Amusement Train Rides for City Park

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Do you want to buy a train rides for your city park? DINIS provides multiple viable options for you about how to design and run your city park with our train rides. There are trains with diverse styles, 40-70 capacity, and Fiberglass and metal sheet material, always having a train that suits for your park.

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Two Types of Train Rides for Your City Park

There are two types of trains available in Dinis suited for your city park business. One is track train, the other is trackless train. The track train has a more real feeling like traditional trains but needs a higher expenses because of its extra track.

In contrast, the trackless train has a wider applicable site and spends less money. Equipped with colorful lights, sound equipment, and a simulated steam chimney, these trains, which can both entertain and carry people, are increasingly becoming the choice of many urban park investors.

Diverse Styles of City Park Trains Popular with Children

Many cartoon style trains, like Thomas train, Elephant train, Ant train, White Swan train, Christmas train, whose Exquisite appearances catch children's eyes the moment they are seen.They are suitable for use as entertainment projects in city parks. There is no doubt that children having ridden these trains prefer to go the city park to play with their parents. Here are some introductions about them.

city park thomas train carnival rides

Popular Thomas Trains for City Park

The trackless Thomas train produced with big eyes, a blue appearance, and a bright body, which is very similar to the train in the animation, allowing tourists to experience an immersive feeling when riding.

Christmas train city park train

Charming Christmas Trains for City Park

The Christmas amusement train for city park is customized with the image of Santa Claus. The front of the train rides is a kind Santa Claus driving two elk, and the back is carrying multiple carriages, so that passengers can feel the strong Christmas atmosphere in ordinary daily life. It suits to use indoor or outdoor venues in your city park.

Luxury、Large 56-70 Parks Trains for Parents and Kids

There are different capacities for the city park trains, whose appearances are more like traditional trains, suitable for parents and kids to take together, such as the 56 seats train rides or the sightseeing train for 70 people and so on. They look very cool thus also prevail among children and adults. For more details about the city park trains you can refer to the following.

56 Seats Train Rides for Your Medium Sized Park

This train is composed of two carriages plus a locomotive, each of which can accommodate 28 people, and the front can seat two passengers.It depends on a lithium battery pack or a diesel generator set to run. Furthermore, this train can also run at the maximum speed of 25km/h in your city park.

trackless large city park train

70 People Sightseeing Trains for Your Large Park

The city park large track train for 70 passengers contains 4 carriages plus one locomotive. Every carriage can accommodate 10 people and the locomotive holds 2 people.So it can carry more than 70 passengers in your city park. The running speed of it can be adjusted. Additionally, you can increase or decrease the number of the train carriages according to the number of passengers.

battery operated sightseeing large train ride for city park

How to Choose the Best Proper Train Rides for Your Theme Park?

Choose a Park Train Based on Your City Grounds:

  • If most of the roads of the city park are flat and covered with cement or asphalt, trackless train is the best choice.
  • If the whole city park has many roads which are not flat,we suggest you choose the track train. The track train is proper for extending deep into scenic spots or areas where cement roads are not suitable. For example, if there are mountains in you city park ,the track train is a nice choice.

Three Types of Park Trackless Train Carriages You Can Choose from

open carriage city park train
  • Open Carriages

If the climate of your city is delightful, the Open carriages must be a nice choice because it can give tourists the best visual feelings. Besides, the open carriages are more suitable for indoor use.

  • Semi Enclosed Carriages

The semi enclosed carriages combines the partial advantages of the first two but both have decreased in degree. For example, it can withstand partial exposure of hot sun, and small rain or snow weather. And the semi enclosed carriages can also provide passengers with a broad horizon.

semi enclosed city park train car for sale
full colsed train car city park
  • Fully Enclosed Carriages

Full enclosed carriages are more suited for these areas with frequent rainy and snowy weather or hot climates, or the train tracks are built in high places or in the deep forest. The full closed doors can resist rain and snow. Moreover, the carriages inside can be equipped with air conditioning to make visitors feel cool in hot summer days. No matter what, choosing right train carriage styles in your city park is very important, which can not only ensure their safety but enhances the experience feelings of tourists.

The Limited Slope and the Minimum Turning Radius of the Train in Park

It is necessary to consider the limited slope and the minimum turning radius of each type of train when selecting train rides. Please measure the roads slope of the city park before you purchase a train. There is a difference in the limit slope for every type of trains,but most trains will not exceed 5 %.

The minimum turning radius refers to the radius of the trajectory circle that the center of the steering wheel on the outside of the train rolls over on the support plane when the train turns the steering wheel to its limit at a low speed and stable driving state. The size of turning radius of a train determines whether it can flexibly pass through narrow and curved areas. Before purchasing a small rail train, it is necessary to plan the narrow areas of the city parks to ensure that the train can run normally.

