Switzerland is a world-renowned travel destination. Its majestic Alps, crystal-clear lakes, historic towns, and exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship attract tens of thousands of tourists every year. However, with the increasing global demand for eco-friendly tourism, the Swiss tourism department, in collaboration with private entrepreneurs, has decided to introduce a train ride for sightseeing. This initiative aims to enhance the tourist experience while also reducing the impact on the fragile mountainous ecosystem. After careful selection, they chose us, a skilled amusement train ride manufacturer, to realize the vision of Dinis railway train promotes Swiss tourism economy.

Swiss tourist special train

Special Requirements of the Swiss Tourism Department for the Tourist Train

Before the project commenced, the investors detailed their requirements to us. For example, they desired a train that could carry more than 80 passengers. And it is also best to use batteries with long battery life to avoid pollution and not affect daily operations. In addition, the battery powered train must consist of high-quality corrosion-resistant materials.

Dinis 96-seat Old-fashion Large Tourist Special Train – the Perfect Choice for Swiss Sightseeing

Dinis large sightseeing train ride for sale

Taking into account their needs, we recommended our new model of a 96-seater tourist raliway train for sale. This train can navigate any terrain, making it exceptionally suitable for Switzerland’s varying geographical environments. Moreover, the exterior of the train boasts a traditional design with a chimney and steam whistle. In addition, we have equipped the interior of the train with modern facilities such as comfortable seats, dining tables and multi-lingual tour guide system.

The Lithium Battey-powered Locomotive, Efficient and Pollution-free

Furthermore, the customer was most concerned about the aspect of the trains with battery. It can ensure continuous operation for over three days with strong endurance and durability. We equipped the battery with a smart charger and provided a three-year quality guarantee. More importantly, the train’s steam effect is achieved through an electronic vaporizer. All these designs ensure a perfect sightseeing experience for passengers without impacting the environment.

Dinis Uses High-quality Carbon Steel and Fiberglass to Build Antique Sightseeing Trains

Also, the quality of our vintage tourist park train ride for sale is beyond question. No matter the venue, we can assure the reliability of this train. A robust steel structure and high-quality fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) construct it. Each carriage fits with four main wheels and eight support wheels, all made from medium-carbon steel.

The accompanying tracks are made from medium-carbon steel C-section material, which is solid and corrosion-resistant, fully meeting the client’s needs. These factors strengthened the investor’s determination to choose us.

scenic railway train material

Dinis railway train promotes Swiss tourism economy successfully and bring laughter to passengers

Swiss customized sightseeing train carriage

After reaching an agreement, we provided a customized 96-seat train, which consisted of a locomotive, a motor car, and four passenger cars. Each carriage of the large railway tourist train can accommodate 24 people.

In addition, the customer chose to install air conditioning in the carriges, so that passengers can enjoy a pleasant riding experience regardless of the season. The exterior of the train was branded with the Swiss customer’s company name to leave a lasting impression on tourists.

Additionally, we arranged for professional technicians to assist with the installation, calibration, and testing of the train on-site, as well as to train their operators.

Currently, Dinis railway train promotes Swiss tourism economy successfully. The Dinis scenic train ride is part of the “Alpine Adventure Line,” seamlessly integrated into the Swiss tourist landscape. This line offers breathtaking views of mountains, lakes, and charming villages, attracting tourists and stimulating the local economy.