Amusing train rides can be used as not only entertainment projects in some entertainment sites, but also as a shuttle train runs in parks or farms. They are easy to operate and bring a lot of fun to people’s lives.

  • Track & Road Train Rides

  • Electric & Diesel Sightseeing Train

  • Indoor & Outdoor Train Rides

Energy Generation

We Create Amusement Trains Tailored to Your Individual Needs

Diverse Styles

Cartoon style trains: Funny Thomas, Peppa Pig, Elephant, Ocean, Swan, Ant, etc.

Classic style trains: Antique Train, Ride-on Train, Sightseeing Train, etc.

Wide applicability

You can use it in shopping malls, city parks, amusement parks, fair, farm, resorts, scenic spots, squares, communities, even in your house!

Customized Service

We support you to change the train color and customize its track size and shape according to your real requirements.


small antique train for carnival

Carnival train are usually be fund in some occasions like Carnival Day or some celebrations. These trains have a funny and lovely appearance, which make people think they can live up the atmosphere very well. Moreover, they are also playful and highly favored by adults and children.

small antique train for carnival

The outdoor kids train from DINIS has various style, cartoon style, mini style, animal style, etc. No matter which one is loved by children and suited for your outdoor venues. For the sake of children’s safety, we install armrests, footrests, seat belt in every carriage.

Christmas kids train rides from DINIS

The exquisite Christmas theme train decorated with Christmas elements  is popular among adults. It is electric powered and easy for you to use. Turn on its key switch in the control cabinet, and you can ride it with your friends all day long.

funfair train rides from DINIS for sale

The funfair train is the amusement equipment very suitable for fair trade. Its appearance is cute and attactive for people. Moreover, it is convenient for you to operate it. The trackless design makes it can move flexiblely. Colored illuminations and the simulation chimney bring many fans for it.

mall train rides without track

The trackless train for shopping mall is charming and interesting. They are equipped with colorful lights and music box, and very suitable for mall business. Furthermore, it is suitable all ages to ride, and you can use it in your mall indoor or outdoor.

amusement trackless train for sale

The sightseeing train increasingly prevails in many scenic spots and parks as a transportation. They are classic and stylish, running on roads not tracks. Cement or asphalt roads are available.

Choosing Diesel Generator Train,

Alleviate Your Range Anxiety

Choosing Diesel Generator Train,

Alleviate Your Range Anxiety

The diesel train has high efficiency and large fuel reserve tank. It can provide continuous and stable power for train rides. Moreover, it can run in various environments and is suitable for long or long-distance train operations. Since it does not rely on the power grid, it can be used as long as the generator is constantly supplied with fuel. Therefore, the diesel generator train alleviates people’s range anxiety to a certain extent.

The Trackless Road Trains Suitable for Your Multiple Sites

Train rides without tracks have broader applications, making them well-suited for both outdoor roads and indoor floors. The trackless design facilitates flexible transitions between indoor and outdoor settings.

large sightseeing train without track for sale

Cement Roads

Asphalt Roads

Indoor Floors

Exquisite Design for Every Passenger: A Ride with Thoughtful Touches

amusement train
diesel park train rides material

safety barrier cord

train seat diesel large train

soft simulated leather seats

train carriage disel train


trackless train configurations

control panel

road train microphone


train car configuration

air conditioner

trckless train price cheap price

control cabin

battery charger of amusement train

smart  charger

Broading Amusing Train Rides from DINIS and Enjoy Wonderful Life

Classic kids antique train
Electric antique train for sale
antique train cars for sale

Small antique train suitable for you and your kids to take together.

A Single Investment, Lifetime Rewards

Our train rides are not only exquisite but its quality is top-notch. Every train equipment in our factory undergoes strict manufacturing processes and a 90-hour load-bearing test before leaving the factory. Only qualified products can be shipped to you. With correct care and proper maintenance, it can be used for more than eight years.