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Do you want to purchase an exquisite electric trackless train for your amusement park or your shopping mall? DINIS has made various train rides. They have charming appearances and multiple applicable venues. Moreover, it is convenient for you to install and maintain the playful train rides. For more detailed introduction to the high-quality train amusement equipment from DINIS you can refer to the following.

Playful and Joyful Amusement Electric Trackless Train for Sale

DINIS has launched various sizes of trackless train for your business. These train have a exquisite appearance and a good riding experience. Moreover, they move by the electric power and are friendly to the environment. Besides, you can customize the capacity and color of the train according to your favor and requirements.The following trains I recommend to you are the hot-selling.

  • Carnival Style Trackless Electric Train for 16-20 Passengers

Exquisite Crown Trackless Train For Sale

If you have seen the shining crown train, you will definitely be amazed by its beautiful appearance. Bright red painting covered with the whole body, a character of royal guard stands on the front of its locomotive. With gold painting decorating the train roof, the colorful lights sparkle and music sounds, which make the train more interesting.

crown mall electric trckless train for kids

Moreover, you can choose to use some simulated flower bouquets to decorated the surroundings the car windows. This way will make the electric carnival trains look more eye-catching and attract people to ride it. The electric crown train consists of 4 carriages and one locomotive, accommodating 16 passengers.

Lovely Antique Small Trackless Train For Sale

Electric antique train for sale

The other hot-selling carnival train, 20 passenger amusement antique train without track is also popular with children and adult. It doesn’t look as glamorous as the Crown Train, but it’s also appealing and interesting. The train car of the small antique train is colorful which makes it look very cute. Design of the small size and without track are the points of attracting passengers.

  • 24-70 Seats Sightseeing Trackless Train from DINIS for Sale

In order to suit your area using, DINIS has designed various sizes of road trains. Their external structures are similar, but the styles are completely different, including cartoon, fashion, antique, and customized styles.

Appealing Cartoon Kids Train Rides For 24 People

trackless peppa pig train for sale

The cartoon style trackless train are more than popular among little kids because we design it with Peppa Pig images. The small train is colored overall and the exterior of it is cute Peppa Pig family. This is a great temptation for those children loving watching the animated film Peppa Pig.

24-70 Seats Trackless Train Used For Sightseeing

The beautiful sightseeing trackless train rides are available in DINIS. They have a stylish appearance and are prevalent in some scenic spots. They have the same frame, with one locomotive and several cars, but different colors and carriages. However, you can choose the capacity and color of the sightseeing train according to your demands. Moreover, you can customize the train with the logo and trademark of your company.

Specifications of the Premium Trackless Electric Trains

More detailed information of the electric trackless train are as follows:

  • Limit slope: not more than 5%
  • Power source: Maintenance-free battery pack or lithium battery pack
  • Carriage type: Open carriages, semi-enclosed carriages or fully closed carriages. You can select the carriage type and customize its style.
peppa pig train semi enclosed car
  • Emergency braking distance: When driving at rated speed on straight roads, the emergency braking distance will not exceed 0.5 m.
  • Running speed: Speed of the carnival trackless train is not more than 10 km/h. The 24-27 seats sightseeing trains move at the maximum speed of 15 km/h. The operating speed of the train for 40/56/70 is 25 km/h at most.
  • Materials of the train body and seats: Materials of the train main body are FRP and sheet metal. The seats are made of fiberglass, or simulated leather, or antiseptic wood.

Suitable Sites for Trackless Train Rides Using

Beautifully crafted leather products.

The applicability of the trackless electric train is very extensive. You can use it in your amusement park, your parks in city, your shopping mall, squares near you, even in your house!

electric train rides without track for park
Trackless train battery powered

However, there are still two restrictions for using places. First, you need to ensure that the ground of using the train is flat and within the safe slope range. Slopes exceeding safety limits may cause trains to lose control and even cause safety accidents such as overturning. Second, you should select a trackless train appropriate for the size of your area. Unsuited train size may affect the normal operation of your business.

Detailed Installation Guidelines for Electric Trackless Train

train car price for electric train

Disassemble And Inspect The Train Equipment

First of all, you need to safely unload the trackless train from the transport vehicle. And then check for any missing or damaged components carefully to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Select A Proper Installation Location

Choose a suitable installation location to ensure that it can accommodate all components of the trackless train without any obstacles. In addition, you also need to ensure that it does not affect your other business operations.

Install The Chassis And Tires Of The Trackless Train

Place the train chassis in the selected location and install the tires to the chassis according to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Connect Train Motor And Its Power System

Connect the train’s electric motor, battery, and other power components to the chassis to ensure they are secure and correct

trackless train electric power
antique trackless train electric train

Debugging And Testing For The Train Rides

Carry out system tests on the train ride to ensure that it can start, accelerate, brake and turn normally. Adjust the parameters and functions of the trackless train to ensure its good performance.

Inspect Safety System And Apply Certifications

Check the braking system, transfer system, power system of the train. Ensure these safe system comply with safety standards and legal and regulatory requirements. Apply for certification and approval from relevant departments to ensure that the equipment can be officially used.

carnival trackless train locomotive

Training Drivers And Provide Users With Free Experience

Train drivers of the electric trains to become proficient in the operation, maintenance, and emergency response methods of the trains. And, allowing users to experience small trains for free, attracting more tourists to take them.

Maintenance Methods for the Trackless Trains

It is significant to maintain the train regularly to prolong its operation life. Do you know how to maintain the train rides in right way? Come and look the following introductions carefully.

  • Checking And Cleaning

Regularly inspect the equipment, checking the status of tires, seats, control levers, braking systems, safety devices, power systems, and other aspects. Meanwhile, carry out daily cleaning of the train to ensure its appearance is clean and tidy.

trckless train price cheap price
  • Lubricating

Lubricating the key components of the train, including its axles, suspension, steering system, etc. And ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

  • Check The Safe System And Train Connectors

Regularly inspect the train’s braking system, battery status, etc. Test emergency stop buttons, safety railings, and seat belts to ensure their normal use. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the bolts, nuts, and other connectors on the equipment are loose. And ensure that all components are securely fixed.

  • Record Maintenance Date

Record the date, content, and personnel of each maintenance of the small train to track the status of the train.

train electric charger
  • Timely Repairing And Replaceing Components

If the electric trackless train malfunctions, invite professional technicians to repair it promptly and regularly inspect the equipment. Timely update of damaged parts to avoid affecting customer experience.

Trackless Electric Tourist Train Manufacturers and Suppliers DINIS

A Chinese amusement equipment producer and supplier, Dinis has actual factories and professional technical personnel to manufacture the trackless train you want. Every step of making amusement train rides goes though check at each level. Furthermore, we have 20 years experience in manufacturing the amusement train rides and gained fans from all over the world. You can buy a high-quality trackless train at the most economical price from us. Besides, we support you customize the train rides which belong to you. Moreover, if you purchase our amusement equipment during a special holiday, we can also offer you a discount.

So if you find our products intriguing, we invite you to promptly send us an inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing potential opportunities for collaboration!