Have you ever ridden a scenic spot sightseeing train rides? I think you must feel fresh and curious the moment you saw it. It looks like a real train, however, it doesn’t only operate in fixed area. Multiple types and sizes of tourist train, with track or not, are available in DINIS. There are 16-seat and 70-200-seat track train for different scales tourist Attractions. They may be lithium battery operated or diesel generator operated, which all are suitable for tourist train use. Besides, we have specially designed single door carriages and accessible carriages for sightseeing trains in scenic areas, which not only provide a novel viewing experience but also ensure their safety.

Lithium Battery Electric Tourist Trackless Train

If you want to buy an trackless sightseeing train for you scenic area, we first recommend the lithium battery as the train power source. There are 3 reasons about why we suggest choose it.

sightseeing electric train for parks

First, it has a light weight and small volume, which can reduce the traction of trains during operation to some extent. Thereby reduce energy loss and operating costs. Moreover, it is also conducive to improve the train speed in running, and enhance your driving experience and passengers’ riding feeling. Secondly, the lithium battery is friendly to environment, and train with this battery won’t generate any tail gas and noise. Thus, it is beneficial to both your scenic area environment and the visitors’ experience.

Third, the lithium battery has a shorter charging times and longer life than batteries made of other materials. For example, the lithium battery just need 6h charging time, while other materials battery may take over 7h to charge fully. Besides, you can use the lithium battery for more than 9h, and it support you to charge anytime, which without any damage for it. However, the common battery only can be used for about 7h under full power state. Furthermore, charging as you go will cause damage to the battery life.

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Mini Sightseeing Train Ride for Sale

Do you prefer to select a mini size tourist train for your theme park? The mini ride on train, accommodating 16 people, also suitable for your diverse themes parks. Moreover, it use also is the lithium battery, durable and maintenance-free for you. More important is that its design style is very appropriate for both sightseeing and amusing. If there are a garden area or water park amusing area for tourist, we strongly recommend you choose it. First of all, due to its compact size, lovely and vintage appearance, these make it more interesting and charming.

Moreover, its height as a small stool is also suitable for kids to ride it. Additionally, the extra armrest and foot pedals we installed for the mini scenic spot train ensure its security for children. If there is such a fun train in your natural scenic spot, I think it will definitely attract many visitors to play and relax. Especially for little kids, riding the mini train could be an extreme temptation. Moreover, I believe that most parents would welcome the opportunity for their children to enjoy a relaxing train ride after an extended period of walking.

72-200 Passenger Antique Track Train for Scenic Spot Use

The large tourist train rides, like really traditional trains, can run in your scenic spot. Its appearance is similar to the traditionally passenger train, however, you can use it in you park. It operates on its specific track and can hold more than 70 passengers. Besides, we have installed it with soft seats and dinner tables, which give passengers a relaxed and enjoyable viewing experience. Moreover, for areas not suited to build a cement or asphalt road, using trains with track is a feasible solution.

Besides, we also support to customize it about its external color, capacity and the size and shape of its track. Moreover, we can also plan and design the sightseeing train operation route map for your scenic area. And if necessary, we can also arrange professional technical personnel to guide the construction of tracks and the installation of trains.

Tourist Diesel Engines Motorized Trains for sale

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Almost all sightseeing train rides DINIS manufactured can use the diesel engines as the power source. As long as you replenish diesel to the generator tank in a timely manner, diesel generators can provide trains with stable power for a long time without being affected by environmental conditions, offering you a continuous source of electricity. Thus, using the trains powered by diesel generators can alleviate users’ range anxiety to a certain extent.

However, there are some customers worrying about the environmental pollution caused by it. On this point, I must clarify that our diesel train have undergone environmental testing and meet environmental requirements. Do not emit significant exhaust or noise during operation. Therefore, you can use it with confidence.

Special Design of the Carriages of the Scenic Spot Sightseeing Train Rides

  • The carriage design with single-side door opening can provide higher safety for tourists.

We launched train cabins that can only be opened on one side due to terrain issues at certain scenic spots. For these natural scenic spots where the trains may travel to areas near cliffs or water bodies, it may be necessary to choose the single side open car. This design not only provides customers with an excellent sightseeing experience, but also enhances passenger safety. 

It ensures that the doors on the other side of the train, which are close to dangerous areas such as cliffs and water bodies, remain closed, thereby reducing the risk of passengers accidentally falling or colliding with external obstacles.Moreover, it also helps to specify that passengers get on and off on a fixed side, avoiding unnecessary confusion and facilitating better passenger management.

  • Barrier-free trackless sightseeing train cars for people with disabilities – comfort and freedom at the same time.

Another thoughtful design of the scenic spot sightseeing train rides we manufactured is the barrier-free train carriages for the disabled. It is very rare that trains with barrier-free cabins appear in some sightseeing spot. Moreover, we have installed a foldable door at the end of this carriage. When it is lowered, it helps to push the wheelchair into the carriage. When it is folded up, it is fixed with a chain, which is safe and does not affect the appearance.

tourist train car barrier-free car

In addition, we also have equipped with soft seats and seat belts in such carriages. Moreover, there is enough space inside the carriage for wheelchair turning and parking, ensuring passenger comfort without affecting their sightseeing experience.

If you find our train rides intriguing, we invite you to promptly send us an inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing potential opportunities for collaboration.