Trackless Train Rides for sale

Delightful and playful trackless trains for sale are available in DINS! There are cartoon train rides poplar among kids and classic large trains suitable for your scenic spots, markets and city parks, etc. More important is that you can drive it on your cement or asphalt roads. Its operations does not need a specific track, which reduces your costs to some extent.

Besides, there are 3 types train cars you can choose. I consider you definitely want to know the price of purchasing such trackless train equipment and where to buy it. And how to earn more money by using the interesting amusement train rides. Read down carefully and you will find the answer.

Hot-selling Trackless Thomas Train Ride for Sale

The hilarious Thomas train ride is so lifelike and vivid that it makes children misunderstand it is the Thomas in the cartoon. Kids broad the Thomas train and the exhilaration and joy well up in their hearts. They enjoy the journey with thomas and are reluctant to leave. Parents will think it is a wonderful and meaningful day because their kids are so positive and helpful with Thomas. If you buy such an attractive train in your children’s playground, I believe there will definitely be many children rushing to ride it.

40 Seats Large Electric or Diesel Trackless Trains Rides

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In order to meet the needs of more investors, DINIS launch a large trackless train for your sites. It has a so big capacity that can accommodate 40 persons. Even if the flow of people is large, there is no need to worry about the problem of carrying people. So it is more suitable for your city parks, scenic spots, resorts, or other relatively big venues.

Besides, it runs relying on the lithium battery and friendly to the environment. Charging it full needs 6-7 h, and you can use it for more than 8 hours. Furthermore, the charger we equipped for this large trackless train is smart. when the train rides is fully charged, it will automatically cut off the power to avoid damage to the battery.

another power source, the diesel generator set. It also belongs to the environmentally friendly equipment and uses fuel to drive the generator on the internal combustion engine to generate electricity. Advantages of the diesel trackless train than the battery train is that, the diesel train rides can alleviate battery life anxiety. Moreover, it is more convenient for you to maintain the diesel generator set.

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3 Types Wagons of the Trackless Trains for You Choose

We manufacture 3 different types of carriages for your large trackless train. There are some discrepancies in their appearance, materials, and prices.

  • Materials Of Carriages

Materials of the cartoon carriages and cars with various shapes are high-quality fiberglass. Glass fiber can be flexibly designed and manufactured to adapt to different train shapes and appearance requirements. But carriages of the large trackless train rides are made of sheet metal. Due to the classic style of its locomotive, using the sheet metal to manufacture the carriages is more suitable for its style. Besides, we also produce some fiberglass decorations to decorate the sheet metal carriages.

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  • Appearances Of The Train Cars
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Different styles of trains have different matching carriages. Most cartoon train rides are designed into open or semi enclosed carriage. Every semi enclosed carriage has semi-closed doors cars or decorative chain blocking the train doors. However, the open cars have no door, and some have no train roofs. This design can give your customers a good viewing experience. Both trains are more suitable for areas with better weathers.

However, the fully enclosed train cabins have fully closed doors and glass windows. It is suited for some areas with relatively harsh environmental climate. Moreover, this design can prevent passengers from throwing garbage outside the car windows. You can also choose to install an air conditioner in each train car to bring people a better riding experience.

  • Reference Prices Of The 3 Train Cabin

A set of open train car may cost you $1,000.00 – $15,000.00.

If you would like to buy a set of the semi enclosed carriages, you may spend $8,000.00 – $30,000.00.

If your preference is to purchase a set of fully closed train cabin for your trackless train rides, you may pay over $50,000.00.

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Quotations about the Amusement Trackless Train Rides

The prices of trackless train equipment vary depending on their different styles, passenger capacity, and etc. Trackless trains sold by different countries have various prices. The prices below are for your reference only. For specific prices, you need to ask the manufacturer you want to buy trackless trains from.

If you’re interested in acquiring a small train suitable for 14-16 children, you need to invest approximately $10,000 to $20,000.

Should you desire a kids cartoon-themed trackless train that can accommodate up to 24 passengers? It may cost you around $25,000 to $45,000.

If your preference is for a larger trackless train for 40 passengers, the price range may be between $38,000- $53,000.

