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Kids outdoor train

Do you want to purchase an exquisite kiddies train for your outdoor business? Outdoor train rides from DINIS are not only delightful and playful, but contribute to all ages children’s growing up. These small trains runs relying battery power and are energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment.

Kiddie Carnival Trackless Train suitable for your Riding with Kids

Have you ever taken a colorful train ride? DINIS has manufactured an appealing and interesting carnival train which is suited for adults and children to ride together. The exterior of the fun amusement carnival train is charming and attractive.There are multiple styles about it, such as the funny Thomas and classic train.  Its color matching is antique and the appearance like a real train. However, It doesn’t need to run on tracks like a real train. We design it with several rubber tires. Just on a flat and wide ground, it can move flexibly.

Kids Outdoor Ride on Trains with tracks Runs in Your Backyard

The kiddies track small train ride is so compact and chic that it makes people doubt if it is a rideable train ride. Rather than saying it is a mini outdoor train, it is more like a large children’s toy. The reason is that it has no train carriages but only several seats. It makes children feel as if they are sitting on their train toys when riding it. How crazy and surprising it would be!

Appearances of such amusing train rides usually are decorate with cartoon stickers. You can also customize it with your company logo or other patterns you like. It is very similar to a train except for its carriage and size. Furthermore, it runs also on its specific track. Due to its mini size, the captivating ride on train is proper for multiple venues, even in your backyard!

Customized Lovable Elephant Outdoor Train Popular with Children of All Ages

The outdoor elephant train has a very cute appearance, with one smiling blue elephant on the front of its locomotive. Several clever animals like the rabbit, deer,little lions lying on the roof of its train cars. We design the elephant train with theme color of pink and blue.

Besides, we also added donut elements when manufacturing these the train cars to make it looks more charming. Colorful lights decorated on its exterior around look like candies on the donut.

Moreover, its overall body is smooth including every corner. Even if children really can’t help but take a bite of such a delicious train, you don’t have to worry about their teeth.

In addition, the elephant train can be made with a track or not. If you want to buy a track one, you can also customize the shape and size of its track. Furthermore, it is suitable all ages children to ride

elephant track train for kids

Electric Outdoor Kiddie Trains Powered by Electricity

Most all our kids outdoor train rides are battery operated trains. The battery we use usually are maintenance-free lead-acid and lithium batteries. They are highly efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It takes 6-7 hours to fully charge the outdoor train, and you can use it for 8-10 h. You can charge it at night and it won’t affect your daytime operations at all. Moreover, we equip it with a smart charger, which automatically cuts off the power when fully charged. Furthermore, you can also recharge the train rides on the go, without compromising your battery life.

Children’s Outdoor Trains Contribute to Children’s Physical and Mental Development

Christmas outdoor kids train
  • First, amidst the pressures of academic learning, children need to release the pressures by appropriate physical exercising. The playful outdoor train ride provide them a good way to sport in order to learn in a better state.
  • Some parents do not have much time to accompany their children’s growth due to their busy work schedules. It results in increasingly indifferent parent-child relationships between them. Parents taking the outdoor trains with kids is conducive to close the relation between them and enhance their affections.
  • Especially considering the effects posed by the previous COVID-19 epidemic, children have faced increased levels of social isolation. Participating in outdoor activities, like riding the joyful train rides, is a crucial step towards breaking free from this isolation. It allows them to interact, play, and learn essential social skills in a safe and enjoyable environment.
  • In essence, the outdoor train ride is not only a source of entertainment but a valuable tool for kids’ healthy growth. Kids riding the delightful and joyful outdoor train equipment can address various problems of their physical, emotional, and social well-being.

How to Increase Your Revenue with Our Children’s Outdoor Train Equipment

There are some value-added services you can refer to make full use of the train rides from DINIS to increase your incomes.

kids electric train without track


  1. You can recommend your train coupons or combined tickets to parents to encourage them to buy and use them.
  2. You can sell some snacks, drinks or small toys that children like on the small train to increase your extra income.
  3. You can provide train booking services for individuals or groups to help them organize birthday parties, children’s parties, etc.
  4. You can attract more families and children to participate in your train tour by holding regular special events, like train races, theme parties, etc.
  5. You can also cooperate with local schools, kindergartens and other institutions to organize off-school activities. By using these ways you can attract more families and children to ride your train rides.

If you find our trains intriguing, we invite you to promptly send us an inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing potential opportunities for cooperation.