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Large Christmas Train

Have you seen Christmas train rides in park for kids theme or other places. The beautiful train, decorated with many colorful lights and a red body, is glamorous especially in the night. When you take it, you will have an excited and unique feeling. The special experience makes you enjoy today and forget troubles. So do you want to try it in person? Do you want to buy such an exquisite to run your business? Do you want to understand the applicable venues of the large Christmas train rides? What are you waiting for? Come and learn about it with me!

DINIS Launches Large Christmas Train for 24 / 40 People

The Chinese manufacturer and supplier, Dinis has launched an exquisitely crafted large holiday Christmas train, available in two capacities to match your specific needs. They are a delightful addition to any festive celebration and can easily entertain over 20 guests.

The first option features a charming locomotive head coupled with four cozy cabins. Each cabin comfortably accommodates 6 passengers, with a dedicated cockpit accommodating 2 crew members. Alternatively, our second model boasts a spacious design with two larger carriages. Each has the capacity to welcome 20 happy family members. Likewise, it has a control cabin that can also hold 2 operators.

Choose based on your unique operational requirements and ensure a magical ride for all ages. To elevate the your customers’ experience further, every seat aboard our Christmas train is crafted from premium bonded leather. It offers a sense of luxury and comfort, inviting every passenger to relax and revel in the joyous atmosphere.

Charming Appearance of the Christmas Train Ride

The Christmas lights train ride is very attractive for tourists. Its external colors are red and white, with green line patterns on its red doors. The overall color matching of the exterior of the train body is very consistent with the Christmas theme. You will exclaim definitely that the design of the Christmas train make you feel delighted and jubilant. When you sit on the train, you will feel as if you are back to Christmas Day. Pedestrians on the amusement park roads wave to you with smiles on their faces. And at this moment, you share this enjoy with them.

Stunning Christmas Train Runs with Several Batteries

Our Christmas trains rely on the battery power to move. The train for 40 people needs 30 batteries and Christmas trains for 26 need less than the former. No matter which train ride you choose, they are durable for you to use. Each time you can use it more than 8h, with a 6-7h time of charging it fully.

battery christmas train

Besides, the rated power and voltage of the former is higher than the latter. Christmas train rides for 26 passengers have a rated power of 3kw and a voltage of 60v. However, Christmas trains for 40 people need with a voltage of 70v to run, and the rated power is 15kw. More power usually provides more traction, which can carry more carriages and allow more people to ride the train.

Drive the Christmas Train on a flat Road

Another good thing for you is that, you can ride on it on your cement or asphalt roads! It’s unnecessary to buy an extra track for the Christmas train because there is trackless style. In order to meet more customers’ ground demands, we have produced a trackless train with tires. It runs just on a flat road. You can use it in your park, inside your shopping mall, your square, even in your home! Its usage are is unrestricted and its cost is lower compared to the Christmas large track train.

Christmas large train rides price

Otherwise, you can choose whether to install an air conditioning and monitor on the interior ceiling of the carriages. If you live in an area where the daytime is quite hot, you can choose to install an air conditioner inside the carriage. A comfortable viewing environment will give your customers a good feeling.

Amiable Santa Clause Train Rides for Sale

Christmas kids train rides from DINIS

There is a Christmas electric ride on train made by DINIS popular with children and adults. It has an appealing appearance, with one Santa Claus driving two reindeer at the train head, and several carriages following. When starting the train, the bell on the small train will make a clear and melodious sound. The sound of bells blends with the laughter of children into a beautiful symphony. Seeing that scene, parents also satisfy the tour with the small Christmas train.

Furthermore, it is also a train both big capacity and high quality like the large Christmas train. The small Christmas trains can accommodate 16 people and is suited for adults and children to ride together. If parents take kids to ride it, they will have a wonderful time. When several years have passed, and they reflect on this matter again, they will definitely consider it a very meaningful experience. It is a happy memory that only belongs to them.

Choose DINIS as the First Manufacturer to Purchase Christmas Trains

Our factory, DINIS has a great deal of experience in making amusement train rides. We have produced amusement equipment for more than 20 years. No matter what it is, an appealing kids Christmas train or a large Christmas train, you can buy from us. In addition, you can get other amusement machines, like Carousel, Ferris Wheel, Pirate Ship, Bumper Car, etc. Moreover, you can rest assured of the quality of our products completely. We have always chosen suppliers of high-quality product materials, and our products must meet the quality standards. Besides, the reasons why you choose us as your prime producer maybe are:

High-Quality Materials

We use Fiberglass and Galvanized steels as the main body materials. We all know that the fiberglass can be made into various shapes and has a good corrosion resistance. Using this material to make trains not only has a variety of styles but also effectively protects the motors.

The galvanized steel also can resist corrosion. It can prevent small train from rusting and impairing in bad operating environments. This not only extends the service life of the train, but reduces replacement frequency and maintenance cost of the train.

Last but not least, the fiberglass can be used to make comfortable seats and decorations on the train, improve passenger comfort and satisfaction. The steel provide a good structural support, which enhances the safety of amusement train rides.

Excellent After-Sale Service

If you have any asking for making your large Christmas train, please tell us in advance. We can make the shape of the external decorations of the train and the number of the train cabins according to your requirements.

large christmas train car

If you have any interest for our Christmas train rides, just send us an enquiry! We are looking forward to your asking.