Do you have an incline to purchase one amusement train for your theme park? People riding various styles train rides in your park can gain unusual joy and a wonderful experience. Taking the funny Thomas train popular with kids will definitely become the hot entertainment project in your park.

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Besides, the appealing and interesting theme park trains for sale from DINIS is electric, so it is friendly to your park environment. Moreover, buying such delightful train equipment is good for your park. It can make your park more fun and attract more customers for you. Do you want to know where you can buy such a train ride? Come and read down with me!

Enjoy an Extraordinary Childhood Fun with Theme Park Train Rides

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Do you want to experience the charming train rides in theme park with your friends? Image that you come to a train theme park where parking diverse train rides. There is cute dolphin carrying a mermaids swimming toward to you. You reach out and touch it, surprised to find it so smooth and refined. Meanwhile, an appealing ant train in like wise catches your attention, it is pink and wear a crown. So lovely it is!

What makes you exclaimed is that, there is unexpectedly a real train like the Thomas in the animation Thomas and His Friends. It is so vivid and lifelike as if the real Thomas gets to your side. You select one train ride your favorite and then board it without hesitation. You find all friend riding the train laugh in heart and share the fun with you. At that moment, it makes you remind of your happy childhood time. Although brief, it is wonderful and memorable!

Multiple Styles of the Theme Park Trains for Sale for Your Park

Lovable Ocean Theme Park Trains for Sale

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On the front of the locomotive of the ocean theme train lies a cute dolphin. It is moving toward you with a big smile. Take a closer look and you will find lots of penguins sway behind it. The blue main color scheme makes you feel as if coming to a aquarium. Besides, the small FRP ocean train runs on a specific track like a real train. It is very unique and outstanding, right? People get on the amusing train ride in high spirits. When starting it, passenger surprised discovery it can play music in its carriages. They listen to music they like, meanwhile enjoy this joyful tour with vivacious marine animals.

Festive Christmas-themed Trackless Train for Sale

Would you like to ride an exquisite Christmas train, even if it’s not Christmas Day? DINIS has design the beautiful and appealing Christmas train equipment based on the Christmas theme and elements. This train has an appearance of red and white color scheme, with a small bell hanged in the front of its locomotive. Additionally, we equip it with colorful lights and sounds and they add a Christmas atmosphere to the interesting trackless train. When riding it, melodious Christmas songs ringing again, it makes us feel as if we’re back on Christmas day again. How marvelous the Christmas train is!

Christmas theme park train rides from DINIS

Cheerful and Playful Thomas Theme park Trains for Sale

Thomas theme park train from China manufacturer

There is no doubt that the funny Thomas is the most conspicuous train rides in the theme park owing to its comical look. It is especially popular among kids because it has the same appearance like the thomas locomotive in a cartoon. It has a clownish expression and colorful carriages, which makes children can’t wait to experience. Besides, it can hold 14-16 kids in your outdoor venue. Moreover, it is electric and friendly to the environment. If you buy such train rides in your kids theme park, I believe the kiddies will be crazy about it.

Durable Battery Trackless Theme Park Trains for for Sale

The delightful train rides from DINIS are operated by battery source. Lithium battery is a clean energy source with no tail gas emissions. Thus, using this driving method is beneficial to reducing environmental pollution. Besides, trackless trains relying on lithium batteries to move have lower noise during operation. So it can provide passengers with a pleasant and comfortable riding experience. More important is that, lithium batteries can be charged quickly on the go. If you charge it fully, you can use for 8 hours. Because it does not require frequent refueling and maintenance like a diesel generator. Therefore, it can also save your operating expenses  in the long term. So, it is cost-effective for you to use lithium batteries to power your theme park train rides.

Price Range of Different Sizes of The Theme Park Train Rides

Prices of amusement theme train rides vary depending on factors, such as the country of origin, materials used, styles, and specifications. Taking Chinese exports of train equipment as an example, here are some price ranges available for your reference:

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  • If you’re interested in purchasing a 14 seats Thomas-themed train, you may spend approximately $3,500 – $12,000.
  • For an adorable ocean-themed train that can accommodate 14-16 passengers, the price range is around 8,000 to 12,000 dollars.
  • However, If you’re looking for a trackless train that can carry 40 passengers with semi-enclosed carriages, you might pay $20,000- $40,000.

Please note that prices can vary based on your customization, additional features, and shipping costs. We recommend you to contact your chosen supplier for a more accurate price.

Why Purchasing the Train Equipment for Your Theme Park is Feasible

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🚂 Unique Appeal & Versatile Functionality 📣

The amusement trains with various styles are very attractive, especially for children. Their appearance is exquisite and special. Furthermore, they also bring people an excellent visual experience to a certain extent.

The fun train is not only comfortable to ride, but it also has a variety of functions. For example, it can play music, turn on colored lights, sound the whistle like a real train, and blow smoke. It is very suitable for passengers to play in your theme park.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Friendly & Increase Visibility 👣

There is no riding limitation for the people’s ages. Therefore, it is suited for all family members to taking. It is also conducive to attracting more families to ride if they see a family are laughing while riding the family trains.

Train rides can gain more attention for your theme park. For example, a zoo can have animal-themed trains, while an cartoonpark can have cartoon-themed trains. Itcan increase the fun of visitors and brings more fans to your theme park.

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The Manufacturer and Supplier of the Theme Park Train Rides

DINIS is an amusement equipment manufacturer and supplier. It belongs to an innovation and environmentally friendly enterprise in China, with 20 years rich experience in making amusement equipment. Moreover, we have own industry, and independently complete every link from selecting the prime material, processing, to assembling the equipment. Furthermore, our professional team is responsible for designing and manufacturing the exquisite train rides for your theme park. Every train undergoes a 90 hours uninterrupted load test. The reason is to ensure that all aspects of its performance meet national standards before leaving our factory. So we are reliable and our equipment won’t make you disappointed.

If you have interest in our interesting amusement equipment, please contact us for a further understanding its detailed quotation.