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Prices among diverse styles of amusement electric train have great discrepancies. Besides, the electric train price is also affected by multiple other factors such as different manufacturers, material, size, power source, operation mode etc. In the following passage, I have made a detailed statement about the factors affecting price and electric train reference price for our company trains. If you have an incline to know about the prices of our electric train rides, just follow me and read on!

How Much Diverse Styles of Electric Trains for Kids or Adults cost?

In order to meet the demands of passengers of different ages, our factory has designed all kinds of electric amusement trains. There are small trains that fit kids’ taste, such as the Santa Claus, Thomas, Elephant, Dolphin, Ant, Peppa Pig, Boonie Bears, etc. They are usually of a cartoon theme, with a cute or funny appearance, very popular among kids. In order to convenient for you to understand their approximate prices quickly, I list the following table for your reference.

Train Style Thomas Train Santa Claus Train Elephant Train Classic Antique Train Classic Ride-on Train
Capacity 16 persons 16 persons 16 persons 16 persons 16 persons
Group kids kids kids adults adults
Price/ set $8,000 $8,000-$10,000 $8,000-$12,000 $12,000-$15,000 $15,000

Scales and Operating Mode also Affect the Electric Train Price

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Without doubt, the electric train size and its track operating or road running mode also influence its price. Take the same style of the ocean train as an example. Purchasing a 16 passengers ocean train may cost you 12,000 dollars. It is higher about $4,000 than a 14-seat ocean train. Nevertheless, that is understandable the reason. Although they are in same style, the bigger ocean train still use to spend more materials and procedures than the smaller one.

However, the track ocean train is more expensive than the trackless besides its extra material and process. It also needs us to make more efforts to design its track according to the actual needs of each customer’s venue. Therefore, its price may higher $2,000 cash than the trackless ocean train with the same capacity.

Train Theme Ocean Ocean Ocean Ocean
Capacity 14 people 16 people 14 people 16 people
Track/Trackless Track Track Trackless Trackless
Price $8,000 $12,000 $6,000 – $8,000 $10,000

The Material and Technology Decide on the Quality of Electric Trains

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Material Selecting

Some people may think the prices of our electric amusement trains are too high. But in my opinion, it is economic in terms of the material value we used. Generally speaking, the materials for manufacturing electric trains have two kinds, fiberglass and Sheet Metal. They all have hard textures and durable features, and moreover, trains made of them will not require much effort to maintain in the future.

The discrepancy between them are that fiberglass has excellent plasticity and can be made in various styles, most kids’ cartoon train using this material. And another material, Sheet Metal, is more firm than fiberglass, not easily deformed and is able to withstand large loads. Sometimes we will combine advantages of them to manufacturing the train rides. Therefore, choosing the electric train materials shows our consideration for users’ convenience.

Meticulous Manufacture Craft

No matter which material we used for your amusement train, it needs our rigorous and detailed production. For the fiberglass train, from the train coating to demoulding to final coloring, each step requires a lot of manpower. Likewise, the manufacturing process of sheet metal amusement trains also requires a lot of manpower and material resources. From the cutting of raw materials to welding and polishing, to the final inspection, every step requires our workers to be meticulous.

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And our requirements for the end products is that they must have smooth surfaces, bright colors and excellent performance. So, every train before leaving the factory will undergo a 90-hour performance testing. Only qualified products can be sent to you.

Customization Services DINIS Provided for You

Besides, we also provide customized services for our clients. We support customers to match the train colors according to their own favor, just need to provide us with the color card. Moreover, you can tailor the train shape and track according to your practical requirements.

Additionally, if you want to print your company logo or decorate the trains under your asking, we can also satisfy you. The last thing I have to add is that we have installed an air conditioner in every large electric train locomotive. And if you still prefer to equip one in every carriage, or install it for other small or medium size electric train loco, please tell us in advance.