The appealing and interesting trackless sightseeing train rides are available in DINIS. There are diverse styles and sizes of the trains for you to choose. Cartoon style are popular with children. The antique and classic styles of the trackless train are suitable for all ages people riding. They are suited for multiple places, such as scenic areas, parks, resort, coast, etc. Riding the beautiful trackless train to view scenery will not only make you relaxing but enjoy the delight of visiting.  Moreover, it is convenient for you to maintain it.

Enjoy the Best Scenic Journey with the Exquisite Trackless Trains

Have you ever ridden an exquisite train in a scenic spot or other places? DINIS has manufactured different sizes of trackless train rides for tourist sightseeing using. Image that you are absorbing in a relaxing and comfortable outdoor trip. You don’t have to walk long distances, just board the train, listen to music, and enjoy a spectacular visual feast. What many people dream of achieving that thing! When you actually realize, you will find everything in the world is so beautiful and lovely, without any feeling of tired or boring. And then, you will keep this unique and unforgettable memory in your heart.

24 -70 Seats Small to Large Sightseeing Train Rides for Sale

Small Peppa Pig Train equipment for 24 people

trackless peppa pig sightseeing train for sale

The lovable pink train, whose external printed with the pattern of Piggy Pig, is very popular with small kids. It runs relying on electric power and several pneumatic tires. It looks like a real train, but it actually operates more like a motorized tram. Each carriage of the outdoor kids train can accommodate 12 kids, and the outdoor train can hold more than 20 kids. Even where there are many children, it can easily carry. Besides, its internal seats are all upholstered, so children won’t feel uncomfortable even on bumpy roads.

Antique Medium-size 40 People Sightseeing Train Rides

We refer to the style of traditional trains to design the trackless antique train. Likewise, it has a chimney, and whistle, lighting, and an appearance similar to a real train. However, there are still some accessories and decorations that you cannot find on traditional trains. For example, we designed its exterior color in red and white to make it look novel and delicate. Besides, we add the small illuminations around its body and hang a little bell on the front of its locomotive. And we also install a sound system in its every carriage. When visitor board such refined train, they can listen to music and enjoy the scenery at the same time. What a wonderful thing that will be!

scenic sightseeing train for sale

Stylish Large Trackless Train for 70 Passengers

battery sightseeing train for sale

The classic trackless train is also charming like the above two. Its appearance and structure are similar to the antique train, but it looks more elegant and fashionable than it. We paint its overall body with sky blue and pure yellow. if you see it in a scenic area, you will definitely think it is so attractive that you can’t take your eyes off it. So it is! Its overall color scheme makes it look fresh and comfortable. Furthermore, it is not obtrusive at all if you use it in your scenic spots or city parks.

 Not only that, it can also make your scenic spot more beautiful. In addition, the artistic trackless train itself is also a unique scenery in your venues. Image that if your visitors see such a graceful train ride, how surprised and delighted they will be.

Sightseeing Trackless Trains Suitable for All Ages and Diverse Venues

There is no limitation for the applicable people of the interesting scenic trackless train. It fits in with riding for all ages, especially for pregnant women, the elderly, children. If your sites of operating the train rides is large, purchasing such a train is friendly to people in need. Using the trains in your venue will not only make these people feel your considerations, but give them a good viewing experience. When they back home, they may recommend your scenic area to more persons, and encourage more people to experience. At the same time, it also increases your potential customers.

Besides, the sightseeing trackless train is proper for various places, not just in scenic spots. The city park, forest park, coastal park, farm, resort, shopping mall can be the good venue to use it. Due to its unique design of with rubber tires, it can be used in every flat, solid and big enough place.

Sightseeing Train Powered by Battery Pack or Diesel Generator Set

Maintenance-free Battery, Lithium Battery, and Diesel Generator

There are two driving forces for this trackless train, one is battery discharge and the other is diesel generator power generation. Generally speaking, the small sightseeing trains for 24-27-passenger use maintenance-free batteries, which are low-priced and easy to maintain. Relatively larger trackless trains, such as 40/56/70 seats trains, can be powered by either lithium battery packs or diesel generators.

sightseeing road train from China

Lithium batteries are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but are slightly more expensive than maintenance-free batteries. Besides, the lithium battery is highly efficient and you can recharge it on the go without damage to it.

However, the diesel train generator can also be a good option for you. Diesel generators can provide stable power for a long time and are suitable for occasions that require long-term operation. It can ensure that the equipment operates uninterrupted for a long time under different environmental conditions. Therefore, it is particularly proper for areas without stable power supply.

amusement trackless train for sale

Multiple Advantages of Trackless Trains Compared to Scenic Buses

sightseeing train for park
  • Refined Appearance

Trackless train rides look like real trains, but are more exquisite and outstanding than traditional trains. Visitors will be deeply hooked by it as soon as they see it.

  • Wide Applicability

Trackless train equipment is suitable for scenic using. It can operate on different terrains and routes, including curved and slight roads.

  • Unique experience

Riding the trackless sightseeing train can give people a novel experience and meanwhile makes their journey more joyful and unforgettable.

  • Environmental Protection

Trackless trains usually use environmentally friendly energy sources, such as the lithium battery. Even if you choose a sightseeing train powered by a diesel generator, it also complies with environmental protection standards. So you don’t have to worry about that using the trackless trains will pollute the environment in your scenic area.

sightseeing train cars for sale
  • Ride Comfort

Materials of the trackless train are usually high-quality simulated leather and anti-corrosion wood. They are beautiful in appearance and comfortable to ride for passengers. Even if they ride for a long time, they will not feel tired or numb.

trackless large train

DINIS, the Manufacturer of The Top-notch Sightseeing Train Rides

China’s high-tech enterprise, engaged in manufacturing amusement equipment for more than 20 years

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DINIS is a China professional manufacturer of amusement rides . We bend our efforts for producing high-quality amusement train equipment that satisfies you. From us you can buy the trackless trains of the best quality, most styles and most affordable prices. Furthermore, our best-selling amusement rides also include mechanical equipment and non-electric equipment. They are sold to countries all over the world and have gained countless fans with their unique designs and excellent craftsmanship. Choose us, you won’t be disappointed!