Would you like to buy a small railroad trains to run your business? Do you know what a high-quality train rides looks like? Some of them are with a cartoon locomotive, such as the thomas rail locomotive, a cut elepahant, or with beautiful images. Others are designed to resemble a traditional train, with one loco and several cabins. DINIS manufactured small railroads train for sale. The detailed configuration of the train is very considerate and touching. If you buy such a small train for you business, there will definitely be many customers rushing to take it!

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Small Railroads Train for Sale for 24 Passengers Accessible in DINIS

DINIS is selling fun small train and track. This train ride has a small size but a big capacity, and it can accommodate more than 20 people! It consists of three carriages which can hold 8 people each of them, and one control cabin. So it can meet your daily demands of carrying passengers, because it can take 24 at most each time. If your venue is sightly large, it is enough to use.

small track train railroad for sale

In the appearance, our small railroads train rides are familiar with the traditional trains. So when your customers sit on them, they will feel like taking the authentic trains. Moreover, it is more beautiful than traditional trains due to its external ornaments. Some of them are designed with cartoon images, or your company logo. Of course you can choose its external patterns according to your favors and requirements.

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The most important is that it can runs in anywhere you want. It can be in your amusement park, your city park, your shopping mall, the square near you, even in your backyard!

Battery Powered Small Railroad Train for Sale

The railway small train moves with lithium battery operated. Charging it fully needs 6-7h, and you can use it for more than 8h. If you charge the train ride in time everyday, it does not impact on your business even though there are too many customers. This train can run at the maximum speed of 7km/h, and if facing an emergency on a straight road, its operating distance after braking is no more than 0.5m.

Detailed Configuration of High-quality Train Railroad Possessing

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Many configurations on the small railroads train will make you feel how thoughtful the manufacturer is. When the small train starting, the bell on the car shake and make a clear and pleasant sound. Heard that you will feel Physically and mentally comfortable as if all unhappy things dissipated in this moment. The color matching of it body is bright and gratifying, which will relax your eyes. The outstanding points of its decoration lie in the colorful lights and the fake steam chimney. When night falls, the colored lights on the exterior of the car set off brighter and more beautiful in the dark.

railroads train for kids and adults

Besides, for your safety, we have installed foot pedals and handrails at the entrance and inside the carriage respectively. Some old people or little children will feel difficult when they get on the train, the pedals and handrails will make them feel considerate and convenient. Moreover, the material of our train seats is simulated leather, and it is waterproof and sun resistant. They are snug for your customers. Even they ride for a long time, they won’t feel numb.

Last but not least, you can install air-conditioners and monitors in your trains. Even in hot summers or cold winters, it can provide tourists with the best experience.

Marching in Your Garden the Pretty Small Railroads Train for Sale

Imagining that if, you are taking a good-looking small train, overlooking the beautiful scenery in the distance. Little flowers pass by you, the gentle breeze caresses your face, the fragrance of the flowers slowly passes through your nose, and the crisp bell echoes in your ears. What a wonderful thing it would be! Believing me, it must be correct that choose one small train for your garden theme park.

For the train rides used in theme garden or parks with a lot of vegetation planted by the roadsides, we have made a cleaner. The train cleaner lies in the front of the locomotive. It can move obstacles blocking the track and make the train runs smoothly.

Discrepancies of the Small Railroad Train and Traditional Railway Train

Both trains run on specific tracks and some of their functions are similar, but there are still many differences.

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Small railway trains are more interesting, while traditional railway trains are more practical. Traditional trains can transport goods and people, but small trains are more used for carrying passengers.

The locomotive of the trains are generally similar in appearance, but the carriages are different. The carriages of the traditional passenger train are connected and passengers can pass through them at will. However, the carriages of the small train are not connected and there are no long and narrow aisles inside. Passengers can not walk at will when trains operate.

In terms of power sources, traditional trains have two driving methods, internal combustion engines and electricity. Small railway trains rely on battery drive.

For their scale, conventional trains are larger and carry more passengers. Small trains are relatively small and carry fewer passengers.

For their applicable venues, traditional trains generally run on dedicated train tracks in cities. small trains, while can run in parks, amusement parks, indoors and outdoors, or other places where you need to use it. Therefore, the usable place of small trains is wider than the traditional trains.

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To Buy an Economical Small Train and Track from DINIS

We are a manufacturer of small trains. Our small trains are shipped directly from the factory to you, and the prices we offer you are all the lowest prices from the factory.

We make the small trains with high-quality fiberglass and metal material, and process all the train parts by ourselves.

You can customize the small train, including the external pattern of the small train,the number of carriages, the shape and size of the tracks.

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