At the end of February 2024, a Chilean businessman had already planned the layout for his mall business. Now, He was eager to purchase an attractive electric train to operate within his mall. Through our discussions, we’ve learned that he intends to design his space with an iceberg-themed indoor playground. And this idea has been approved by the mall’s owners. Before construction begins, he wants to select the right train for his venue. While browsing our mall electric trains, he found with delight that our ocean electric mall train perfectly matches his ideal image.

Chilean Ocean Theme Mall Electric Train

Dinis Supplies Exquisite Ocean Style Electric Train Ride for Sale for Use in Mall

electric mall train for kids and adults

Indeed, the train we manufacture features a dolphin-designed locomotive, with a beautiful mermaid princess seated beside the dolphin. The train’s body is adorned with a variety of marine life, including shrimp, crabs, fish, and turtles. Moreover, we’ve decorated it with numerous colorful lights to enhance the visual experience for passengers, both day and night, in the mall setting. What’s more, this small railway train is suitable for riders of all ages, not just children. Adults will also find its unique and charming design appealing.

Chilean Ocean Theme Mall Electric Train Constructed with High-Quality Fiberglass Materials and Galvanized Steel Framework

Meanwhile, we also prioritize the comfort of our ocean-themed mall train. We build this train with 100% fiberglass material. It offers a smooth and refined interior and exterior and would not pose any potential risk to passengers.

Furthermore, considering that the customer plans to use the train in a wet venue, we will utilize zinc-plated, high-quality carbon structural steel for the construction of the train. This material will ensure the stability of the train even in cold and humid environments.

Moreover, our sturdy and corrosion-resistant stainless steel tracks are ideal for your themed park. In addition, the electrically powered design is preferable to battery-operated trains, especially in low-temperature settings.

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Customizing Electric Train Track Design to Enhance Ride Experience in Mall Amusement Parks

After presenting our ocean indoor electric train for amusement park in shopping malls in detail, the customer expressed great satisfaction with it. From the aesthetic design to the functional specifications, the train will perfectly complement his indoor theme park. Furthermore, we offer customizable track shapes that fit the specific layout of his space, ensuring smooth operation.

Affordable Ocean Electric Mall Train: A Worthwhile Investment for $8,000-$12,000

In the end, we customized this 16 seats electric train for child in mall for the customer with a transaction price between $8,000 and $12,000. And now, the Chilean ocean theme mall electric train is officially in operation.

A few days ago, he sent us good news and feedback videos, expressing sincere appreciation for our ocean electric train design and the unique experience it provides to passengers. His customers are very content with the amusement facility that sings and encourages family interactions. We are very happy to see this outcome.

Dinis is committed to designing mall electric trains that not only meet but exceed customers’ expectations. Ensuring customer satisfaction has always been our purpose in manufacturing trains.

In addition to the ocean-themed track train purchased by this customer, our company also offers a trackless ocean train. If you would like to know the specific prices, please feel free to send us an inquiry at any time!