Yes, R (倒档), N(空挡), D(前进挡)

Yes, you just send us the voice template.
Of course, you can just tell us what animal you need.

You can customize the color of the train according to your requirements and favors. Attached is different color train for your reference.

Regarding solar panels, frankly to say, it is not the best choice. Because this train ride can carriy 30 passengers. However, the solar panels can not produce too much heat to charge the battery. Then it will be a little difficult to drive fast. What do you think?

Of course, my friend. You can choose your favorite model from the pictures we provide.

We do not recommend adding it.If we install the sensing device, the train will automatically cut off power and stop immediately upon detecting a person. If there many people in the shopping mall, adding this, the train will often stop. As a result, the trackless mall train cannot operate normally. At the same time, frequent power outrages also affect the service life of trains. Therefore, we do not recommend adding sensing devices.

Actually, this trackless train, it mainly used in shopping mall. Its speed is very slow and can be adjusted, so you don’t worry. Furthermore, our trains without track, like automatic cars, are variable speeds. As long as you take your feet off the accelerator, the train will stop running. If there is an emergency, apply the brakes and the train will stop immediately. Thus, It is very safe to use in your mall.

What’s more, we have exported many sets of the mall trains to different countries, and all our customer are satisfied with them. Additionally, we have rigorously tested and thoroughly practiced with our trains, ensuring their safety so that you can be completely at ease when enjoying the ride.