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Coast Train Rides

The amusing blue train rides have both appreciation and practicality as a specially designed small train. It is suitable for using in some parks or scenic tourist destination. It is famous for its delicate design and comfortable taking experience. When people sit the special and beautiful train to enjoy mesmerizing scenery, they will feel comfortable both physically and mentally. The high-quality sightseeing train are available in DINIS. It is not only playful but brings benefits to your business.

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Take the Coast Train Ride and Enjoy the Stunning Coastal Scenery

Have you ever seen an exquisite train when you’re playing by the seaside? Have you ever taken such a coast train to enjoy beautiful ocean scenery? It must be a wonderful and unforgettable experience! The appealing coast train ride has a beautiful exterior which printed with deep blue like the sea. Moreover, it not only has a intricate appearance, but also can give passengers a good riding experience. The internal seats of the train carriages are made of bonded leather which is soft and durable. Even you take it for a long time, you will not feel tired and numb. Besides, the charming coast train itself is a scenery line. Riding it will make you feel relaxed and pleasant.

Special Seaside Journey with Coast Train Rides from DINIS

16 Seats Lovely Ocean Theme Kids Coast Train Ride for Sale

The locomotive of the ocean theme amusement train is a cute dolphin, so vivid and interesting it is! A beautiful mermaid sitting next to the little dolphin and several penguins on the carriages followed closely behind them. The overall design of the coast train is very vivacious. Besides, the outer contour and interior are both smooth, so it is suitable for little child to take. If buying such a lovable train for your coast park or seaside scenic spots, there must be many children rush to experience it. By the way, the ocean theme train rides can be designed with a track or not. You can choose according to your own preferences.

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Refined Sea Blue Sightseeing Coast Train Ride For 40 Passengers

large coast train for 40 passengers

The elegant blue sightseeing train from DINIS always is a hot-selling kids train for many scenic spots and tourist attractions. It can accommodate more than 40 passengers and is suited for some large areas. The most important is that it is popular with children and adults due to its intricate appearance. We design the coast sightseeing train based on the external structure of traditional trains.

However, there are still a lot of discrepancies both them. For instance, the sightseeing train has a more exquisite appearance but less capacity than the traditional train. Moreover, the sightseeing train runs without a specific track but the traditional needs one. Furthermore, you can ride sightseeing trains in your coastal parks but traditional trains you can take just in railway stations.

More Detailed Designs of the Amusement Coast Trains

  • External details: in order to agree with the style of your seaside scenic spots, we choose blue as its external color. Besides, we add elements of colorful lights and a smoking chimney. When you start it, you can press the button on the control panel to turn on the switch. Then you can see smoke rises and enjoy a wonder coast train tour.
  • Internal details: we have equipped the train with sound system and loudspeaker to facilitate your use. You can also choose whether install an air-conditioner in the train carriages to enhance your customers experience. Besides, the seats of the ocean theme train are made of fiberglass. And the sightseeing train seats are made of anticorrosive wood or simulated leather. They are all comfortable and safe for people.
  • Main body material: both styles of trains are made of fiberglass and sheet metal, durable and not easily damaged.
  • Customizable Track: you can choose whether need the track or not. The trackless train have several rubber tires and can operate on cement and asphalt roads. However, the train without rubber tires only runs on its specific track. Besides, you can customize the shape and size of the train track according to your real requirements.

How to Select the Carriages of the Coast Train Suitable for You

Three Types of the Coast Train Cars

open train car coast train car

There are three types carriages for the coast train, the open carriage, semi-enclosed carriages and fully enclosed carriage. The open carriage and semi-enclosed carriage can give customer a good viewing experience. Moreover, they have certain function of resisting rainwater and scorching sun. They are the preferred choices for coast sightseeing train.

In addition, the price of every set of semi-enclosed cabin is high about 6,000-28,000 dollars owing to its extra materials and techniques. In addition, semi enclosed carriages needs more materials and craftsmanship. Each set of the semi enclosed carriages is approximately $6000- $28000 higher than the open carriages at the same time.

semi enclosed train cars coast train
full colsed coast train car

Another train car, the fully enclosed carriage have closed doors and glass windows. You can install air-conditioning and display screen inside the fully enclosed cabin. Besides, the fully enclosed design can prevent tourists from throwing garbage outside the window, which is beneficial for protecting the environment. The fully enclosed carriage is more comfortable to sit in than the first two carriages, carrying more passengers. However, the price is also more expensive than them. Each fully enclosed carriage requires a cost of over $50,000.

You Can Customize The Number Of The Train Carriages

The price of train carriages are not only related to its style, but to its capacity. You can choose the train capacity and the number of carriages according your demands. Besides, there are more capacities you can select, 18 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats, 48 seats or more.

Top-notch Electric Trains are Friendly to the Coast Environment

No Emissions And Low Noise

The coast bettery operated train produces no tail gas emissions and reducing air pollution. In addition, the train makes low noise when running and will not affect the surrounding environment and the mood of passengers.

price of coast train rides

Energy Saving And Efficient

The battery train can be used for more than 8 hours, and it only takes 6-7 hours to charge once. In addition, the battery is a lithium battery, which is lightweight and can be recharged repeatedly. Moreover, you can charge it and use it anytime without causing damage to the battery. Using electric technology can make more efficient use of energy and reduce energy waste.

Low Impact on Coastal Ecology

The electric coast train adopts a lightweight design, which reduces the pressure on the ground. Besides, the electric coast track trains run on specific tracks. It does not produce harmful substances and will not cause harm to the ocean. Trackless electric trains run on cement roads or asphalt roads, which are more environmentally friendly.

Why the Coast Train Rides from DINIS Popular with so Many People?

Delicate Appearance:

The coast train ride produced by us, one Chinese manufacturer, has an exquisite appearance. It can catch the tourists’ attentions and make them eager to experience.

coast train ride for sale
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Outstanding Quality:

We use the high quality anti-corrosion material to make the coast train rides. Moreover, all the train rides have been manufactured with automotive grade paint process and will not fade for at least three years. You can use them with confidence.

Excellent Experience:

The coast train ride is comfortable. Tourists taking the train to enjoy the ocean scenery can not only relieve fatigue, but also feel joyful. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery while listening to music or learning the ocean knowledge. How can this not be called a meaningful trip?

If you have any interest in our ocean train rides, come and send us an inquiry!