We are glad that you have chosen to trust us. We can provide you both exquisite and premium train rides, and wholehearted after-sales service. Satisfying customers is our company demand to us, and also is our principle. Besides, purchasing our amusement rides is not just an invest, it also bring happiness to your families and customers.

Train Rides Installation and Commissioning Before Leaving the Factory

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All amusement trains must undergo 90-hours of strict quality and performance testing. During the process, we will put several hundred pounds of sandbags in the train cars to check its true carrying capacity. Only trains that have completed testing and meet all performance standards can be transported to you. Besides, we have assembled the track or road train and debugged its various parameters well. When you receive it, just connect the train cars and its locomotive, then you can normally use it.

How to Transport the Entertaining Small or Large Trains?

Train Rides Packing

We choose standard export packaging to transport our FRP train and sheet metal train. Commonly, we will pack all train ride parts and the control boxes of the kids track trains with 3-5 layers of good bubble wrap. Then, put them into a container of suitable size. Besides, we will also present you with a vulnerable bag when the train is packaged, including rubber tires, lights, etc. Moreover, we will pack the vulnerable replacement parts separately in a cardboard box and ship them to you together with the train.

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Special Car Transportation for Our Amusement Trains

We usually opt for sea transportation, but if you have different transportation requirements, we can accommodate them. Besides, you can choose any port in China near your country. And we will transport the train to the designated location according to your requirements. In general, we will use 6.8-meter and 13-meter high rail specialized vehicles to transport the small and medium trains respectively. The 17-meter flat plate specialized vehicles will be used for transportation large sightseeing train.

One-year After-sale Assurance We Provide for Our Amusement Rides

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We provide 1-year non-human damage warranty service. During the warranty period, if any non-human quality problems occur with our train amusement park equipment, we are fully responsible. Additionally, we can continue to offer you technical support after the warranty period, and we sell all spare parts at factory prices.

What Should I do If I Have an Emergency Repair Situation While Under Warranty?

If your train needs repairing in urgent under warranty, there are 2 ways to help you solve the pressing emergency.

First, you can search for local technicians who can maintain the large equipment. You can purchase replacement parts for any damaged ones from a nearby retailer. And then, contact us to apply for reimbursement of repair and parts purchase costs. This is a faster method.

The other way is time-consuming but can provide you with comprehensive repair services. It needs you to return your train to our factory for maintenance, which may take several months. The specific time consumption depends on the round-trip transportation time, and the repair time is fast and timely.

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If there just is a little glitch, like replacing small parts, we suggest you maintain it nearby, which doesn’t affect your daily business. If the main component of the train ride happens to malfunction, returning for repair is definitely the best way.

Outside the Guarantee Period, We can also Provide You with Technical Support for Our Carnival Train Equipment

Even if the warranty time has expired, we still offer 24/7 phone support, remote assistance, or on-site technical service. To convenient for you to resolve any issues you may encounter. If there are any problems during you operate the carnival train ride, you can contact us and find a solution.

Giving passengers a good riding experience and helping you benefit at all times are our requirements for our train equipment. That’s why our after-sales service team is committed to providing the most reliable and considerate service, ensuring long-term protection and value for your investment. Our aim is: buy once, care for life. Choose us, you won’t be disappointed!