Small to Large Capacities Train Rides for Different Scales of City Park

16-80 Seats Train Rides for City Park Business Owners

The City Park trains can be divided into small train, medium train and large train based on different passenger capacities. The park can choose proper trains according to the difference in regional size and the amount of passenger flow in every area.

For instance,a mini train for city park can hold more than 10 people, and it is more proper to use in amusement areas of the city parks or parties held in your park. The small train accommodating over 20 people and the medium train rides holding more than 36 passengers, are usually used in some city theme parks or park gardens. The large can take more than 40 people, and it is more suitable for some relatively large areas such as city forest parks or city lake parks or city island park, etc.

16 Seats Mini Sightseeing Train

Small TracTrain for 24 People

36 Passenger Track Sightseeing Train

How to Design the Running Routes of City Park Trains ?

There is no doubt that designing a reasonable sightseeing routes for the city park trains is more important than any other thing. A good train routes can save a lot of time for tourist to visit, which further promotes the economic benefits of the city park. How do we plan the train routes for city parks to reach a double-win situation? You can think about the following ideas:

city track train park train
  • From groups with different ages:

For the children,we can integrate the amusement areas and animal areas and theme park in the city park into one route for the train.

For the teen, we can put the theme park, garden park and water park in the city park into one route for trains.

For the adults, we can arrange the lake park, garden park or other scenic spots into one train route.

  • Form groups with different interests and hobbies:

For the people loving visiting beautiful naturally landscape, we can design a train route which combines popular scenic spots, such as the majestic mountains, beautiful lakes, and mysterious forests in the city park.

For the people absorbing them into history and culture of the city park, we can integrate the historic sites and culture sites into one route for train rides.

mini track train city park
  • From the overall regional planning of the city park:

If the city park had built sightseeing areas, we just integrate these spots into one route as much as possible. Take care of the passenger flow of every area and avoid overcrowding in the city park.

Where are Proper to Build the Ticket Office of Sightseeing Train Rides in Park?

There are some suggestions you can refer to:

  • For the ticket office of city park road trains, you can choose to open an extra window next to the park ticket booth or use the same one with the park ticket office,or you can build a single booth near to the park gate.
  • For the theme park or amusement park in the city park,the ticket office of train rides can be built in the entrance of theme parks in order to facilitate tourist to buy tickets and take the trains.
city park train station
  • For the special road trains outside the park, Tourists having purchased the tickets of the city park online can take the train rides into your city park free, but if they want to take trains in the city parks, they need to pay extra spending.
  • You can also establish an online ticket window and combine the train tickets with other tickets into discounted combinations. Visitors can decide by themselves to buy the train tickets.

The Places City Park Trains Suit to Park in

  1. For the train running in the roads of city parks. If it is with track, we need to build another specialized parking area for track train rides. If it is trackless, you can park it with other vehicles in the city park and sort them.
  2. For the trains used to transport the outside tourist of the city park. You can build an extra parking lot near to the gate of the city park. Or you can also park them with trackless train running in the city park.
  3. For the train rides used in a small amusement park or theme gardens in the city park. Parking them nearby is the best choice.

 Materials to Build the Train Ride for City Park

The Train Body Material

Most the train carriages are made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (abbreviated as FRP or GFRP ) and Metal Sheets. We use the FPR to manufacture the train locomotive. The fiberglass plays a role in prevent corrosion and protecting the motor. Due to the strong plasticity of it, we also make it into various shapes of train carriages. Some of them are decorated with animal models or other grotesque ornaments.

FRP train the city park train
track park train locomotive

The External Material of the City Park Train

Our train outside are cover with automotive specific paint. After professional painting, coloring,  mixing and baking steps, the painting on trains is very firm and does not fade easily.

The Internal Material of Carriages

The seats, made of bonded leather, are more comfortable for your customers. So we choose this material as the preferred material for the train seats. The other seats, made of anti-corrosion wooden boards, are more beautiful than the seats made of boned leather.

train seat city park train

Where I can Buy a City Park Train?

  • Go to the nearest store to buy.

If you are in urgent need of purchasing a train rides, you can buy it from a nearby factory. But there are maybe a few choices for the style of city park trains.

  • Listen to your friends recommandations.

You can also ask your trusted friends whether there are some good recommendations. Recommendations from your friends should be very good.

  • Find an Reliable Manufacturer Online.

If you want to select slowly to find one train proper for you, you can contact a legitimate manufacturer online. You need to require the payment method and the shipping method of the city park train for their companies.

  • Contact us.

You can send us an inquiry. High-quality city park train rides our company manufactured will definitely meet your satisfaction.

People take trains to visit parks, which not only bring them a novel experience. But relieves the fatigue caused by long-term walking and helps them understand the culture of city parks better. Meanwhile, the increase of attention improves the popularity of city parks and helps to promote itself economic development.

So if you have interest in our amusement train rides, please send us an inquiry at any time!