On this land of Brazil, the spirit of celebration never stops. DINIS designed and manufactured a Carnival trackless train for a Brazilian customer to bring the pleasure and passion of the Carnival to life. This train is equipped with a double brake system to ensure safety and quality. In addition, we have installed speakers and monitors in the carriage to facilitate the driver to manage passengers. Moreover, with gorgeous colored lights and smoking simulated chimneys, it is difficult for tourists passing by to take their eyes away. It is such a customized amusement train for Carnival that allows the Brazilian investor to reap benefits and fun at the same time.

The Brazilian Carnival-themed Train Brings a Cheerful Atmosphere into Daily Life

Riding the DINIS’s Brazilian Carnival Train is not only a visual feast, but also a unique enjoy. We adorned it in a rich palette of green, red, and yellow, the train captures the essence of Brazilian joy and the tropical vibrancy of the Carnival. Besides its external color matching, DINIS also controls the details of the train’s appearance very strictly. The train’s front inflatable tires are cleverly concealed, upon which we’ve printed decorative tire patterns to maintain the vehicle’s whimsical look while ensuring functionality.

Furthermore, we adorned the train with colorful lights and a charming chimney that adds to the festive flair, enchanting passengers as they embark on their joyous ride. This festive train ride is thoughtfully designed to transform any venue into a lively hotbed of celebration. And at the same time, make it an irresistible attraction for kids and adults at parks, resorts, and festive events.

Trackless Carnival Train Shuttles Between Venues and Occasions

Considering the need for flexibility and practicality, our train adopted an innovative design- the rail-less exterior. This design has many benefits for users. First, it provides the freedom to roam on a variety of surfaces, including cement and asphalt roads. Moreover, it bless seamlessly into any environment, whether gliding through a bustling city square or winding along the scenic paths at a theme park.

carnival trackless train ride for kids and adults

Second, the trackless design can save your budget to a certain extent because it does not require an extra track. The two major advantages brought by the Carnival train make Brazilian customers feel our attentiveness and consideration.

Brazilian Fair Train Ride with Semi-enclosed Cars for 16 Brazilian Children and Adults

Carnival train rides monitor

Our train features 4 semi-enclosed carriages, each capable of comfortably accommodating around 16 passengers, making it ideal for group gathering. The semi-open design allows riders to immerse themselves in their surroundings while enjoying the comfort and security of the ride. Furthermore, you can equip every cabin with optional loudspeakers and monitors to facilitate the management of passengers. Meanwhile, The driver can monitor the status of the passengers in the car at any time through the display in the cockpit.

Safe and Quality-assured Customizable Trains are Available in DINIS

At DINIS Amusement Equipment Company, our steadfast commitment to safety and quality stands as the cornerstone of our business ethos. For over 20 years, we have unwaveringly adhered to the principle of “safety first, quality foremost,” ensuring that every themed train ride we manufacture not only brings joy and excitement but also upholds the highest standards of safety and excellence.

train seat of the carnival FRP train

We equipped the Brazilian Carnival Train Ride with a dual-braking system, including both foot brakes and an emergency braking system. They can ensure prompt responsiveness in the unlikely event of an emergency. Additionally, the train speed is adjustable, providing operators with control to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for all riders. What’s more, we provide a 12-month quality warranty and lifetime technical support for our amusement rides.

We sincerely invite your visitors to a vibrant escapade filled with the rhythm, color, and excitement of the Brazilian Carnival. With our custom-themed trains, you provide more than just a ride. You also deliver an experience that resonates with the soulful exuberance of Brazil. Let the Brazilian customized train become the focus of tourists’ attention, carry your passengers to enjoy a wonderful Carnival activity.