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Look! a lovely train ride is coming towards us, do you like it? The carnival train for sale is equipped with many sparkling illuminations on exterior, and a simulation chimney. The shape of the loco can be various, suck as an elephant, a dolphin, or a traditional train. If you see it you will wonder how so many styles of locomotives are made? Actually, they are all made of fiberglass molding.

Fiberglass is a composite material made of glass fiber and resin. It is lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant, and wear-resistant. It is suitable for making components such as locomotives. DINIS has used the fiberglass making many kinds of train rides for your using. For the specifications and prices of the train rides, how much do you know?

Multiple Styles of Fun Carnival Train Rides are Available in DINIS

14/ 16/ 24/ 40 Seats of Carnival Train Rides for Your Choosing

14 Seats Little Ghost Train Rides Carnival Train For Sale

Do you want to ride a weird and special carnival train to participate in the carnival? Imagine how amazed your friends will be if they see you drive an outstanding train ride to meet them. The little ghost train can hold more than 10 persons. Furthermore, it is suitable to appear on such occasions like carnivals. You can take your friend using it to enjoy an unusual day. It has a comical and outstanding appearance. When you ride such unique train, you will definitely become the focus of the audience. Beside, it is also proper to be used in your shopping arcade, and the kids passing by will rush to ride it.

Carnival Funny Thomas Train For 16 Passengers For Sale

The comical carnival Thomas train  ride is the best hot-selling train equipment in DINIS. it is very popular with many children, with a funny and amusing expression decorated on the font of its loco and colorful cars. It can hold 16 kids in your outdoor venue. Moreover ,it also is trackless and does not run on a specific track. So it is economic and convenient for you.

Lovely 24-Seat Peppa Pig Carnival Train For Sale

If you prefer a cute design, there is a Peppa Pig train ride for 24 passengers. It is more popular among kids, and also is appropriate as a family train. You can invite all your familes to ride it and it is enough to accommodate all members. Moreover, it is convenient for you because it is powered by batteries. The using place of playful carnival train ride is unlimited only it is a flat road section.

Antique Trackless Carnival Train For Sale For 40 People

DINIS are selling a large trackless antique carnival train. The design style of its locomotive is like an traditional old-fashioned trains, but it’s very different from traditional trains. First, it is more charming than the traditional trains. Traditional train colors are relatively single, while antique carnival trains have a variety of colors. The main colors of the train head are red and black, with other different colors carriage at its behind. Although it has many color schemes, it doesn’t make people feel dizzy.

The biggest difference of the antique train ride and elephant train is that it runs without a track. You can operate it in a flat road and adjust its speed. It relies on battery power supply and can accommodate more than 40 people.

carnival train shopping mall

You can Use the Carnival Trains in These Areas

kids carnival train rides

When it comes to carnival trains, many people may say: I only saw it at the train station. Additionally, people express that they usually take it when going far away. But today, DINIS have made a trackless carnival train for meeting more people’s demands. Besides at the train station, you can also get into an interesting train. For example, you can ride it in your amusement parks, city parks, shopping malls, tourism holiday village, even in your house. Only it is flat and wide enough, everywhere can be a good place to drive the carnival train.

Who is Suitable for Taking the Carnival Trains?

Parents and Children👩👶

It is undeniable that the small train rides are a favorable tool to cultivate parent-child relationship. Moreover, in the process of riding, parents can explain some life tips for their ignorant kids. Children can not only receive happy but learn about new things, which is a meaningful experience for both of them. Therefore, it also is a good choice to use these trains as amusement trains for family entertainment.

Elders and Tourists👵👴

The carnival train is also prepare for old people. People want to visit a beautiful scenic area, while the distance between different sections of the park is too far. At that moment the small train becomes a good travel tool. Riding small train not only avoid fatigue caused by long walk, but also enhance customers’ viewing experience. Enjoying magnificent scenery, with sweet light music echoing in their ears, the elders must feel comfortable.

City Walk Lovers👱‍♀️👱‍♂️

City walks are a prevalent way to pass the time these days. For these people loving city walks, they maybe are quiet and passionate about life. They like to see this world and observe the beauty of everything in it. Or they don’t have much budget to go a trip without delay. Yet, you have to admit the city walk also is a good tour. When watching others’ lives, people are also settling their hearts, becoming peaceful, and enjoying the world even more. You can use the carnival train to pick up the city walk lovers, and then take them to visiting aimlessly.

Why are People Keen on the Carnival Train Rides So Much?

Exquisite Appearances

The carnival train rides have so many kinds of appearance, and the designs are novel and attractive. As a new high-selling entertainment machine in DINIS, the fun carnival trains from have been favored by adults and children.

Comfortable Riding Experience

When people sit on seats of the train cabins, they may feel cosy. In order to give passengers a good experience, we choose bonded leather to made the train seats. The Simulated leather seats are soft and make people feel comfortable even if they take a long time when touring.

Cheap Price of the Train Tickets

The ticket price of riding once the carnival train is low. In the United States, the ticket price for a small train in an amusement park may be around US$5 to US$20. In some European theme parks, the ticket prices for small trains may vary, generally ranging from 10 euros to 25 euros. Fares for small trains vary by region, facility type, ride time and size. But no matter what, most people can afford to ride.

The Factors of Affecting Prices of the Carnival Train

The price of purchasing such a carnival train is discrepancy between countries. Moreover, it is related to the making materials, making technology, different style, and whether with a track or not.

Besides, the capacity, the shape and size of the track are also significant factors affecting the price of the carnival train. You need to inquire with customer service personnel from various manufacturers about the specific prices.

The Price of Purchasing a High-quality Carnival Ride Train

Different styles of carnival trains from our factory come with varying prices. However, the majority fall within the price range of $9,000.00 – $55,000.00. Below are the detailed prices of the carnival trains:

carnival elephant track train price

If you want to buy a set of track elephant train for 16 people, you need to cost 9000 dollars at least. The price of one set of sightseeing trackless train for 24 people probably is $12,000.00 – $20,000.00.  The antique trackless train which has a large capacity of 40 passengers may cost $20,000.00 – $55,000.00.

If you want to customize an exclusive carnival train, the concrete price of it need determining according to your train. You can inquire with our staff about the detailed price of your customizing small trains. If you have any interest or needs for our train rides, please send us an inquiry at any time!

carnival trackless elephant train price