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Amusing Thomas Train

With big eyes, round face, smiling expression, shiny body, the amusement train ride, Thomas catches many people’s eyes at the moment of his occurrence. Do you know where the funny Thomas battery operated train for sale? The amusing thomas is popular with people wherever you use it. The funfair, theme park, shopping mall, carnival party, birthday party, etc. all are the good place and occasion to operate it. How to select and build the railroad Thomas battery track for your venues? In the following I have mentioned some points you will be interested in. Come and find an answer!

Multiple Fantastic Thomas Battery Operated Trains for Sale

The funny Thomas has two types in general, track and without track. There are some detailed introductions about them as follows:

Open-top Small Thomas Battery operated Train Rides

The mini thomas train are more special than other types. First of all, its train carriage its open-air and without roof including its locomotive. The design make it look more unique and outstanding. Besides, it is trackless and don’t operated in a track. That is totally different with Thomas the Tank Engine in our impression. It also makes the thomas mini train more interesting and playful. Moreover, it is very suitable for your market business because it is compact and convenient for you to operate.

Small thomas battery train

Funny Thomas Trackless Train Rides for Sale

Thomas trackless train from China

Another type the thomas battery operated the train also runs without track. It is bigger than the former type, and can hold over 20 people. Likewise, its appearance is also exquisite and comical. But the train car of it is semi enclosed and has independent roofs. Moreover, we also has equipped the thomas train cars with multiple different colors and brilliant little lights. This design make it more charming and funny, and grab the child’s attention instantly.

Besides, I have to add one point. If you want to customize the medium-size Thomas train to use it on a track, we can meet your requirment.

Battery Thomas Railroad Trains for Sale for 120 people

This tack Thomas train has 3 full enclosed carriages plus one locomotive and every carriage can accommodate 40 people, the locomotive with one driver. It has a so big capacity that you can use it to take 120 passengers.

It relies on the discharge of a lithium battery for driving, or you can the diesel powered engine. It can run at the maximum speed of 7 Km/h, with the limited weight of 12 tons. And the emergency braking distance of the Thomas track train doesn’t more than 0.5m. it is suited to use in your large venues, such the city parks, coast parks, mountain areas etc. beacuse of its big capacity.

real thomas train amusement rides for sale

The Design Inspiration of the Thomas Battery Operated Train from DINIS

The character elements of Thomas the Train are taken from the image of Thomas in the children’s cartoon “Thomas and Friends” directed by David Mitton in the UK. Thomas in the cartoon is a lively, cheerful, helpful and positive little engine. Its prototype is the E2 0-6-0 steam locomotive of the London Brighton to South Coast Railway.

The Thomas Railroad Train produced by our factory has big eyes, a blue appearance, and a bright body, which is very similar to the train in the animation. Moreover, it allows tourists to experience an immersive feeling when they riding. We adopted this image based on the children’s strong love for him on the one hand. Beside, on the other hand, we hope that the Thomas railroad train will bring happiness and an optimistic attitude towards life to passengers. And we also believe that Thomas railroad train rides can achieve this.

Joyful and Playful Thomas Train Suitable for Multiple Sites and Occassions

Thomas battery train for sale

The funny Thomas train are suitable for multiple places. You can use it in parks, theme water parks, shopping malls, squares, even in your home. It is exquisite and flexible. Using it in your amusement park can attract many people to ride, and brings you good profit.

If you use it in your shopping mall, it can help you increase your passenger flow. Using it in your city park not only carries passengers but also raises the popularity of your city park.

Besides, you can also use it in many entertainment occasions, such as the carnival party, kids party or birthday party. The charming and interesting thomas will definitely win your customers’ love and brings more benefit for you.

thomas battery train price

Three Track Materials for the Railroad Thomas Battery Train Choosing

steel train track

Steel Rails

The steel rails have good durability, strong load-bearing capacity and wear resistance. Moreover, they can withstand harsh weather and frequent use, suitable for outdoor venues. In addition, when installing rails, we usually lay gravel or rails on the track. In order to reduce the friction when train running, improve the stability of the train and the passenger experience.

Timber Rails

The timber rails are visually appealing and can be painted in a variety of colors to add interest to a theme park. In addition, it can provide passengers with a soft ride experience and is easy to make and maintain. However, since the wooden track has certain limitations on the speed and load capacity of the small train, it is usually only suitable for places such as children’s playgrounds.

Composite Material Track

It is a track structure consisites of a variety of different materials. By making full of the advantages of multiple materials, different performances and functions can be exerted. Commonly, the composite tracks Thomas Trains used are aluminum or steel rails on the top and wood on the bottom. Use colorful anti-corrosion wooden pillows for support, which is beautiful and comfortable to ride.

thomas amusement train with track

What’s more, using aluminum rails and steel rails as the top layer have their own advantages. Aluminum rails are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, suitable for lightweight equipment. And the steel rails are wear-resistant and have strong load-bearing capacity, suited for large equipment and long-lasting. However, choosing the train track you need to consider multiple aspects factors. They include the train size, using site, durability and persistence, passenger’s riding feeling and security, etc.

thomas battery powered train material
battery thomas train for sale

There are suggestions from us:

If the Thomas train you chose is small and it will be used in low humidity environment, you can choose the aluminum wood composite track or timber track. They can provide passengers a good experience, and beautiful and durable, adding interest to your venue. However, if your site environment is humid, the composite track of steel and wood or the steel rails maybe the good choice. They can withstand rain erosion and have good wear-resistance and load-bearing capacity. Besides, you can also choose the track material according to your praticle situation and favor.

How to Build the Thomas Train Tracks

Required Materials

Gravels, track sleepers, and steel rails.

real thomas train track
build a track for thomas

Construction Procedures

  • First, you need to measure the slope of the road surface on the established track laying route to ensure that within a distance of 1000 meters. And then ensure the slope height difference does not exceed 20 meters;
  • Second, after determining the route, if the slope does not meet the requirements, you need to adjust the ground slope;
  • Third, after the roadbed and ballast are laid, the track sleepers can be laid on the ballast. Where the Thomas train turns, the track ties need to be denser;
  • Then, the rails can be laid on the track ties.

However, The laying of the rails needs to meet two requirements:

  1. There must be no interface at the turn;
  2. Besides, the inner side of the outer wall at the turn needs to be about 3-5mm higher than the inner side.

Premium Manufacturer and Suppier of the Fun Thomas Train Equipment

The professional Chinese manufacturer, DINIS majors in marking the amusement equipment for over 20 years. We have independent production workshop covering an area of 50000 square meters. And 400 professional techincal and production personnel make the amusement equipment carefully.

We produce not only train rides but mechanical amusement equipment and non-electric equipment. The Thomas battery train as one of the best-selling product in our company has received many favors from domestic and foreign customers. They have an exquisite design and excellent quality. Besides ,we are an environmentally friendly amusement equipment factory that integrates production, research, development, and sales. Moreover, we can also provide you with the one-stop service. It consists of the transportation, delivery, installation, commissioning, and training for the interesting train Thomas.

If you have any interest or intention to purchase Thomas the train, please send us an inquiry.