Other Specialty Services of Trackless Train Rides Using in Scenic Spots

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  • Regularly maintain the train including its the appearance, seats, sound system, etc. It can remain its attractiveness and passenger comfort in this way.
  • Inspect the electric device, braking system, tires and other components of the trackless train daily. Ensure the safety and normal operation of the trackless train equipment and provide a good riding experience.
  • Use the scenic spot’s special attractions as the theme and choose a train style that matches the scenic spot theme. It can not only enhance tourists’ environmental experience but attract more passengers to participate.
  • Design several different scenic route plans for your trackless train so that tourists can visit your scenic spot efficiently and happily. This method can also avoid crowding in a certain area of the scenic spot to a certain extent.
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Where can I Buy a Premium Trackless Train and Parts

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Four ways for you to purchase a trackless train ride:

  1. First, you can find if there are any stores or manufacturers selling trackless train amusement equipment near you. If so, you can see if there is a train style that you like and suited for you.
  2. Second, you can ask your reliable friends if they have any recommended merchants or manufacturers.
  3. Third, you can also find regular and reliable manufacturers online, but this requires your careful screening.
  4. Finally, you can contact us. We are a Chinese supplier and manufacturer specializing in amusement equipment. We have been committed to producing amusement equipment for more than 20 years. We have enough experience and confidence to make the train equipment you need.

The Chinese Trackless Train Rides Manufacturer

We’re proud to we are the amusement trackless train manufacturer who have crafted fun amusement rides for over 20 years. Our big team works in a huge space to make sure kids and adults everywhere can enjoy our trains and other rides. From trackless trains that look like animals to exciting fairground classics, we make sure everything is safe and fun. Moreover, we promise to help with any questions after you buy, and we even offer a one-year guarantee. Trust in DINIS to keep bringing joy and new adventures for everyone to enjoy.

Company Introduction about the Amusement Rides Manufacturer – DINIS

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Our factory, DINIS has more than 20-year experience in making amusement equipment, and always follows the basic principle of “quality first, utmost reputation”. Currently, there are over 400 employees, including salespeople, production staff, logistics personnel, management personnel, and technical personnel. Our factory covers a total area of 50000 square meters and is continuously expanding.

Train rides from our company have been selling to various foreign countries, including the United States, Ukraine, and Chile, Australia, Kenya, Spain,etc. We has always relied on its strong technical strength, safe and reliable equipment quality, and exquisite and outstanding train appearance to win the favor of new and old customers at home and abroad.

Detailed Information for the Trackless Trains for Sale

The road amusement train rides as one of our hot-selling product, is always popular with kids and adults. It may be has an appearance of an elephant, a dolphin, a clown, a crown, a Peppa Pig, etc. Or it has the external shape of a traditional train, but it doesn’t run on tracks.

They can accommodate varying from 16 to 70 passengers. Additionally, the design of trackless broadens its applicable fields. No matter it is in amusement park, city park, kid’s ground, garden, coast, resorts, community, even in your backyard, it is all suitable. Besides, to give your customers a good riding experience, we install it with soft seats, sounds, colorful lights, etc.

When your customers ride it, they will definitely get a unique and an unforgettable memory. Moreover, we have equipped trackless trains with monitors, a display, loudspeakers, and so on for your convenience for managing passengers.

Safety and Technical Certification for the Train Rides

As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, we have sufficient qualifications to convince you. Besides the CE mark and ISO quality certification, in recent years, we have also obtained a Class A large-scale amusement equipment manufacturing license. In addition, our company is also nationally certified integrity enterprise and environmental protection enterprise. Choosing us, you will get an unexpected surprise.

Excellent After-sales Service to Promptly Solve Your Various Problems

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We provide considerate after-sales service. If you have any question in purchasing or using our equipment, you can contact us at any time. And our professionals will try one’s best to solve your problem as soon as possible. Besides, if you need it, we can also provide you with a one-stop full set of services, including train transportation, door-to-door delivery, installation, debugging, training, etc. By the way, train rides from our factory has one-year product warranty period. If there are any product quality issues during this period, we are fully responsible.

Future Prospects of Our Factory in Aspects of Manufacturing Amusement Train Rides

Besides the amusement train rides, our factory also manufacture other amusement rides. They include the mechanical equipment, like Ferris wheel, carousel, flying chair, pirate ship, rotating tower, bumper car, disco turntable, etc. And the Scenic area equipment, such as unpowered amusement park, children’s naughty castle, glass plank road, rainbow slide, customized theme park, etc. Looking ahead, we aim to expand our product offerings, continually innovating to deliver more joy and value to our customers worldwide.

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If our product line has captured your interest, we kindly request that you expedite the process by submitting an inquiry to initiate further discussions.