Christmas Train for Adults and Kids

Are you anticipated for the arrival of Christmas? Whether do you want to receive a surprise from the Santa Claus? Surprises always make people feel caught off guard and overjoyed. Do you want to prepare a surprise for your customers and kids before Christmas comes on? There are two playful Christmas trains are suited for your amusement park, theme park, shopping mall, party and activities, etc. If you have interest for the Christmas train rides, please look down with me.


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Why Is It a Surprise the Christmas Train for People?

First, Christmas is a day that many western countries attach great importance to. When it comes to the Christmas, people always think it is lucky and beautiful. It represents new hopes for the next years and families’ reunion.

Second, the most representative things of Christmas are the Christmas tree, and Santa Clause with his elk. The Christmas tree symbolizes vitality, and Santa Claus always brings surprises to children.

Besides, the large Christmas train also refers to the principal elements of Christmas. An amiable Santa Clause driving his elk moves towards you. Several trees painted on his carriages, lovely and colorful lights on the tree shine. You get into his train and enjoy this wonderful tour. What a beautiful scene that will be!

Two Delicate Christmas Trains for You to Choose

Electric Christmas Track Train for Sale

Christmas train adults kids train

The lovely Christmas train with red carriages, move around its special track. It relies on power supply, and the track of it is electrified. But you don’t have to worry about its safety at all. The voltage on the track generally does not exceed 50v, and it is within the safety voltage that human can withstand. Even you stand on it, you won’t feel unwell. 

Moreover, the rated voltage of train operating is 220v, and the rated power is 3kw. Besides,we can make the shape and size of the track according to your requirements.

26 Seats Christmas Trackless Train for Sale

Another Christmas train, the large Christmas train is also suited for kids and adults riding. it is trackless and can run on the cement and asphalt roads. Moreover, its appearance more like a train for sightseeing. So it is more appropriate for your scenic spot or parks. Furthermore, it can accommodate 26 passengers and also equipped with colorful lights and music system. Therefore, it is as fun as the track Christmas train.

sightseeing train for Christmas from DINIS

The trackless Christmas train can switch venues with ease, making it a great vehicle to amusement parks, outdoor squares, or shopping malls.

Specifications of Christmas Train Rides for Kids and Adults

More Detailed information about Christmas track train for adults and kids is as follows:

Capacity Material Running speed Running time
16 passengers FRP + steel 6-8 laps 5 minutes
  1. Capacity: It includes 5cabins, and can accommodate 16 people at most. Of course you can customize the number of the train carriages according to your demands.
  2. Material: The main material of making it is high-quality FRP . It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and durability.
  3. Running Speed: Owing to it traveling along the track, the speed is 6-8 laps per minute.
  4. Running time: You can experience it for 5 minutes every time.

Santa Claus Filled His Train with Children’s Gifts

kids train rides Christmas manufacturer

Look! The Santa Clause is driving towards you with presents! How excited the children are! The Christmas train is suitable to use as a birthday party or kids party train to active atmosphere , and activities on Christmas day. They are powerful tools for setting off the atmosphere. When the children or adults see it, they will feel surprised and pleased.

You can put some small gifts on the train seats, such as toys, candies, or a chocolate. If there is a birthday celebrator, you can put a gift on every seat and wait him to take it away. Your children or customer will definitely love this way of celebrating birthday and festival!

Selecting One Christmas train for Your Business in Shopping Mall

The Christmas train has a lovable appearance and good riding experience. If you purchase it to run your shopping arcade business, there will be many people rushing to take it. However, you need to think about many factors when you choose it. You can refer to the following aspects.

Legitimate Manufacturers of Making Christmas Train Rides

First,picking a legitimate and professional manufacturer with equipment production qualification certificates is an important step to buy a small train. Our company has made amusement trains for more than 20 years. Moreover, the Christmas train always a hot-selling products in our factory. Additionally, we can give you the lowest factory price and the most comprehensive after-sales services. Besides, we offer you a one-year product warranty period. If you have any questions during this period, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Christmas train adults train from DINIS

Space in Your Shopping Mall

choosing an appropriate train for your mall are bond to bring you good profits. Before you purchase it, please let us know the available space in your mall. And we will plan the layout and length of the track for you based on your actual situation.

Passenger Capacity & Demand

If there are many people visiting your mall, and most of them are children. We suggest you choose it for 16 people. Because of its refined appearance, kids definitely will be reluctant to leave when they see it.

Shopping mall Christmas train price
Christmas shopping mall train

Environment Friendly & Noise Free

It is significant that choosing one train which is quiet and pollution-free for your mall. People hates noise because it can cause discomfort to them. Therefore, they will quickly leave the place where the noise is generated. Our electric Christmas train moves without any noise, so you can use it at ease.

How to Use the Christmas Train to Increase Revenue of Your Shopping Mall?

There are some ways to help you make full use of your train rides to increase profits.

  1. use the ad to publicize your Christmas train regularly, to encourage more people to experience it.
  2. Reasonably design the running route of the small train to ensure that it can cover the main areas of your mall.
  3. Organize activities to attract more family to anticipate the tour with train. And enjoy the amusement train family journey with the Christmas train rides.
  4. Decorate the Christmas train appropriately. Possessing a beautiful appearance the train will make people willing to ride.
  5. Timely maintenance. Promptly repair and replacement of the train accessories will not affect your customers’ experience.

Thus, whether you use it to run your business or make your kid happy, the Christmas train is a nice choice. Becuse it can not only bring you pleasure but high profits. If you have an inclination to buy such an amuse train, please send us an inquiry at any time!