Do you have an inclination to buy a train rides to run your indoor business? DINIS manufactures three big types of the amusing train rides. Every major category is further divided into several sub categories. So how do you choose your desired train rides from so many categories? I have made some introductions about the type, price, manufacture of the playful and delightful trains in the following passages for you. Come and take a look!

Types of Indoor Train Rides

The indoor trains have three types in general, and we can classify them from the track type, the theme style and the power source.

  • From The Track Types:

Ocean Road Train Rides

Ocean themed track train

  • From The Theme Styles Of Indoor Trains:

Indoor Cartoon Style Train

10 Seats Thoams Track Train

12 Seats Christmas Kids Train

16 Seats Small Ant Train

Classic Styles Indoor Train

antique indoor train for sale

16-24 Seats Classic Style Train

Peppa pig indoor kids train

24 Seats  Trackless Piggy Pig Train

  • From Their Power Sources:

elephant indoor electric train with track

Electric Powered ( 220 V & 2 Kw ) Elephant Train

crown indoor battery train for kids

Battery Powered Crown Trackless Train

Attractive Indoor trains for Adults and Children

Some the indoor train rides are popular with adults and children, you can use it in your indoor amusement park, or your shopping mall, or other theme park indoor such as the aquarium and large exhibition hall. There are some hot-selling trains indoor and their specifications you can refer to.

Thomas Track Amusement Trains

thomas elaectric indoor train

The real Thomas track train can be said that one of the most popular indoor amusement train for kids. Especially for these children absorbing in Thomas animations. A pair of bright eyes, a big smile, delicate external decorations, and glossy train body, which make Thomas track train attract the kid’s attention immediately. The Thomas indoor train run with a track and a rate voltage of 220 v. It can accommodate 16 adults and kids, and runs at the speed of 6-8 r/min, and more suits for amusement park indoor.

Small Track Indoor Train Ride For 16 People

The small track train indoor is composed of four carriages and one locomotive, every carriage holding 4 passengers and the locomotive with one. The difference between it and other indoor train rides is that adults as well as children can ride on it like riding a horse. Moreover, this style of indoor train has only seats without carriages, and the appearance is more novel and special. It needs battery packs to work, and at the speed of 7 km/h, with the minimum turning radius of 7 m in your indoor venue.

Elephant Track Train Rides

elephant indoor train track trainelephant indoor train track train

If you like animals, you may are fond of this train rides. The elephant train has a very cute appearance, and is very suitable for indoor Small animal kingdom. It can carry 16 people, likewise running with a special track and at a rated voltage of 220 v. The front of the elephant train is an image of an elephant head, and the color of the rear carriage is pink and blue. The outer side of the carriage is embossed, and the top of the carriage is adorned with other small animal figures, which is very cute.

Indoor Sightseeing Trackless Train

If you want ask me which type of indoor train rides never will be out-of-date, I believe it is the premium white the trackless sightseeing train. The minimalist and high-end appearance makes it suitable for all your indoor or outdoor venues. Because it has several pneumatic tires without a track, you can operate it on your indoor floor or on the cement ground outdoor. You can use it to transport more than 20 people, and its maximum running speed can reach 15 km/h, with the maintenance-free battery pack power supply.

amusement indoor sightseeing train

Two Materials for Making the Indoor Train

The Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic and The Sheet Metal

The FRP material has advantages of lightweight and hard, stable performance, non-conductive, corrosion-resistant, etc. This kind of material often has viscoelasticity and elastoplasticity, and is a tough material. Most of the shells of cartoon indoor trains are made of FRP pouring and demolding.

FRP train material train car
sheet matel train material ride on train

The Steel Metal usually can be seen on some minimalist style of sightseeing indoor trains. Sheet Metal is a comprehensive cold-worked metal sheet. Technicians make indoor trains by cutting, cutting, folding, welding, riveting, forming and other methods of sheet metal. The remarkable feature of this material is that the thickness of the same part is consistent. The weight of this train ride made of this material is heavier than that of FRP, and it also has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance.

Prices of the Hot-selling Indoor Trains

Different types of indoor train rides have a discrepancy in their purchasing prices.

Generally speaking, if you want to buy a set of indoor train ride for 16 people, the minimum cost will not be less than 3,000 dollars. For example, if you want to buy a Thomas train for your indoor business, you need to pay about 3,500 dollars.

If you would like to buy one Elephant train for 16 passengers, you need spending 4,000 dollars at least.

If you prefer to purchasing a set of small trackless train with tires for indoor business rides for 24 seats, you may cost more than 10 thousands dollars.

High-quality Trains Indoor for Sale DINIS

indoor train rides from DINIS for sale

Are you still struggling to find a high-grade train manufacture? The professional company of making train rides, DINIS, is selling high-quality indoor train ride. Our indoor trains are exported to various parts of the world, such as the United States, Australia, Kennedy, Spain etc. and have received many favorable comments from customers there. Most of the train rides indoor made by us is electric powered or battery powered, which is friendly for your environment.

Moreover, the main material of our train rides is high-quality fiberglass. It has the feature of corrosion resistant, durable, with a service life of over eight years. Besides, we produce various indoor trains which have novel styles and unique designs, such as the Ant indoor train rides, and are very popular among people. If you have any questions in buying or using process of the trains indoor from us, we will provide you with the highest quality service and the most perfect answer. Add us to your list of favorites!

You can Customized the Indoor Train Ride from DINIS

We support you customize the train rides according to your needs and favors. If you want to print your company logo on the trains, please let us know. Then, sent us the images of the logo of your company. We will do our best to satisfy you. If you want to choose the train capacity according to your practical require, we can also meet your demand. Moreover, you can customize the size and shape of the train track according to your favor and indoor venue requirements. Last but not least, you can customize the external image of your trains! Imagine how unique and outstanding your train would be if it were different from everyone else’s.

carnival indoor train for sale manufacturer

Reading here, are you in a heartbeat for our train rides? Come and send us an inquiry!