parks.

72-Seater Large Vintage Metal Rail Trains in Amusement Parks

If you want to buy a bigger train for your amusement park, the large vintage train might be a nice choice. It is made of high-quality sheet metal which is sturdy and durable, with good corrosion resistance. Moreover, due to its smooth exterior, it is easy and handy to maintain the metal train.

Additionally, it can accommodate more than 70 passengers, very suited for a relatively large outdoor venue. You can use it for sightseeing in your park, and enable your customers to have a better view of your theme park’s projects and layout. Riding such an amusing track train ride may bring a great help for your customers. Especially for visitors, who are overwhelmed by the numerous amusement projects in front of them, and have no idea where to begin. Experiencing the track train could be a fantastic opportunity to discover the next unknown amusement adventure.

Amusement Park Vintage Trains for children and Adults

Best Antique Train Kids Ride Runs Through Your Playground

Are you considering purchasing a vintage kids train for your amusement park business? DINIS recently launches a new vintage train ride to provide children with endless fun in your carnival park.

First, we equipped the antique train with smoke effects to make it closer to a real locomotive. It looks like a train, but it doesn’t run on tracks. This unique design can quickly stimulate children’s curiosity and make them want to experience it.

Second, you don’t have to worry about whether this small train will cause potential harm to your children. The kiddie train in retro style is made of high quality fiberglass. This material is strong and durable. Moreover, we have polished the entire car body inside and outside during the manufacturing process. So there won’t be any details that will scratch your little customers.

In addition, the exterior of the body is painted with car-specific paint. And after professional baking process, it is non-toxic, tasteless and will not fade. Therefore, buying such an amusement park train for kids is absolutely feasible. It can not only give children a unique play experience in your venue, but bring you a considerable income.

Water Park Sightseeing Vintage Train for Adults

Small vintage amusement park trains you can ride on are available in our company. It is compact and full of retro flavor. When people ride on it, they can feel as if they are back to the happy time in the past.

The deep hum of the whistle rings in your ears, evoking the grandeur of a bygone era. Smoke billows from the chimney of the vintage steam locomotive, transporting you to the romance of a historic train journey. Imagine how thrilled your visitors would be if they could ride such an enchanting train in your water park

City Park Family Train Retro Style for Sale

Do you want to buy a vintage park train ride for people of all ages? DINIS recommends you the antique family sightseeing railway train. It is very suitable family with elderly people or children to ride in you park. Moreover, if you have experienced such a city park train, you will definitely feel relaxed and comfortable.

We specially designed anti-corrosion treated wooden seats for the vintage amusement park family train, beautiful and comfortable.  Also, the interior space of each carriage is spacious and bright and can easily accommodate passengers of different sizes, ensuring that every tourist can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable journey.

If you consider buying such a train for your park or scenic spot, it will undoubtedly make visitors feel grateful. Taking such a sightseeing train, tourists can not only avoid the fatigue of long journeys, but also immerse themselves in an unforgettable journey. In addition, the operation of vintage railway trains can help disperse the flow of people, effectively alleviate crowding in scenic spots or parks. Thus, look no  further, come DINIS and purchase a vintage sightseeing train for your city park.

Detailed Specifications of Vintage Amusement Park Trains for sale

In order to facilitate you to understande our vintage amusement train specifications, we have listed the following table for your reference.

Style Capacity Speed Power Source Weight Overall Vehicle Size Limited Slope Turning Radius
Mini Vintage Ride on Amusement Park Train 16-20 Passengers / customized ≤7 Km/h Lithium Battery 1.8t 13m*0.53m*0.6m ≤ 3% ≥ 7m
Large Vintage Park Train 72 Passengers / customized ≤7 Km/h Lithium Battery 11t 27.6m*1.6m*2.3m ≤ 3% ≥ 20m
Antique Trackless Train for Kids Playground 16-20 Passengers / customized Column 3 Value 3 Maintenance-free  Battery Column 5 Value 3 9m*1.05m*1.97m ≤ 3% ≥ 3m
Adults Water Park Train in a Retro Style 16-20  Passengers / customized ≤7 Km/h Lithium Battery 1.8t 13m*0.53m*0.6m ≤ 3% ≥ 7m
Family Train Antique for City Park 24 Passengers / customized ≤7 Km/h Lithium Battery 4.5t 16.5m*1.1m*2m ≤ 3% ≥ 7m

How Much Does an Amusement Park Vintage Train Cost?

Would you like to know the prices of different styles of vintage trains? DINIS offers the best antique train amusement rides at the most affordable prices. In the table below, you can find out the price reference range of the trains sold by our company. If you would like to know a specific quotation, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

Most Popular

Mini Vintage Ride on Amusement Park Train

$11,000- $19,000


16-20 seats

lithium battery operated

Large Vintage Park Train

> $55,000


72  seats

lithium battery operated

Most Popular

Antique Trackless Train for Kids Playground

$8,000- $12,000


16-20 seats

maintenance-free gel battery operated

Adults Water Park Vintage Train

$11,000- $19,000


16-20 seats

lithium battery operated

Family Train Antique for City Park

$34,000- $48,000


24 seats

lithium battery operated

Vintage Amusement Park Trains Manufacturer and Supplier

DINIS, the vintage amusement train rides manufaturer, has dedicate to manufatcuring train rides for park investors with different requirement for more than 20 years. We are a high-tech enterprise in China with an independent manufacturing workshop and more than 400 professional technicians and after-sales service personnel. In our company, you can find different scales of vintage amusement park trains for sale. They are refined and affordable.

amusement park train cars

In addition, we promise to provide our products with a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support. If you have any questions in the process of selecting, purchasing, and using, please feel free to contact us. And our customer service staff will solve your problem as soon as possible.

Besides, if you have customized service for your vintage park train rides, just tell us your requirements in advance. Your satisfaction is the relentless driving force behind our efforts!

Vintage amusement park trains manufacturer, DINIS launches small to large scales of vintage trains for your park business. Moreover, buying an antique train for park costs as little as $8,000-12,000. In addition, whether you want a tracked or trackless vintage park train, you can find it at our company. And, we provide you with a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support.

So, if you have interest for our vintage amusement park trains for sale, please sent us an inquiry at any time!