We all know the Thomas train in the animated series Thomas and His Friends is an amusing train locomotive. It commonly transports passengers in fully enclosed train carriage. However, do you know how to manufacture a FRP Thomas ride on train?

Generally speaking, we use fiberglass material to make the Thomas train. Fiberglass has the characteristics of being sturdy, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and high plasticity. Thus, it becomes the main material for manufacturing train rides.

Design and Make the Thomas Rideable Train Mold

When we plan to manufacture the ride on Thomas train, first, we need to design its appearance molds, including its locomotive and train body. Besides, we need to attention that the train carriages should be designed into open-air cabin cars, and not traditionally closed passenger carriages. It is very important to manufacture a ride on train ride.

Generally, we will design a smiling Thomas face on the front of the train loco. If you have exact style demands for the Thomas, you can communicate with our designer.

In addition, we should be clear for the molds of the train size, appearance, shape and other details to facilitate our subsequent coating and demolding.

thomas battery powered train material

The mold is usually made of wood or other corrosion resistant materials. Manufacturing the Thomas train molds is a vital step, which decides on whether the train meet customer’s demands.

Coat the Fiberglass Paper on the Ride on Thomas Mold

Coating is the simple and most tedious step. It needs workers brushing adhesive paint and applying a fiber fabric on the train molds, which repeats 3-4 times until its thickness reaches 5mm. And then wait for the surface of the molds to dry thoroughly and to be hard.

Fiberglass Train Demolding

After the train is formed, next, we need to demold the fiberglass train locomotive and body from the molds. Then, sanding and refinishing the surface of the Thomas train to make it smooth and comply with our factory’s requirements for rides.

Assemble the Thomas Ride-on Train Body and Loco

Then, we need to integrate parts of the electric ride on train into a whole. And we can see the general shape of the Thomas train from this step.

  • Painting and Decorating the Thomas Train

Thomas indoor train rides

However, there is pale and colorless for the train. So we need to paint its exterior and interior, then, adorn it with a small bell, colorful lights, music box, etc, to make it look more vivid and amusing.

By the way, you can customize its body color, but you should tell us in advance and provide us with your color card.

  • Testing and Adjusting The ride on train rides

Last but not least, we have to test all aspects of the train performance to ensure its quality, operational stability and riding safety. Moreover, every train ride needs to undergo 90h continuous loud testing in our factory. Only trains that have passed the test can be sent to you. This also confirms the principle we have always adhered to “Quality First, Integrity Foremost”.

The above is the entire process of changing the Thomas train into ride on train. Our company has been constantly improving and innovating in manufacturing train rides, just to make products that satisfy you.