Have you ever seen a real train ride in someone’s backyard? If you purchase a train rides for your backyard business. I believe people from neighboring villages are willing to come and experience it. Moreover, in leisure time, you can also enjoy it with your family members. Who can say that this is not a win-win situation? No matter what is using the backyard train for sale to family entertaining or earning money, it is appropriate.

In the following article, we recommend 5 hot-selling styles of backyard trains for you. They are electric powered or battery powered, environmentally friendly and efficient. Furthermore, we have sorted out a table about the reference price and specifications of the trains for backyard. If you have interest in it, come and look with me!

small backyard train price

Battery Backyard Train without Track, Suitable for Family and Funfair

If you want to buy a backyard train for sale for a family outing, the trackless antique train rides must be the best choice. The design of the rubber tires makes it have both the appearance of a train and the convenience of a car. Moreover, it is battery powered and environment-friendly. The train rides make no noise when operating, thus, it will not cause any unpleasantness to your family journey. Imagine that you take your families to go out on a picnic or go sightseeing with such a special train ride. How cool it would be!

If you plan to purchase a small train to do some funfair business, the backyard is just the parking site for your train. We also suggest you choose the battery trackless train.

First, the trackless backyard train is affordable and easy to operate. It runs without a specific track, thus, you don’t need to buy an extra track for it. Only on a cement or asphalt road can you operate it. Moreover, it is very convenient for you to drive it after a few days of systematic learning. Second, every time you charge it fully, you can use it for about 8 hours. And it needs to take 6-7 h to power fully. You can choose to charge it at night and it doesn’t affect your daytime business. Third, the battery we used is a maintenance-free lead-acid battery pack. You don’t need to maintain it and just be careful not to overcharge or discharge. Besides, we provide a 1-year warranty period for you.

Specifications of the Maintenance-free lead-acid battery pack

Battery Type Charge


Runtime on Full Charge Warranty Time Full Charge Driving Range Specification Brand Charger Type
Maintenance-free lead-acid battery pack 6-7h 8h 1 year 30-40Km 5pcs, 12v, 150A Nandu Battery / Tianneng Battery Smart charger

Real Backyard Trains for Sale, with Tracks and Passenger Cars

The real train rides with track and cabins are available in DINIS! The track train ride is very suited for backyard sightseeing and amusing. It is designed with roofless cockpit carriages, which can give your customers a broad vision and enhance their riding experience. Therefore, if there is a flower garden or a botanical garden in your backyard, riding it to appreciating these plants must be an interesting experience. However, if there is no wonderful scenery, you don’t be disconsolate because we paint the train track in colorful. Even if your backyard is common and mediocre, the appearance of the train ride with colored track can add a lot of fun and vitality to it.

small backyard sightseeing train rides

Moreover, the backyard ride on train can accommodate more than 20 people. It uses the lithium battery as its power source, no noise and emissions, no adverse effects on your daily life. Furthermore, you can recharge the train as you use it and it doesn’t cause damage to the battery. Besides, we can provide a 3-year battery quality guarantee period for you. By the way, you can also choose to customize the train, including its external color, and the track size and shape.

Charming Christmas Themed Backyard Train for Sale

Do you want to buy a shining and outstanding small Christmas train rides for adults and kids? I believe the Santa Claus train must catch your families and customers’ eye at first glance. Moreover, the small rideable train for backyard is not limited to festival activities. We design it with multiple colorful lights and a music box, and use it in daily life can also add fun to your backyard playground. When you start the switch button in the control cabinet of the Christmas train rides, it will bring you spectacle. The illuminations flashing brightly, with light and joyful Christmas songs, as if Christmas Day has arrived.

Two Different Heights of Electric Steam Trains in Backyard,  for Kids and Adults

Besides, DINIS has launched two steam ride on backyard trains for sale, suited for adults and kids playing in their own backyard. The two train rides have a similar appearance, which look like a traditional real mini train and are very cool. Furthermore, they can both release steam and whistle to make it more entertaining. Additionally, they all only have seats without cabins, and people just need to sit on the train body. This novel and special design of the mini backyard train makes it attract a lot of attention when it appears.

Big Steam Backyard Trains You can Ride on

However, the discrepancy in their sizes divides their applicable people into 2 groups, the adults and kiddies. The height of the adult size ride on trains for the backyard is higher than the backyard train ride for kids. It’s as high as a chair of normal height, and you can ride on it easily and won’t feel uncomfortable. Nonetheless, if a child wants to take the small train, he/she is not allowed to ride alone without one adult’s company.

Small Backyard Train Ride for Kids and Adults

Meanwhile, in order to meet more children’s demands of enjoying the train journey, DINIS has manufactured a mini kids rideable train for backyard. It is smaller than adult ride on train, just like the height of a small stool. When your child sits on it, he just needs to grasp the armrest at the front of the seat, and put his feet on the pedals on both sides of the train. Then, after the train rides start, he will feel unprecedented uniqueness and wonder. That feeling may be like being on a moveable chair or enjoying riding a horseback in your backyard.

Additionally, running speed of the kids train is very low. Even without adult companionship, it is safe for children. Furthermore, purchasing such a mini kids train, you can ride on it with your kids.

Reference Price and Specifications of the Backyard Train Rides

Train Type Name Power source Limited slope Train weight Material Running Speed Capacity Reference Price
Road train Trackless antique train Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries ≤3% 1.8 Ton FRP+steel ≤7km/h 16-20 Passengers $9,000.00 – $15,000.00
Track train Small track sightseeing train Lithium battery ≤3% 4.5 Ton Sheet Metal ≤ 7km/h 24 Passengers $32,000.00 – $50,000.00
Track train Christmas track train Electric Control Cabinet ≤3% 1.8 Ton FRP+steel 6-8 r/min 16 Passengers $6,000.00 – $10,000.00
Track train Ride on steam train for kids and adults Electric Control Cabinet

/ Lithium battery

≤1.5% 1.8 Ton Sheet Metal ≤ 7km/h  8-16 Passengers $10,000.00 – $18,000.00

China Amusement Rides Manufacturer Provides Best Trains for Backyard

DINIS, a Chinese backyard train company, has been producing amusement backyard equipment for more than 20 years, and it has always adhered to the principle and belief of quality first and reputation first. Our train rides are exported to various parts of the world, such as the UK, USA, Australia, Chile, Russia, Nigeria, etc. Moreover, we have received lots of loyal customers. This is not only because our train rides have an outstanding and exquisite appearance, but we choose the highest quality materials.

Track backyard train from DINIS for sale

First I have to say, one of the main material for manufacturing the amusement train, Fiberglass, is made by ourselves. However, the production process of fiberglass is very complex. In order to make qualified train equipment, we need to polish, sand, color, bake again and again, which is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. Thus, it is precisely because of our effort that our rides can receive support and recognition.

Besides, the service we provide is also excellent and efficient. No matter when you have a question about the train or other amusement equipment, our service personnel will answer you the first time. And give you the most satisfactory reply.

If you have any interest in our train rides, please send us an inquiry at any time!