Do you still find where the ride on garden trains for sale? A Chinese amusement rides manufacture, DINIS has designed a beautiful and playful ride on train for your garden amusing. Its appearance is mini and lovely, equipped with armrests and foot pedals, suited for kids and adults riding. Moreover, the train track can be elevated due to its light weight. Thus, using it in your water garden, like the Lotus Theme Park is also appropriate. Taking an affordable price in DINIS, you can get such a special train for your garden business.

Outdoor Garden Ride on Real Train and Track for Sale

The real amusement trains for garden using are available in DINIS. It is compact and looks very cute, like a large children’s toy. However, when you ride on it, you will feel so unique and special it is! It doesn’t like a real passenger train which has fully closed cabins, on the contrary, it has only seats. Besides, on the front of the train seats and sides of the train, we separately design with armrests and foot pedals.

Electric Ride on Train Rides for Gardens

The small ride on train ride use the lithium battery to as its power source. Thus, it is environmentally friendly and runs without noise, very suitable for your garden using. Besides, it has another benefit for you. The lithium batteries are not affected by charge memory effect. So, that means you can use it as you go, furthermore, there is no harm to the battery.

In addition, the lithium battery is endurable and charge once fully you can use for 8-10 hours. And you can choose to charge it at night for 6-7h, and use it at daytime. It will not impact your garden business in this way. Last, I have to mention that if you choose our train rides, we can provide you with 3-year lithium warranty period.

Cheap Garden Trains You can Ride for Sale

The small garden ride on train is affordable and relatively cheap. First, it is compact and doesn’t need to much material than large train. Besides, its manufacture process is not overly complex, and usually mass production on one manufacturing line. Thus, if you want to buy more than one train, their making time may as well as one trains. But if you other demands, such as printing your garden logo on the train, that may take an extra little time. Generally speaking, a set of high-quality ride on train for 12-16 people may cost you $12,000 at least. If there is a customization service for the garden train ride, you may pay more.

Garden Trains for Sale for Kids and Adults

Do you want to take your children to visit the beautiful garden scenery? Do you still wonder whether a kid is allowed to sit on the garden trains for sale? Of course he can! The garden train ride on has a extremely attraction for your visitors, especially for kids. When they see the train in your garden, the kids may implore his parents to meet his desire for trains. Some parents may accompany their kiddies to experience it together, then, they will receive a unique memories. Others who let kids to ride the small train alone give children opportunity to learn independence. Moreover, due to the low height and slow speed of the train, it is safe for children to ride it.

In addition, there are more advantages for kids and adults to ride the family train in your garden. The first reason is, children have a curiosity about everything in the world. For kids who haven’t seen a real train, the appear of ride on garden trains for sale will definitely make them enquiring and thrilled. This is a process of playing and getting knowledge, which is also conducive to cultivate parent-child relationship. Second, kids have an immature beauty quotient. However, our garden trains are exquisite and can catch their eye at first sight. On one level, that is a cumulative course helping kids know outer beauty. Moreover, riding the mini train is also a good way to release stress and relax their bodies and minds.

Elevated Train Tracks Under Construction for Water Garden

Have you ever seen an amusement train which is elevated and away from the ground? The ride on garden train for sale is so compact and lightweight that it can be lifted 1 meter above the ground. Imagine building such a train track in your water park. When the train ride brushes the sea of flowers, your customers feel as if they are dancing in it. The flowers are at their fingertips, which is a delightful thing for them. They can heartily take photos and interact with flowers. More important is that, they can achieve an extraordinary riding experience and will also share this special feeling with others. And then, your garden will obtain more potential customers.

Large garden sightseeing train with track for sale

There is another track train suited for garden sightseeing. It is bigger than the small ride on train. Moreover, it has open or semi-closed train carriages for your selecting. Besides the illuminations, whistle, and music box the ride on garden train for sale having, we extra quipped it with monitors and loudspeakers for your convenience in better managing passengers. Taking such large train to visiting can give your customers a more authentic experience of riding a traditional train. When you get into it, the whistle sounded, soft music echoed in your ears, and a vast sea of flowers brushed before your eyes.