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Ocean Themed Trackless Train for Sale

Fantastic ocean trackless train rides from DINIS has attracted many people because of the nimble and cute image of its locomotive. Its overall hue is blue like an azure sea, which makes tourist absorbing themselves into Ocean journey. On the slowly passing ocean train, the children were immersed in the ocean world of laughter and happiness. Their eyes were full of curiosity and surprise, as if they were exploring unknown underwater adventures. This time not only accompanied their growth, but also brought them endless beautiful memories.

Top-notch Ocean Train Rides with Tires for Sale

A premium amusement manufacturer, DINIS has launched an exquisite ocean train rides. He has made amusement machines for more than 20 years and is proficient in producing the beautiful and excellent train rides. Furthermore, DINIS has continuously deliver their amusement equipment to both domestic and abroad, and has gained millions of fans.

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The ocean train made by DINIS can run on a flat road in an amusement park or in a shopping mall. It does not require a specific track to move, but relies on several tires. The design expands applicability and saves costs, meeting more customers’ demands. It can move on every spacious, flat and sturdy enough ground section. It can be in your amusement park, city park, theme park, indoor or outdoor, even in your backyard.

Besides, you can operate the ocean train after charge it. It doesn’t rely on a electric power supply, just with several battery operated. Moreover, you can use it for more than 8 hours when fully charging it. Each charge needs 6-7h, so you can choose to power it at night, which does not affect your daily business.

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Kids Embark on a Deep-sea Adventure Aboard the Ocean Trackless Train

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The intricate ocean train are especially popular with children. Many kids are beckoned at the first sight of the ocean train, they crying and arguing,rushing to ride it. The foamy waves cradle a young dolphin, while a gorgeous mermaid princess gracefully perches upon its back. Following in their wake, an entourage of companions joins – from clownfish and octopuses to shrimps and crabs, and many more. How a vivid and interesting marine procession that is! Children shuttle through such teams, exploring the mysterious ocean world with them.

Riding the Ocean-themed Train: A Journey of Growth and Bonding with Your Child

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Parents riding the ocean train with their kids not only is beneficial to kids’ growing up, but cultivate their relationships. Many parents, busy with work, do not have much time to accompany their kid. This is very detrimental to their children’s growth, and may cause a poor parent-child relationships. However, our ocean trackless train can be a lubricant for enhancing a parent-child relationships.

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Kids take the interesting small train and enjoy a wonderful and an usual day. Their faces are filled with happy and joyful smiles. Parents will enjoy this happiness and satisfaction with kids. Moreover, riding the ocean train also can learn about a lot of ocean knowledge. Parents accompany their children to participate in the ocean tour, and make progress together.

The Wonderfully Detailed Configurations of the Trackless Ocean Train

Appearance Design

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The external decorations of the Ocean trackless train is very exquisite. With a deep blue body painting exterior and a bright yellow inside the carriages, the overall color scheme of the train makes people feel refreshed. Moreover, it has several open carriages and beautiful pink swimming circle is decorated around the carriages. The swimming circle is like small photo frames, recording the exciting moment of every marine organism.

Seats & Car Interior

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The seats of the trackless ocean train is made of high-quality fiberglass, smooth and comfortable. This design will not do harm to children because there are not sharp objects. Thus, the parents can rest assured that their kids take the charming ocean train.

Music & Colorful Lights


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We have installed sound system on the train ride. When riding it, you can hear various sounds of the ocean, such as the sound of waves and dolphin songs. Besides, we also equip some shiny colorful lights on the carriages and the loco. When night falls, colorful small lights emit little starlight, as enchanting as glowing creatures in the ocean. These all make people feel like they are really traveling in a ocean. What a wonderful experience that will be!



Voice Broadcast System: In order to appeal to more people to protect the ocean, we have also installed voice systems in the carriages. After starting the ocean train, you can open the playback mode to popularize more ocean knowledge. While improving the tourist experience, it can also enhance people’s awareness of protecting the ocean.

Prices of the Appealing Trackless Ocean Trains from DINIS

Ocean trackless train rides made by DINIS are economic and affordable. We are the manufacturer of amusement equipment. The prices we give you are ex factory prices, and there are no second-hand sellers. Here are the prices of different capacities the ocean theme trains per set you can refer to.

14 seats ocean tarin without track

$9300 / set

ocean train for 16-20 passengers

$12,000 – 20,000 /set

trackless ocean train for more than 20 persons

over $ 20,000 / set

After-sale Service DINIS Provide for Their Customers

  • First, we provide you with 1 year warranty for our train rides from that day of you purchasing it on. If there are any quality issues with the train during the warranty period, we will be responsible for repairing them. However, if the equipment is damaged due to improper use, human or natural disasters, we have no responsibility.
  • Second, if you need to repair the product outside the warranty period, the repair cost will be borne by you. However, we promise to provide you with relevant train accessories at the cost price.
  • Third, before repairing, please provide your warranty card and purchase voucher. Moreover, the voucher must be consistent with the product, and unauthorized modification of the product is not allowed.
  • Last, we can provide you with online technical assistance. If you need professional technicians to install the equipment and provide technical supports, you will need to pay additional fees.

DINIS is committed to provide every customer a pleasant and satisfactory experience from purchasing to using our amusement machines. If you have any inclination for our high-quality equipment, please send us an inquiry at any time!