Are you still distressed about how to choose an delightful and playful train to run your mall business? DINIS launches electric mall train for sale. There are various styles of rail trains and trackless trains for mall. As for the price and the manufacturer of electric mall trains, I have introduced in the following sections. Come and have a look!

kids electric mall train for sale

What Types of Electric Train Rides are Suitable for Shopping Mall?

Do you want to know what types and styles of electric trains are suitable for shopping malls? In fact, both tracked and trackless options can work well, provided they fit the space. It’s crucial, however, to ensure that the train’s design appeals to shoppers of all ages and meets safety standards. DINIS supplies a range of electric trains tailored for malls that are both attractive and secure. Explore these options with us today.

Bestselling Electric Mall Train for Sale With Track

mall christmas train
electric Christmas mall train for sale

Our electric Christmas mall train is very popular among kids and adults. It is designed with an amiable Santa Claus locomotive and several cabins. Moreover, each carriage is adorned with charming Christmas hats and small snowman figures, candy canes and snowflakes. These designs give the mini festival train for mall an exquisite and enchanting appearance that captures the spirit of Christmas. Whether it’s a holiday or an ordinary day, this train will make your customers feel special.

ocean railway train for shopping mall
Ocean-themed electric train in mall

The ocean track train small is electrically powered, and it needs a track to run in your shopping mall. It runs at a voltage of 220V, and has a rated power of 2 KW. In addition, we design the train locomotive in the shape of a dolphin, with various sea creatures on its carriages.
Moreover, we also decorated it with lots of colorful lights to make it more eye-catching. If you buy such a train ride for your shopping mall, I believe many children will definitely rush to experience it.

Classic Vintage Battery-Powered Trackless Train for Mall Use

trackless electric train in mall
battery operated trackless mall train Antique

Vintage electric mall train without track is available at DINIS! It is maintenance-free battery-powered and can last a full day on a single charge. Moreover, the trackless design makes it very flexible and you can drive it through your shopping center.

What’s more, it runs at a low speed, which is very safe to other shoppers in your mall. Furthermore, We also installed a dual braking system for this trackless mall train to ensure that it can stop quickly in critical situations.

Electric trackless mall train for sale in DINIS factory
Classic Electric Train for Shopping Center

Our classically styled trackless electric train is highly favored by numerous shopping mall investors. It boasts an elegant and sophisticated design that complements the theme styles of various shopping malls. In addition, this trackless train ride can emit steam just like a real steam locomotive. Actually, the steam comes from an onboard electronic vaporizer, ensuring that it is harmless and environmentally friendly.

Besides, in order to enhance the shopping experience further, we have also equipped this train with dazzling lights and cheerful music effects, allowing your customers to enjoy a joyful and memorable journey in the mall. Purchasing such an electric train for your mall is a rewarding choice, as it can be flexibly operated both indoors and outdoors.

Buy Electric Mini Ride on train for Families at Your Mall

Have you ever ridden a mini electric train in shopping mall? The electric miniature locomotive is popular among little and young shoppers because of its compact size and special riding experience. It doesn’t have a carriage, but it has 16 seats. If you want to try it out, just sit down and grab the armrest in front of the seat. Besides, its track can be customized to fit the interior structure of the mall. This not only allows your customers to easily navigate the entire mall, but also provides them with a unique shopping pleasure. If you’re looking for an innovative way to attract customers, introducing a miniature electric train to your shopping center could be a good option.

How much does a mall electric train cost?

Please note, the prices in the table below come from the ex-factory price of electric shopping mall trains for sale at the Dinis factory, and do not include freight, special customization, etc. If you want to know the detailed price, please send an inquiry to consult us.

Price Range

Festival train in mall
  • 14-16 seats

  • 4-5 cabins
  • 6-8rpm
  • time adjustable
  • 380v
  • 5kw

Price Range

kids electric train for sale in mall
  • 16 seats
  • 4 cabins
  • 6-8rpm
  • running time adjustable
  • 220v
  • 2kw

Price Range

electric trackless mall train outdoor
  • 16 seats
  • 4 cabins
  • speed adjustable
  • 4kw
  • support customized

Price Range

electric ride on mall train manufacturer
  • 16-20 seats
  • 4-5 cabins
  • 6-8rpm
  • running time adjustable
  • 380V
  • 5KW

Price Range

Classic trackless sighseeing train in mall
  • 16-21 seats
  • 3 cabins
  • speed adjustable
  • 220V/380V

  • support customized

Having trouble deciding which electric mall train ride for sale to choose? Ask our experts for a detailed comparison.

The High-quality Electric Train Manufacturer DINIS

Strong Strength and Strong Technology

electric train for kids for sale from DINIS

The company DINIS is an environmental friendly enterprise and has twenty years of technological experience. We have advanced equipment, complete equipment production lines, and have successively obtained the People’s Republic of China Special Equipment Production License for Non Highway Tourism Vehicles and A-level Large Amusement Equipment Manufacturing License, Quality Management System Certification, Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, Environmental Management System Certification, etc.

The train rides belong to one of three series of products in our company and has been sent all over the world. The electric mall train rides made by DINIS have got many loyal fans from home and abroad on account of their high-qualities.

Outstanding Performance, Economic Price and Excellent Appearance

Our company has obtained multiple new appearance patent certificates of the train rides. So you can select many train styles in DINIS, which you cannot find in other factories. Moreover, if you regularly the trains in right ways, you can use it for more than 8 years.

More important is that, the price of our electric train is economic and worthy of their quality. Many styles of the electric train rides are poplar with adults and kids, like the Elephant electric trains, Crown trackless battery trains and Christmas train rides. We believe you will definitely absorb in their exquisite appearance.

The Guarantees DINIS can Give You

👨‍🔧Customized Styles for You

We can make the track size and shape, capacity and exterior design of the electric mall train according to your requirements. If you want to customize the logo of your mall on the train rides, please tell us in advance.

🙆‍♂️One-stop Service for You

We take the butler transportation, door-to-door delivery, installation, commissioning, technical training one-stop service, which make you save energy and at ease.

👩‍💼Perfect After-sales Service for You

If you have any questions in the process of purchasing or using, please sent us an inquiry. We can answer for you at any time.

How to Choose the Most Proper Electric Train Rides for Your Mall?

mall electric train without track

There are so many kinds of electric trains for your shopping mall. So, how do we choose right? It can be decided by the scale or themes of your mall.

If your shopping mall is common size, 16 or 24 people electric train is more proper for you. If it is a super large mall, you can choose the electric mall train for 40 people.

Besides, you can also choose it according to the number of people in you mall but the scale of mall you must take into consideration. Choosing the wrong size of the train may cause unnecessary trouble for you. For instance, if your shopping mall is very large and has many customers everyday, but you choose one small train, which may cause a phenomenon that many people stand there waiting to ride train rides or someone may choose to quit riding it.

Electric Train Rides are Suitable for Various Activities and Occasions in Mall

Some festival activities, such as Children’s Day performance, Christmas Activities, Halloween activities, carnival parties, Valentine’s Day activities. Some occasions hold in your shopping mall,  like the birty party, family party, or children’s party. You can decorate the electric train with some delicate decorations. Certainly, you can use the train rides anytime in your shopping mall not only available on holidays.

Have you decided to choose which electric train for your shopping mall? If you have any interest or inclination in our electric mall trains, please send us an inquiry at anytime.