As a dedicated amusement train manufacturer, DINIS was delighted to receive an invitation from a client in the United States. In the letter, the customer stated that he currently operates a large shopping mall in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, he desire to buy a family-friendly electric train to enhance the customer’s experience. After browsing our website, he was pleasantly surprised to discovered that we could customize the American Shopping Mall Train Ride for him based on his needs. Then he sent us an inquiry to learn more about details about the customized train for mall.

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Specific Requirements for the U.S Investor to Customize an Electric Train for His Shopping Mall

trackless electric train in mall

First, the customer showed us his specific requirements for the mall train.  The train should be electric, capable of carrying at least 24 passengers, with a rated power of no less than 1KW and a voltage of 24V. Additionally, to navigate his shopping mall effectively, he specified that the minimum turning radius must not exceed 3 meters.

Furthermore, the train’s speed should be moderate, yet adjustable, and its weight should not surpass 1000 kilograms to avoid structural strain.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the electric mall train ride for sale needs to be colorful and visually captivating for children. He also requested a pneumatic-tire chassis system that can connect four or more carriages without requiring tracks.

Upon comprehending the customer’s rigorous criteria, we acknowledged the challenges posed by his demands for the train. Nevertheless, we displayed unwavering confidence in the quality of the trains manufactured in our factories. I firmly believe that our electric trains will meet this customer’s expectations.

Dinis’s Antique Trackless Trains are Suitable for Various Activities in Mall

Taking into account the internal layout of the client’s mall and his requirements, we recommended our best-selling trackless mall train. This train features a distinctive design with a vintage locomotive followed by four colorful carriages.

Besides, we decorated the electric train with brilliant lights, making it full of carnival atmosphere. No matter when to use it, whether it is a festival or daily life, it is very suitable. Furthermore, you can also decorate it with some festival elements to add its seasonal appeal in your mall.

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Multi-Functional Electric Train Ride Brings Attractions and Convenience to Mall Shopping Experience

DINIS Customize American shopping mall train ride

In addition, our antique train ride for mall is also features with a variety of functions. It simulates the smoke and whistle of a real steam locomotive, with safe and eco-friendly smoke effects produced by an installed electronic smoke machine. Therefore, it is ideal choice for indoor and outdoor use in shopping center.

Additionally, unlike traditional piercing whistles, the mall trackless train’s low rumble acts to attract rather than disrupt, while still informing other mall patrons.

Besides, we have incorporated music into the train design to ensure that shoppers who ride on electric train enjoy a memorable experience. More importantly, safety features, including an emergency brake system and foot-operated brakes, along with adjustable speed settings, reflect our commitment to safety and operator convenience.

Impact and Success of the American Shopping Mall Train Ride Integration

After several discussions with this customer, DINIS customized a trackless small train ride according for the customer’s requirements. Since its launch, the train has garnered widespread praise within his mall, at one point increasing customer traffic by an impressive 20%. The train is not just a consistent source of revenue. Its popularity and allure have brought an added benefit. The mall has capitalized on this by organizing several train-themed promotions and seasonal celebrations, which has served to enhance the mall’s brand image.

In summary, the investment of American shopping mall train ride is proved to be a shrewd business decision. It injected new energy into the mall, providing a fun and safe entertainment option for customers. This venture has demonstrated the potential of well-thought amusement additions to significantly boost customer satisfaction and business profitability.