Kiddy Train

Diverse selections of kiddy train rides are available for sale from DINIS, a leading amusement equipment manufacturer. These child-friendly trains come in various styles, including classical ride-on trains reminiscent of traditional locomotives, carnival trains adorned with lights and music, and vintage trackless trains designed with a retro aesthetic. Moreover, each train is crafted to suit the needs of children, ensuring moderate speeds for safety and equipped with adjustable settings for a customizable experience.

Besides, DINIS offers easy-to-operate electric and battery-powered kiddy trains for indoor and outdoor venues. Whether for an amusement park, shopping mall, or private event, these kiddy trains promise to provide a delightful experience for your young customers and a profitable addition to your business.

3 New Types of Trains for Kids for Sale

Classical Ride on Train for Children

DINIS’s miniature ride on trains for children are on sale now! We manufacture the amusement kiddy train referring to the appearance of traditional real trains, with consideration of the design concept of ‘Classic timeless’. Indeed, from the day of its launch, it has caught many kids and investor favors. Because, it looks like a real train with classic styles and the same locomotive as a traditional passenger train.

However, it still has great discrepancies with the passenger trains. For instance, the track train for kids only has seats without a cabin. And kiddies just sit on the train body to enjoy an enchanting train tour. Furthermore, we make the train to kids for their convenience to ride. As you can imagine, it’s a train that is far smaller than traditional trains.

Carnival Kid Train Rides for Sale, with Lights and Music

Do you want to purchase a children’s train decorated with lights and music? Multiple styles of carnival train rides from DINIS may meet your taste. These include the popular Peppa Pig Train among kids and Funny Thomas Train Ride, Green Ant Train and more cartoon styles.

Moreover, all the trains added with animated characters are exquisite, adorned with colorful lights. Besides, they can make animated characters sound like animation entering reality, vivid and lifelike. Kiddies riding such a train can not only interact with beloved characters, but immerse themselves in cheerful cartoon music. Who dares to say that a train like this can’t capture the hearts of your little customers instantly?

Vintage kiddy Train Rides without track for Sale

Vintage trackless trains from DINIS are now available for sale! We’ve designed them with a retro style, and at the same time, added some childlike elements kids loved. Such as the colorful cars of the train ride, which make it full of antique atmosphere, and yet still cute. When your young customers step into the train carriage, it’s like entering a 90s cartoon toy train. So unique and delightful experience it will be!

Besides, the trackless design not only enhances the charm but also allows for flexible operation and site transforms. Whether for your indoor amusement park or outdoor funfair, the vintage kiddy train is the perfect fit.

Buy an Electric & Battery Powered Train Kids’ Ride Easy to Operated and Maintain

Selecting a high-quality electric or battery-operated train for your kids or business can bring numerous benefits. First, these trains are designed with vibrant colors and eye-catching details, providing not only visual appeal but also sparking kiddies’ creativity. Second, they operate silently, ensuring your little passengers enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Most importantly, the electric and battery train rides are convenient to operate and maintain.

For the electric kiddy train ride, it usually runs on a specific track and is operated by an electric control box. Moreover, it doesn’t need an adult to operate it. Only connect its control cabinet to the power supply, then it can run on its track normally and smoothly.

Likewise, the battery train has 2 types, track or trackless. They need to be operated by a professional driver, but the steps are simple and easy to understand. Furthermore, all buttons on the train control panel are marked, you just need to steer its decorations and speed. And stop it when necessary. Besides, simply remember to clean the exterior and charge it fully in your daily work.

Are There Trains for Sale for Kids to Ride in That Go at a Moderate Speed?

Out of consideration for children’s safety, all kids’ trains from our factory are designed to run at a moderate speed. In the following table, I’ve listed the detailed speeds under rated powers for some of them for your reference.

Styles Thomas Carnival Track train Elephant track train Green ant track train Classic Ride on Train Peppa Pig Trackless Train Vintage trackless train
Adjustability Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Speed 3-7r/min 6-8 r/min 6-8 r/min ≤ 7km/h ≤ 15km/h ≤ 15km/h

These speeds are carefully calibrated to ensure a gentle and safe riding experience for children. Additionally, you have the flexibility to adjust the train speed according to your specific requirements, allowing for a customizable and enjoyable experience for young riders.

I Want to Know the Kiddy Train Price

The price of kiddie trains, is influenced by various factors, with the complexity of design and manufacturing processes directly impacting costs and final retail prices.

The Prices of Kids Trains are Impacted by Styles, Workmanship and Materials.

indoor track train rides

Firstly, kiddie trains with cartoon styles typically require specialized design efforts to create adorable characters that appeal to children. This process involves a significant investment of time and creativity, encompassing not only initial concept design but also potential licensing fees if the train features well-known cartoon characters. Designers must ensure that every detail captures children’s attention, involving multiple revisions and adjustments, thereby increasing design costs.

Secondly, meticulous management of the manufacturing process also affects pricing. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and sheet metal materials have different manufacturing processes. FRP is often used for intricate and complex shapes, offering vibrant colors and detailed designs, but its production process is more complex and costly. On the other hand, sheet metal, while more cost-effective, may not match FRP in visual appeal.

train rides for kids from DINIS

Market Demands also Affect the Price of Train Rides for Kiddies.

