ullet amusement train rides from a Chinese manufacturer, have a special appearance and a unique shape. They look like a traditional high- speed express, however, more fun than the high-speed rails. Moreover, there are multiple styles, with trackless or track design, suited for your customers of all ages and family entertaining.

Furthermore, the battery bullet train can use for more than 8h, and charging it once fully only needs 6-7h. It is environmentally friendly and efficient, also suited for your funfair business in the daytime. In addition, we choose the high-quality fiberglass material to manufacture your amusement train rides, which is corrosion-resistant and hard. And you can use our equipment with confidence, besides, we will provide you with attentive after-sales service throughout the lifespan of the train.

Trackless Bullet Train Amusement Ride

trackless train manufacturertrackless bullet train amusement ride

Do you want to buy an amusement carnival train ride with a bullet exterior? The trackless train ride looks like a high-speed rail. However, it doesn’t need to run on a specific track. As long as there is a flat and wide ground, you can use it. Moreover, the design with rubber tires make it enable it to flexibly switch venues. Thus, if you want to purchase an amusement train ride to run your funfair train business, we highly recommend it. After all, few people can get a high-speed amusement train on the nearby streets. Certainly, other places to use the bullet trackless train is also appropriate. There is almost no venue restriction to operating it. Amusement parks, kid’s playgrounds, communities, parks, shopping malls, all the places could be good sites to use it.

High-speed Family Ride on Train

Do you want to buy a small train for your family? The Fuxing high-speed train is very suited to use in your home backyard. First, it has a small scale but a big capacity, which can accommodate 18 passengers. Second, it runs on a track and the track can be customized according to your venue size. You can tailor its track shape and size, moreover, you can paint the track sleepers colorfully to add its fun. Besides, the exterior of the bullet small railroad train we also support you to customize. You can choose to stick it with your company logo or other patterns, and change its color to match in your favor. Just send us the color card and picture card in advance.

Despite its resemblance to a high-speed train, its speed is relatively modest. With a rated power of 3W, its top speed will not exceed 7km/h. Furthermore, the interior seats offer a comfortable ride, and the low body height of the train makes it accessible for family members of all ages. Additionally, the train is adorned with 140 colorful lights, enhancing its appeal and making it suitable for business use as well.

Bullet sightseeing track train rides for Park

The large sightseeing with a bullet shape is running in a city park! How special it looks like, with a cool and fashionable appearance. It connects with 4 carriages and 2 locos. And the design of fully closed train cars can prevent passengers from throwing wastes besides simulating the appearance of real high-speed rail. Moreover, in cabins, we also installed with air  conditioners, dining tables and soft seats to enhance your customers’ riding experience. Besides, we design 2 control cabins in the front and rear of the track train to convenient for your operation.

Battery Operated Bullet Amusement Train for Sale

colorful trackless train

The bullet carnival train rides rely on battery discharge for moving. And the battery we used has two types, the maintenance-free lead-acid dry batteries and lithium batteries. Commonly, we equipped the trackless train with maintenance-free battery. This train is more affordable than the lithium model, offering a budget-friendly option for you without compromising on quality. The other choice, lithium battery, is usually installed on a ride-on bullet train or a large sightseeing train rides. It can give you a better using feeling because of its lighter weight and greater power storage. At the same time, its price is higher than that of maintenance-free battery.

However, the battery combination of batteries and train is not immutable. And you can also select batteries according to your own needs, just let us know your choice in advance. In addition, if you don’t know how to choose it, you can choose from our available options or refer to the following suggestions.

First, if you’re working with a limited budget yet still wish to invest in a train for your business, we recommend opting for the maintenance-free battery. It’s cost-effective, and even when you need to replace it in the future, the expense will remain manageable. Second, if you have sufficient funds and are looking to purchase a train with a more durable battery, then, a lithium battery-powered train might be suitable for you.

battery train

Regardless of the battery-powered train you select, it is crucial to avoid overcharging or overdischarging the battery. Otherwise, doing so can cause irreversible damage and shorten the battery’s lifespan.

Bullet FRP Train Amusement Rides

amusement locomotive

We choose fiberglass material to manufacture the bullet amusement train ride. The fiberglass has the characteristic of high strength, which can withstand the stresses of operation without breaking or deforming. Furthermore, fiberglass is well known for its excellent durability, which means it can resist external wear and environment effect. This extends the life of the amusement ride and minimizes the need for frequent maintenance or repairs.

Another advantage of using fiberglass is its resistance to corrosion. It is particularly beneficial in outdoor amusement park environments where exposure to weather and humidity can be detrimental to many materials. Fiberglass will not rust like metal or rot like wood, ensuring that the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of the ride.

amusement carriage

Detailed Configurations of the Bullet Trackless Train Ride