Battery operated train ride

Would you like to purchasing an amusement train ride for your business? The electric train is so delightful and playful that adults and kids scramble to ride it. Moreover, such a train brings not only happy but revenue to you. It has a wide applicable venues and easy to operate. Beside, there are different scales of the train you can choose. So you can select one to use in your emporium, commercial street, square near you and communities, etc. How many people dream of making money while playing! Do you want to understand more information about the interesting train and its battery? There are some answers for customers’ frequent asking for purchasing the battery trains.

battery train for amusement & sightseeing

DINIS Launch Hot-selling Charming Battery Trains

The Funny Thomas Battery Operated Train Ride For Sale

thomas battery train amusement rides

The thomas is an image from a children’s cartoon “Thomas & Friends” directed by David Mitton from the United Kingdom. However, DINIS transformed the characters thomas in the animation into tangible and realistic little trains. The Thomas battery train has a facetious appearance, with a round face and big eyes in the front of its locomotive. Red cheeks shows on its face, like a shy little child. It always face everyone with a big smile. People riding the thomas battery train take it as the real and emotional thomas, and get happy from it.

Exquisite And Lovely Elephant Train For Sale

Do you like elephants? Most people feel incredible at the glance of the cute elephant train. Our train rides are designes by imitating the image of an elephant and incorporates elements from other small animals. The train locomotive is a lovely elephant and overall color of its carriages are blue and bright yellow. Beautiful lights on the train cabins sparkle in the night, which makes the elephant train look more vivid and charming. Moreover, the attractive battery operated train runs without a track. So you can use it as an outdoor train ride running on your cement and asphalt roads.

elephant amusement battery train trackless

Small to Large Battery Operated Train Ride for Sale

8/12 Seats Mini Ride on Battery Train with Track

There is a special style of the battery train. The small ride on train has no carriages but has several seats. It gives People wonderful and unique experience which makes them feel like riding on a horseback. Moreover, the size of it is so compact that some people will misunderstand it as a large children’s toy. Actually, it can accommodate 8-12 passengers. Kids and adults can sit on it together, and enjoy an unusual fantasy tour. Besides, We put the battery into its storage box or in the locomotive, which looks neat and can protect the battery.

Amusement Battery Sightseeing Train for 24-70 Passengers

Another hot-selling battery train, the fashionable and minimalist trackless train ride for sightseeing has three scales you can choose, 24/ 40/ 70 seats for people. The more carriages the sightseeing train connects, the more people it can carry. However, it means needing more batteries to supply the train at the same time. Besides, if you choose a large sightseeing train neither a small one, you will cost more due to its extra materials. You can customize the number of its carriages according to you practical demands and budgets.

battery operated sightseeing train for sale

Battery Introductions of Various Commercial Train Rides

  • Battery Brand and Material

Our battery train use the lithium cell to supply and it are from HuaYU Golden Bell. It is a Chinese lithium battery customization leader in China battery industry, dedicated to producing batteries for over 20 years. Batteries from it are high-quality and durable.

  • Charge Time and Battery Runtime

Charging 6-7 h fully, you can use it for 8-10 hours.

  • Battery Life

The battery can be used for more than 2 years under normal circumstances. But it also depends on how often you us

How to Extend the Battery Longevity of the Battery Operated Train Rides?

The battery is a vital component of the battery operated trains. Using the train rides in a correct way not only can protect it but prolong battery life. Here are some note you need to care when you using the train rides.

  • When using:
  1. Avoid water: Lithium batteries should avoid water ingress, as all lithium batteries on the market cannot withstand prolonged soaking in rainwater. Once water enters the battery casing, it can damage the inside of the battery, causing internal short circuits or the entire battery to fail. Especially in rainy summers, it is even more important to protect the battery and try to park the trains in dry places.
  2. Urgent professional treatment after water ingress: Lithium batteries should not be reused after water ingress, as there may be potential safety hazards. After water entering, it is necessary to urgently handle the battery by professionals to minimize battery loss as much as possible.
  3. Personnel installation: The installation of the battery operated train rides should preferably be carried out under the guidance and assistance of professional personnel.
battery charger of amusement train
  • When charging:
trackless battery train charger
  1. Charge with the original lithium battery charger. Do not mix other models of battery chargers to charge the battery trains.
  2. Develop a good habit of frequent release and recharge. Try to avoid overcharging and discharging as much as possible, otherwise it will affect the battery life.
  3. Lithium batteries can be charged and used at any time, and never to over discharged.
  4. Do not accelerate when starting the train, otherwise it will damage the battery .
  5. We recommend you to use a smart charger for charging. After being fully charged, it will automatically power off without damaging the battery life.

More frequently Asked Questions About the High-quality Battery Trains from Our Customers

  • 🙋‍♂️Customers: Do you implement new trains? Do you make them yourself?

👨‍🔧DINIS: Yes, we produce this train by ourselves. We are professional manufacturer and exporter for different kinds amusement rides.

  • 🙋‍♂️Customers: What is the time of manufacture of the train and two cars under the order?

👨‍🔧DINIS: 2 sets trackless train, the production time is 40 days.

  • 🙋‍♂️Customers: What is the scheme of financial relations when buying a train from you?

👨‍🔧DINIS: About the payment: You need to pay a 50% deposit in advance. Besides, you should pay off the balance before we ship the goods.

  • 🙋‍♂️Customers: What is the maintenance of a train a year: what needs replacement, lubrication, etc.?

👨‍🔧DINIS: According to the use consider to confirm whether need to replace the wheel and battery. Besides, we will provide the train maintenance manual to you after you purchase the train.

  • 🙋‍♂️Customers: Can the charger plug voltage be customized? What other aspects support customization?

👨‍🔧DINIS: Yes, you can customize the plug voltage and its shape. Moreover, you can choose the capacity, the shape and size of the train according to your requirements and favors.

Why Many People Fascinated by the Battery Operated Train Rides from DINIS?

First I have to mention that, DINIS as a professional manufacturer has made amusement rides for 20 years. Furthermore, we can produce all popular styles of the small train rides you like. The battery train rides from DINIS have stunning appearances. They have exquisite appearances like elephants, antique train rides, even the small Thomas train in children’s cartoon. Moreover, we always uses the best material with one loyal heart to manufacturing the battery train. Our train rides have received lots of good feedback from customers over the world.

Besides, we provide you with efficient excellent after-sale service and one-year product warranty period. If you have any questions in process of selecting, purchasing and using, you can ask our customer service officers. As long as you have needs, we are ready to solve problem for you.

So if you have any interest for our train rides, come and send us an inquiry!