funfair train rides from DINIS for sale

People yearn for beauty, even the little child having the ability to distinguish beauty. Parents take their children to spend one day with fun train rides in your funfair. They ride beautiful trains and get gratification, and you receive profit and joy. Who can say that this is not a win-win situation? I have introduced some high-quality and lovely train rides for the funfair trade made by China DINIS, a manufacturer majoring in producing fun rides and having been doing it for more than 20 years. The DINIS has enough strength to prove that their product is one in a million.

DINIS Makes High-quality Trains for Your Funfair Trade

Carnival Funfair Train Rides For Sale     

small funfair trains for sale

First, the external body of carnival trains are design with vintage or cartoon characters, which looks so beautiful and attractive that children are scrambling to ride it. Second, the carnival train run with 5 pieces of battery and several rubber tires, so you can operate it on a flat road after charging fully. Third, the exterior paint are automotive paint which has undergone professional baking and color fixation, having the feature of corrosion-resistant and not easy to fade.

Attractive Thomas Trackless Funfair Trains

Have you seen a real Thomas train ride like in the animated film Thomas and His Friends?Think about how surprised he/she will be if your little customer sees the Thomas train and how ecstatic they are when they ride it? The Thomas funfair train are designed so vivid that children think it is the optimistic and helpful Thomas. Children riding Thomas train in your funfair are conductive to develop a correct outlook on life, values, and worldview.

Moreover, Thomas train not just belong to children, and adults can also enjoy it.

Thomas funfair train rides

Mini Ride-on Trackless Trains for Sale 

funfair ride on trackless train for sale

The mini ride on train looks like a large toy. It is decorated with many colorful light on its external body, which looks very charming especially in the night. Moreover, it doesn’t need a track and can run on every flat road. Besides, the mini train has several seats without cabins, which make customers feel like riding on a horse. So they think it is very interesting.

Outstanding Features of the Train Funfair Ride from DINIS

Convenience and Corrosion Resistance

thomas funfair train from DINIS

The characteristic of market trade lies in its temporary nature and the vulnerability brought by open spaces. For merchants engaged in fair trade, choosing portable and high-quality train rides is a very important thing, which decides whether the workplace of their trains can be easily changed. Thus, we take these points into consideration when manufacturing trains, producing the funfair train which meeting both the portable demand and corrosion resistance.

The funfair trains from us are equipped with several battery packs. You can use it after charged fully. It takes 6-7 hours to charge each time and works at least 8h with full loading. You can charge it before going to bed and unplug the power after waking up to avoid battery loss caused by prolonged charging time.

Wide Applicability And More Choices 

One important thing you must consider before you purchase a funfair train ride is that the operating site of the train must be flat, with a slope not exceeding 3%. The foundation must be sturdy and able to withstand the maximum passenger weight of the train.

The train rides with track needs operating on its special track and the train track is spliced. The shape and size of the track of the funfair train can be customized, and you can change the operating places of trains according to your requirements.

antique train for funfair from DINIS

The trackless train has several pneumatic tires made of high-quality rubber and runs on a flat asphalt or cement road. It cost less than track train because it does not require an extra track. You can choose the best proper train for your funfair business refer to your ground conditions and budget.

Beautiful Appearances & Comfortable Experience

All the train rides made by our factory have a exquisite appearance. Some of them are like the real railroad trains, some of them are printed with various images, some of them have a cartoon image in the front of their locomotives, some of them can be customized by yourself. You just need to tell us your needs, and we will design a funfair train that satisfies you.

Sitting on a funfair train made by us, you will feel very comfortable. The seats of it are upholstered. So even your customers ride it for a long time, they won’t feeling numb or tired. Besides, you can install an air-conditioner or monitor inside it, which can give your customers a better experience feeling.

funfair train price

More Durable And Environmentally Friendly 

funfair train rides for sale China

Our funfair trains are made of sheet metal and FRP, their exteriors sprayed with superior paints, which make the train bodies resist bad weather. They are driven by the discharge of lithium batteries, which can be repeated charged and used, without noise or pollution, and are more environmentally friendly.

Why the Train Rides so Popular with Kids and Adults?

The train rides for funfairs have a delicate appearance and a good sense of experience. From the moment they appearing, kids and adults couldn’t take their eyes off them. When they sit on the trains, a happy taking experience make them indulge in pleasures without stop. So why people like the funfair trains so much?

