Would you like to buy an appealing and interesting train ride for your water park? DINIS has launched three styles amusement train suitable for your business. They are diverse style, like the small outdoor ride on train, the smiling elephant train, and classic large sightseeing train rides. There’s always a train that’s right for you.

Do you want to know the price of purchasing such top-notch train equipment and their detailed specifications? Do you know how to select an appropriate train ride for your water park? Reading the following article and you will find the answers.

16 Seats Small Riding Style Train Rides with Tracks

The entertaining ride on train is very suitable to use in your water park. First, it runs on the specific track and its track is light weight that can can be elevated. Moreover, it is safe for the passengers and also adds the interest when sightseeing and playing. Second, it has a special appearance like a real mini train and a compact body, which make it look very mini and cute.

Besides, although its body is small, it can hold 16 people. Moreover, when you sit on it, you will marvel that so playful and delightful it is! Due to its unique design, with no train cabins but seats, it attracts many people’s attention. This design makes the rideable train full of fun and captures more followings for your water theme park for kids and adults at the same time.

Another water park train style, the dragon train ride, adopts the Chinese traditional culture elements. Its train locomotive is a dragon head, and the seats behind its head looks as if the dragon’s body. Equally, its track also can be raised. When you start the small train, the elevated track makes the dragon train seem to hover in the air, which looks very majestic. This design successfully make it special and outstanding in your water park.

Lovely Trackless Elephant Train for 20 Passengers

Have you ever see a animal theme train rides in amusement parks or in children’s playground? Kids are obsessed in its exquisite appearance and fantastic riding experience. It has a very cute locomotive with a smiling elephant in the front of it. Many endearing animals like deer, squirrel, rabbit perch on the roof of its carriages. When kids get into the train car, they will feel as if they are in an interesting animal kingdom.

trackless elephant train for water park

Moreover, we install beautiful illuminations and stick various lovely stickers on its exterior. When night falls, turning on the colored light and music switches, the elephant train looks more charming and exciting. More important is that you can drive it on a flat ground! You can operate it on a cement and asphalt road, and don’t have to build an extra track for it. Thus, it also reduces your investment cost to a certain extent for your water park.

elephant trackless train car for sale

Classic Style the Sightseeing Road Train for 40 People

The amusement sightseeing train rides are usually use in some scenic spots as a transportation due to its big capacity. The classic amusement train rides from DINIS contains functions of sightseeing and recreation. It has a simple and stylish exterior and looks like a real train. However, there are great discrepancy of the water park sightseeing train with real trains. To sum it up in one sentence: water park trains have more refined appearances and wider using sites than traditional trains.

large water park train rides

Besides, if you purchase such trains for your large water park, tourist will be incline to ride it to play. We equip it with smoke machines, lights, bells, horns and sound equipment. Moreover, we install an air conditioner free for you inside its locomotive. And you can choose whether equip air conditioning in its every carriage or not. If you choose to install one in its car, your passengers will get a better taking experience. If you choose not, your tourist will enjoy a nicer viewing experience in your water park. The right to choose is in your hands, and we support your decisions.

Another notable advantage of the classic water park train is its ability to traverse both cement and asphalt roads. Moreover, it has a bigger capacity and can accommodate more passenger than the first two train rides. You can use it as a meas of getting from A areas to B areas. People riding it can not only relieves fatigue caused by long waking, but receives a unique and enjoyable playing experience in your park.

Detailed Specifications of the Train Rides for Water Park

  • Main body materials:

High-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic and sheet metal.

  • Power source:

Small riding train rides and the cute elephant trains rely on power battery. The classic sightseeing train can be powered by either electricity or diesel.

diesel park train rides material
  • Limited slope:

Considering the safety and comfort of passengers, we require that each train must travel within a safe slope range. If you want to buy a small train ride for 16-20 people, their limited slope is no more than 3%. if you want a bigger one, like the classic sightseeing train, its limited slope must be within 5%.

  • Maximum running speed:

The playful riding train can run at the maximum speed of 7 km/h on its specific track. The elephant train which has 5 pieces maintenance-free battery can move at the highest speed of 10 km/h. The large train has two drive modes, and one is the lithium battery, and the other is diesel engine. Their maximum speeds will not exceed 25 km/h.

  • Emergency braking distance:

When driving at rated speed on a straight road, the three water park trains are no more than 0.5 m.

Price Reference Ranges of Different Styles of Amusement Water Park Train from DINIS

Prices of different manufacturers in different regions have a great discrepancy in selling train amusement equipment. Below, I only provide the prices of small trains exported overseas by Chinese manufacturer DINIS for your reference.

A set of 16 seats small riding rail trains may costs you around 9,000 dollars. If you want to purchase a high-quality elephant themed trackless train for 20 persons, you may need to spend $12,000. If you prefer to choose a large train equipment, like the 40 passengers sightseeing train, you need to pay about $45,000.

The above are the reference prices of these three amusement trains in standard configuration. Changing the capacity of the train, or customize the size and shape of the track, its price may also change.

How to Choose the Right Train Ride for Your Water Park?

Choosing a suitable train rides for your water park can greatly improve your profits. When selecting the water park train rides for your business, you need to consider the following factors:

water park trackless train manufacturer
  • Understand your customers: You need to know in advance the age of your main visitors and the type of equipment they are interested in. This step will help you choose the most suitable train style for your water park.
  • Market research: Find reliable, quality manufacturers by researching the train amusement equipment market.
  • Safety and quality: Choose train equipment with excellent quality and comfortable rides produced by regular manufacturers to ensure the safety and experience of passengers.
  • Consider budget: When choosing the train style, you also need your actual budget for purchasing it.
  • Venue and route: According to the water park site, select the equipment size suitable for the site and design a route map for the train operation. Reasonable route design helps water park traffic and improve customers’ playing experience.
  • Maintenance convenience: Selecting easy to maintain and durable train equipment for you water park. It can reduce operating costs to a certain extent.

After seeing the above introductions for our water park train rides, do you have interest for them? If you still have an inclination to understand more other amusement machines from DINIS, please sent us an enquiry at any time.