Trackless train for kids

Do you want to purchase a trackless train for kids to run your indoor or outdoor business? DINIS launches 3 types of trackless train rides for kids’ amusing and playing. They have a unique shape and novel style, catching children’s eye at first sight. Moreover, powered by batteries, they are environmentally friendly and quiet. Also, the capacity and external color of the trackless train for kids are supported to customized. DINIS’s high-quality trackless train car, safe and comfortable, made with heart and soul for children.

Top Sale 3 Trackless Kiddie Trains for Different Venues

Commercial Trackless Kids Train in Mall

Look! A unique children’s train is coming towards us. So cute it looks! The unique shape and gorgeous appearance of the trackless mall train for kids can attract the attention of everyone in your shopping mall, not just the children.

Besides, its locomotive looks like a real train, however, more beautiful than the traditional passenger train. A lot of colorful lights are equipped around the train external cars.

What’s more, kids can enjoy cheerful and catchy music while riding the train around the mall. Besides, the small train can accommodate more than 10 kiddies. Also, you can match the number of the train cars of different types, open or semi-closed carriages as you like.

Classic Kids Trackless Train for Park

DINIS designs and manufactures children’s trackless train in park. It can accommodate more than 20 children. And in the carriage, we have equipped with soft seats to provide children a comfortable riding experience. Besides, it is designed in a classic style and looks like a real train with smoke effect. So, I believe it has a great appeal to children.

Furthermore, the trackless design is convenient for you to change venues at any time. More important is that, its running speed is moderate and can be adjusted, which is safe and friendly for children.

Trackless Train for Kids Party in Funfair

Do you want to select a kid’s party train for your funfair business? The cartoon themed-Super Wings trackless train ride may be a good choice for you. Its locomotive looks like the Super Wings in cartoons come into reality. With a small red plane connected with several round carriages, the design of the trackless train is popular among kids.

Moreover, each cabin can hold more than 4 children. The train cabin is designed as a large coffee cup, making children’s gatherings more unique and enchanting. This party train is perfect for your funfair or amusement park, providing kids with the opportunity to ride a train with their friends.

DINIS Offers customizable Kids Carnival Train without Track

Would you like to tailor a train ride for children? DINIS provides customizable antique trackless train for kid’s carnivals. There are multiple choices for the customized kids train. For example, you can change the color matching of the train ride according to your favor. Moreover, you can also print your exclusive logo on the train exterior, making the kiddy train more unique.

Besides, we support you in customizing the train to suit your child’s playground themes. Such as the the classic antique themed, blue vintage themed, British style, etc. These are all styles that customers have customized from us. No matter which style and theme you want the train to be like, the DINIS can try his best to meet your demands.

Lithium Battery Powered or Maintenance-free Battery Powered? How to Choose for Your Kid Road Trains

battery trackless train charger

Train rides on cement or asphalt road from our factory are powered by batteries. Usually, the battery we use for the kids train has 2 types, lithium battery and maintenance-free battery. The lithium battery has light weight and a long service life. Choose lithium battery and you can use it continuously for more than 5 years without replacing the battery.

However, Its price is more expensive than maintenance-free gel batteries. Simply put, for a 12V, 150A battery, a lithium-ion battery may be more than $500 more expensive than a lead-acid battery of the same specification.

For some investors without too much budget, the maintenance-free gel batteries may be a preference. It is also a good choice for the kids train with cheap price and excellent quality. Moreover, you don’ t need to spend energy on maintenance later.

Commonly, users need to replace such batteries every two or three years, but the cost is not expensive, generally ranging between $300 and $600. Furthermore, the replacement is also simple and easy, but it still requires professionals to operate.

trackless train control panel

Based on the above reasons, maintenance-free gel batteries are chosen by more investors in children’s trains. Even so, you can choose the proper battery according to your actual budget and needs.

Trackless Train FRP Cars, Safe and Comfortable for Kids

The trackless train car DINIS manufactured is made of high-quality fiberglass. This material is not only hard, but has excellent plasticity. It can mold into various shapes beloved by children, such as funny Thomas, Santa Claus, beautiful Swan, and so on. They are children’s favorite cartoon characters. Thus, when these characters become reality, you can imagine how thrilled children would be.

kids train carriages

Besides, our trackless kids train cars using the FRP material are very safe for children. First, the train is smooth inside and out, and does not pose any potential danger to your young passengers. Secondly, the kids train seats inside the cabins are flat and comfortable. Moreover, we have equipped with armrests in front of the train seats to ensure kids’ safety when enjoying train tour. Thirdly, we have installed a lock on the outside of the carriage. The carriage door is completely closed when the train is running. This can prevent children from jumping out of the carriage to a certain extent.

More important is that, you can ride the train with your kids! Some little kiddies riding such train rides need to be accompanied by an adult. To allow children of all ages to enjoy a fun train, our trackless kids train is available for adults to accompany. Choosing DINIS is not only choosing a manufacturer of amusement rides, but choosing a factory with guaranteed quality and dedicated to children.

trackless battery train for kids

Where can I Buy a Trackless Train for Kids

Cheap Trackless kid train from DINIS is on sale now! DINIS has been committed to manufacturing children’s rides for 20 years, and is a high High-tech enterprise recognized by China.

kids carnival trains for sale

We deliver our kids’ train equipment all over the world. The main markets include South America, North America, and Central America. As an amusement equipment manufacturer that integrates production and sales, we are always dedicated to product innovation and constantly designing new styles of train rides for kiddies. Moreover, we can provide one-stop service for you if necessary, including transportation, door-to-door delivery, installation, commissioning, technical training, etc.

More important is that we provide a 1-year warranty and lifetime free online technical support for our products. Your satisfaction is the motivation for our efforts!