A Beautiful Appearance Of The Funfair Train

funfair kids train from DINIS

Almost all the train rides for business are designed with very beautiful appearances to attract more customers, and then increase profits for your funfair. The trains have a special shape like elephant, Santa Claus, dolphin, or bullets and so on. They are decorated with many colorful lights, which make them dazzling especially in a dim environment.

A Novel Experience For Children And Adults

You must have taken a real railroad train and electric cars. But have you ever ridden on a small electric train with several pneumatic tires? Taking a funfair train on is a pleasant and special feeling for many kids and adults. Children can not only gain new experience but also develop their aesthetic under subtle influence. The funfair train from our company have two types, the track train rides and trackless trains. You can operated it on a specific track or your funfair ground.

funfair trackless elephant train price

A Way Helpful To Parent-Kid Interaction

funfair elephant train rides

The funfair trains are suitable for multiple family members or groups of families to ride simultaneously. It has a big capacity that can hold more than 10 people. Parents taking their kids to ride on the trains can cultivate their relationships on the one hand, and the other hand is that helping their children to know about more new things, to understand their living environment better.

Other Hot-selling Mechines from DINIS Suited for Markets

Battery Bumper Car

Charge fully once, use for 6-8 hours

funfair battery bumper car
bumper car price for funfair

The bumper car can work on flat ground in a fair. It is portable and easy to regulate. They looks like car toys, funny and very cool. It is ready to use upon charging. Moreover, charging fully once, you can use it for 6-8 hours. So you don’t worry about the problem that the endurance of battery will affect your daily business.

8/16 /24 Seats Merry-go-around

merry go around price
carousel horse
carousel details

In order to meet the demand of the market, we design a type of Imitation upper transmission Carousel which combines the advantage of Upper drive carousel and lower drive carousel. It has the appearance simulated a real horse and the experience is very nice. Price of the Imitation upper transmission Carousel is between the two. It can adapt to a wide range of sites, and is easy to operate. Moreover, 16 seats can meet fair business and save costs to a certain extent. Of course, if there are always many people waiting to take the Carousel, you can choose bigger one.

Elephant Flying Chair for 8 Children

Have you seen the a cute elepant flying chair? You have to admit that the design aspiration of our elephant flying chair is unique and exclusive. The elephant flying chair possesses a exterior with many cartoon images around its top, with 8 various fruit seats hanging.

small flying chair price

 In the evening, colorful lights will light up around the top and shaft, making people feeling charming. Children having ridden it linger on, forgetting to return.

elephant flying chair China

How much does it Cost to Own a Funfair Machine?

The price of buying one funfair train is not only related with the type of the train track but bears on the style and capacity of the train carriage. Generally speaking, more carriages cost more. The track train costs more than trackless funfair train if you choose the same style. Although the initial expense for purchasing funfair equipment are relatively high, the later profits are also high. Therefore, before you purchasing them, you need to consider multiple factors such as your budget, site size, ground conditions, passenger flow,etc.

There are some prices about different funfair rides you can refer to.

First, If you want to buy a set of train to run your funfair business, you need to prepare more than $3,000.00. The more carriage you choose, the more you cost. For each set of carriages, you will need to spend about $1,000.00 to $15,000.00.

If you would like to purchase one set of Imitation Upper Transmission Carousel for 8/16 /24Seats, you should prepare no less than 2,500 dollars. The number of seats is directly proportional to its selling price.

If you prefer to get the watermelon flying chair, you must consider the cost over 6,300 dollars. You can decide whether to buy other funfair rides according to your needs and budget.

antique train cars price for funfair

How to Use the New Media to Increase Your Funfair Revenue?

At present, the new media living industry has become a rapidly developing industry. It is undeniable that online live has accelerated the dissemination of information. And influencers are leading the fashion trends. More and more People want to show their beautiful and authentic side to the outside world. At this time, the rides have turned to a tool for them to showcase themselves. You can provide your customers with a free place where they can take beautiful photos and videos, but the prerequisite is that they can’t affect the normal operation of equipment in your funfair and must ensure their own safeties.

From other aspects, living can attract more people to ride your machines and increase customer traffic in your funfair. You can also sale tickets of your funfair rides, and combine several different rides ticket to make a discount for your customers, inviting them to play here. But you must attend that you should better repeatedly emphasize the next business premises and date to your customers, and remind them of the ticket deadline.

If you have any interest in our funfair equipment, we invite you send an enquiry to us!