Additionally, market demand is a key factor influencing prices. If a newly launched kiddie train receives overwhelming market demand, resulting in a supply shortage, prices may rise due to typical supply and demand dynamics.

Finally, customized services add to the costs. If customers wish to customize trains based on specific requirements, such as adding special decorations or features, manufacturers need to allocate additional resources to meet these demands, naturally leading to increased costs. Next, I have sort out a price table about the kiddy trains for your reference.

Styles Thomas Carnival Track train Green ant track train Elephant track train Classic Ride on Train Vintage trackless train Peppa Pig Trackless Train
Capacity 16 16 16 16 24 24
Material Fiberglass + sheet Fiberglass + sheet Fiberglass + sheet Sheet Metal Fiberglass + sheet Fiberglass + sheet
Price $3,800.00- $8,000.00 $8,000.00 – $12,000.00 $8,000.00 – $12,000.00 $15,000.00 $12,000.00- $15,000.00 $12,000.00 – $20,000.00

If You Have a Limited Budget, Train Options about $10,000 or Less – Thomas, Green Ant, Elephant Choices Suit Your Children!

If you want to purchase a small indoor kiddy trains for your shopping mall or a small indoor amusement area, like the thomas train with track, you might cost between $3,000.00- $8,000.00. Besides, it can accommodate 16 people. However, due to its mini size, it is only suitable for children riding.

Medium-sized outdoor kiddy trains with tracks designed for larger amusement parks or outdoor venues might cost between $8,000.00 – $12,000.00 USD. It can also hold 16 passenger, however, its difference from the thomas train is that children can trake it with their parents. Thus, it is suitable for family entertainment.

A Set of Hot-selling Classic Ride-on Train may Cost You 15,000 Dollars.

train material kid train for sale

Another train ride, the classic ride on train, has the same capacity with the above trains. But due to its unique design and different material with other trains for kids, its price is slightly higher than other fiberglass train. Buying such a train, you need to prepare the budget about $15,000.00.

To Buy a Trackless Train for Your Kids′ Playground Business, You Need to Pay about $12,000.00 – $20,000.00.

Last, kiddy train without track, whether it is Peppa Pig or an antique train, its stylish appearance is loved by many children. Moreover, the trackless design is also a major innovation for children’s amusement trains. Got such one train, you may need to pay $12,000.00 – $20,000.00.

Besides, it’s important to note that additional costs may be incurred for shipping, installation, operation training, maintenance, and potential customizations.

In summary, from creative design to material selection, manufacturing processes to market demand, and personalized customization services, these factors collectively determine the price of kiddie trains. Therefore, customers should consider these factors comprehensively when budgeting for potential expenses when purchasing kiddie trains.

Where can I Find a Company that Sells Electric Trains for Kiddies?

trackless trains for kids environment

Amusement ride manufacturer, DINIS has been devoting to designing and making train rides for children for 20 years. We have a manufacturing factory covering an area of 50,000 square meters, with more than 500 manufacturing personnel. Additionally, specialized equipment for making children’s trains, such as hydraulic bending machines, high precision laser cutting machine, welding machines, and independent production workshops are visible in our factory.

Furthermore, we have a professional technical team to manufacture the small train you want, from the design of the train to its manufacturing. Train rides for kiddies from us have been continuously sold all over the world and have received many praises. And we are doing our best to give customers the best service experience, from train packaging and transportation to installation guidance.

DINIS Manufactured Kiddy Train Rides are Suitable for You Indoor and Outdoor Sites

Our kiddy train rides are suitable for various venues and occasions, offering versatile entertainment options. Whether you own a theme park, amusement park, kids’ playground, or any location with a large number of children, our train rides fit seamlessly into the fun-filled atmosphere. Additionally, outdoor settings such as garden parks, water parks, and outdoor funfair, squares provide the perfect backdrop for kids’ amusement. Moreover, our trains add an extra touch of joy to indoor spaces like shopping malls, communities, and even your backyard, ensuring family-friendly entertainment is always accessible.

kids train track train

Also, some occasions like the children’s birthday party, activities organized by the school, or family gathering are also ideal settings for the fun train. Thus, if you have an incline to purchase a kids train to carry out leasing services, it is feasible. It can not only enhance the overall experience for visitors but also contribute to increased income.

Eventually, wherever you choose to deploy the kids’ train, it promises to bring good profits.

FAQ about the Train for Kiddies for Sale

Frankly, Some small trains designed for children just due to their appearance, are popular among kids. However, some models of the kiddy train accommodate riders of all ages. Shch as the Peppa Pig train, themed as children’s favorite cartoon characters, it is also suited for adults riding.

Besides the train rides we manufactured, we also provide other amusement equipment suited for kids’ environment. Such as the children’s carousels, self-controlled airplanes, mini roller coasters, bumper cars, swings, trampolines, naughty castles, etc. They are the hot-selling products in our factory.

This small train is mainly for kids, so the speed is slow, very safe, but if you need it, we can extra add safe belts for your kiddy train.

Our standard configurations of the train track size is 10m in diameter. If you want to change the track size and shape, just tell us your demands.

We provide customization service for the operation voltage of the trains according to your requirement.

Choose a beloved kids’ train to elevate your business and delight your audience!