Buying  a electric train uses for festival events

Last month, a new customer from Ukrainian contacted us after browsing our web page of amusement carnival trains. He would like to purchase or long-term rent an electric train without track. And it should better be a red vintage train ride or other similar models.

Before that, he explained to us in that email the purpose of purchasing our train. His company is engaged in event production and planning, and is currently collaborating with a Maldives resort to hold holiday events for their guests. And asked us if we could provide a one-year (from 1.12 2023 till 1.02 2024) train leasing service for him. If possible, please send him the detailed specification of the train.

DINIS Manufactures Multiple Styles of the Electric Trackless Trains

After learning about his demands, we first told him that we are an amusement rides manufacturer in China. And added that we could make the red vintage trackless train you wanted, however, we were unable to provide you with the rental services of our amusement train rides. Moreover, the red antique trackless train is the hot-selling production in our company, and it has received lots of good reviews from all parts of the world.

customized large Sightseeing Train

Then, we introduced our vintage trackless train in length in the reply letter. First, it is maintenance-free battery operated and you don’t need to put too much effort into maintaining it. But one thing you have to attend that not over-discharge and charge it. It is very important to improve the battery life. Besides, we suggested him regular clean it and replace damaged parts timely. That is conducive to enhancing customer’s riding experience and accumulating more regular passengers and potential customers.

40-seat customized large sightseeing train

Besides, we explained that the train can accommodate 20 passengers, including 1 locomotive and 1 coal bucket, plus 3 cabins. Its size is not very large, and the turning radium is only 3m. That means, as long as the area where you use this train is 3m wide, it can turn normally. Moreover, there is no limitation to the age of the small trackless train, suited for kids and adults experiencing together.

Specifications and price of the electric antique train without track

In order to facilitate him to quickly understand the detailed information of the vintage road train, we had also attached a specification table as follows,

Capacity Locomotive size Cabin size Coal bucket size Train structure Price Battery Turning radius Power
16-20 passengers 3*1.05*1.86m 1.62*0.98*1.97m 1.5*1.05*1.09m 1 loco+ 1coal bucket +3 cabins $12,000.00 – $15,000.00 Maintenance-free gel batteries, 5Pcs, 12V, 150A 3m  4Kw

Eletric trains suit for holiday activities and family gathering

In addition, considering that he wants to use the vintage train in some festive activities, we provide some other suggestions that can help him attract more customers. First, he should better keep the train tidy, which give his customers a good first impression. Then, he can decorate the vintage train ride with festival elements, which makes it full of festival atmosphere. Third, he can provide some promotional packages or discounts for passengers, which contribute to fascinating more visitors to experience. Last, he can also hold more activities, not just holiday activities, such as family beanfeast, birthday party, team gathering, etc. All these events are a good opportunity to use the amusing train ride to attract tourist traffic.

antique train cars for sale

After the customer read my reply in its entirely, he thought our suggestions were very considerate and useful. Then, he asked when the train ride could be manufactured. We give him a reply in 20 days, and he was delighted with this answer. And now, his vintage road train is on the road of transportation.