Customizable track train for theme park


In this successful case, we will share how a U.S. customer used our customized small track train to offer his customers a unique and captivating entertainment experience. Using our train rides to run business can not only bring fun for you customers, but also increases your park reveneue.

Customer Background:

Our customer, is located in a bustling city, Las Vegas, in the United States. He owns a popular indoor amusement park, and recently has an incline to buy an indoor carnival train with track for visitors.

Discovery and Recommendations:

After understanding his requirements, we recommended several hot-selling train rides for indoor venues. They include Elephant Track Train, Small Thomas Train, Ant train, Ocean-themed Train, Mini Ride-on Train, etc. However, only the ride-on miniature locomotive caught his favor. Subsequently, he showed us the envisioned track shape- an O-shaped track. Then, he asked the feasibility of customizing a 10-meter diameter circular track.

battery thomas track train for theme park

Customization Process:


  1. Customer’s Vision: The customer wants a ride-on miniature train that could navigate an O-shaped track within their indoor theme park. Moreover, he added that the diameter of the circular track needs to be within 5 meters.
  2. Collaborative Design: In close collaboration, we explained that our standard configuration of the small ride on track train is 16-seat and its turning radium is not less than 7m. If you want to purchase this train,we need to make appropriate adjustments to the number of carriages to meet your requirements. He inquired the specific implementation plan. Eventually, we agreed that the train locomotive connected with 2 carriages, and every carriage hold 4 people.
  3. Technical Feasibility: Assessing the technical aspects, we ensured that the customized ride-on miniature train and the O-shaped track were feasible for safe and efficient operation indoors.
  4. Manufacturing and Implementation: Once the design was finalized, we initiated the manufacturing the amusement train. the material we used is high-quality sheet metal, sturdy and durable. Then, our team handled the small train ride, painting its body, and assembly its components.

Results and Impact:

The customized ride-on train successfully brought the customer’s vision to life, traversing the unique O-shaped track of 10 meters diameter. Visitors to his theme park are very delighted by the distinctive train experience. It contributes to increased foot traffic and positive reviews. And moreover, his amusement park‘s overall revenue also rose.

More important is that his customer showed heightened satisfaction, which improved overall visitor engagement to a certain degree.

customized train rides manufacturer

Customer Testimonial:

“The collaboration with the team was not only seamless but also full of creativity. The ride-on mini train has become a highlight of our amusement park, and we appreciate the dedication to bringing our vision to reality.”- Customer Representative.



This case exemplifies our commitment to turning imaginative concepts into tangible, enjoyable experiences. By embracing the customer’s vision, we successfully delivered a customized ride that enriched the appeal of their indoor theme park in Las Vegas. We look forward to continued collaborations and creating more tailored experiences for our clients.