DINIS made miniature locomotives for sale!  Have you experienced a real  locomotive which makes you feel like riding a horse? How special and wonderful that experience is! It seems like it only appears in fantasy. But today, with such rapidly developing technology, you can ride on such a tangible locomotive. Do you have an impulse to ride on it after hearing that? The miniature locomotive is not only playful but receives high profits if you use it to run your business. So where can you buy such high-quality and fun locomotive train rides? Let’s read down!

Manned Miniature Locomotives for Sale

The reliable manufacturer, DINIS has produced a type of miniature track train which can accommodate more than 10 people. The difference of its design and other traditional types of train rides is that it only has several seats with one loco, without cabins. So when you sit on the seat of it, your feet stepping on the pedal and your hands grasping the armrest, you will feel it is so unconventional and funny. Moreover, we decorate the miniature locomotive with many colorful lights round its body and a steam chimney in the front of it. In actually, the steam chimney can smoke but it is just an ornament because it relies on battery to run.

Hot-selling Styles of the Miniature Locomotives for Sale

mini ride on locomotive for kids

Fun Bullet Miniature Locomotives For Sale

The miniature loco from our factory has a shape like a bullet. When kids saw it, they may exclaim: it’s so cool! So it is. With minimalist white paint sprayed on its exterior, and the bright yellow on interior, several colorful light round its body, the miniature bullet locomotive catches people attention from the moment of they appearing. It can hold 18 people at most. The operating speed of it not exceed 7 km/h and the rated power is 3kw. It is so compact that you can use it even in some narrow areas. This train ride which possesses both beauty and big capacity is always the hot-selling type in our company. No matter where you use it, in your mall, amusement parks, community, even in your home garden, it is a good choice.

More Styles Of Miniature Locomotive Rides You Can Customize

Besides interesting bullet miniature locomotive trains, you can also choose to customize an exclusive train. You can stick your company logo on it. Moreover, you can customize the number of seats and the size and shape of the track. If you want to change the color and images on the train body, just send us your conceptual drawing! We will try our best to satisfy you.

The mini Locomotive Rides Suitable for All People Taking

There is no limitation for the applicable riding age of your customers. Children like it very much due to its appearance. It has many cute or cool images that children familiar on its external body. When you start it, the colorful lights lighting up and the steam chimney smoking, images of the miniature locomotive dance to music. What a wonderful tour this is! Kids experience the miniature locomotive and enjoy a nice day. Their parents will also be glad for them. Isn’t it mutually beneficial that your customers reap happiness and you get rewards? Moreover, you can use it as a indoor train ride or outdoor ride on train, and it is also suited.

Does the Miniature Locomotive Rides Require a Track to Operate?

train locomotive of the mini ride on train
track for the mini train

Most of the miniature locomotives we made need a specific galvanized steel track, but some of them can run on cement roads with several tires. If you want to give your customers a better experience feeling, we suggest you choose the locomotive with track.

Both the components and materials of the miniature track train and road train are identical. However, the miniature track locomotive makes people feel more like a train because it’s track. If you don’t have too much budget, the trackless train is a better choice. Its running does not require an extra track. Thus, the price of it is lower than the miniature locomotive with track.

How to Install the Miniature Track of the High-quality Locomotive?

  1. First, we need to do some preparations before laying a track for your miniature locomotive. We need to clean the weeds and gravels on the ground of your water parks or outdoor squares and make it neat. If it’s not flat enough, we still need to level the ground to make it meet the requirements.
  2. Then, we will design an appropriate route of the track according to the actual situation of your venue.
  3. Next, we need to determine the position and elevation of the track, so we will survey and set out in advance. This step plays a vital role and the reason is that we need to lay the track according to the design requirements. It includes placing the track, jointing the track, adjusting the size of the track, etc. Meanwhile, we also attend that whether it is smooth and stable enough to ensure the locomotive can run normally and safely.
  4. Last, the installations of the locomotive track has finished.

DINIS, a Preeminent Manufacturer of Making Miniature Trains

sheet matel train material ride on locomotive

Our company, DINIS is an professional producer who has 20 years experience in making amusement equipment. We have been selling our high-quality machines to all over the world, and received tens of millions of positive reviews from our customers. They are Americans, Spaniards, Kenyans, Mexicans, besides Chinese.

Our hot-selling products contain the Sightseeing vehicles, such as sightseeing trains, sightseeing cars, and the mechanical amusement equipment, such as Ferris wheels, carousels, bumper cars, swinging flying chairs, pirate ships, etc., as well as some non-powered equipment, such as scenic sightseeing decks, glass planks, and rainbow slide and so on. The miniature locomotives are one of the most popular amusement train rides, and there are always some approvals from our customers after they coming to our industry to inspect its production environment and processes.

how to operate the miniature train with track

Moreover, you don’t need worry about how to transport the miniature locomotive. For safety reasons, our machines are mostly dismantled for transportation. After the product arrive in your areas, we will arrange professional and technical personnel to delivery it to your door, and help you install and teach you how to use the miniature locomotive.

If you have any interest in our equipment, please sent us an inquiry at any time! We are delighted to answer your questions.