Do you know how an amusement train operate on a track? They are electric and depend on the lithium battery to drive the track wheel to run. DINIS design multiple sizes of train rides for your business. The small, medium, and large train are suited for many sites, such as malls, squares, parks and other entertainment venues. There are three styles of train car you can choose from DINIS. Choosing us, you don’t have to worry about the track construction issues in your places. We will provide you with professional technical support to help you complete the building of the train track smoothly.

Trains Run on Tracks from DINIS for Sale

Small to Large Amusement Train Equipment Suitable for Your Various Venues

electric track train mini train rides

The small track train is rideable to kids and adults, and it can accommodate 16 to 20 passengers. Operations of the ride-on track train is convenient for you. And you just need to sit on it and press the button on the control board to start it. In addition, it is compact, and you can use it in your shopping arcade, square, community, even your backyard, etc.

Medium sizes of the train and track can hold 24-54 people. It consists of 3 train cars and 1 locomotive. Its appearance and shape is similar to a traditional real train. However, there are some cartoon styles of the medium train rides popular among kids, such as the elephant train. They are exquisite and decorated with a lot of colorful lights. Furthermore, if you see them in the night, you will surprise that how lovely and charming they are. Besides, the medium size the train is more suited for a relatively large places than the small track train. You can use it in your amusement park, city park, theme park, farm, resort, etc.

track train from DINIS for sale
real thomas train amusement rides

The large Thomas railroad train rides which can carry more than 100 passengers is more proper for your large areas. Your forest park, or large tourist attraction can be a good place to use the large track train as sightseeing equipment.

3 Styles of Train Carriages for the Track Trains

Main Body Materials of the Amusement Track Train

Most the train rides with specific tracks from DINIS are made of high-quality sheet metal. The sheet metal making track trains has many advantages. For example, sheet metal has excellent strength and rigidity, and the train structure made of this material is sturdy. Besides, the train made of sheet metal are diverse. Because the sheet metal can be easily cut, bend, and processed into various shapes. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and change parts for you in the later stage.

Exquisite Craftsmanship for Manufacturing One Prime Train Rides with Tracks

They have undergone strict production processes. The manufacturing process of the track train rides involves multiple steps and technologies.

track train material

Firstly, we need to select suitable sheet metal materials and accurately cut and shape them to obtain the sizes and shapes required for making trains.

Secondly, we will use a CNC bending machine to bend and shape the sheet metal to meet your requirements. Then, we firmly connect the various components of the mini train through welding and assembly steps. Then, we polish and paint the train to increase its aesthetics and corrosion resistance.

Finally, after installing the power system and mechanical equipment, we will operate the train to test its functions.

All steps for producing the trains with tracks are careful and crafted by professionals. Moreover, the entire production process of the train is completed in our company. All key parts of our equipment are developed and manufactured by ourselves. Each component complies with national standards and has its own serial number.

Therefore, if any part of your train comes to a problem, we can located which department and which worker is responsible for it.

How an Amusement Track Train Runs Along the Track?

The amusement track train use the lithium battery as its power source. When starting it, the motor receives electricity and drives the train forward. Meanwhile, the track of the train will cooperate with its wheels, and make the train ride runs steadily on its track. Moreover, you can adjust its speed, direction and braking through the control system to ensure people’s safety and riding experience.

Besides, we design most the train equipment to run in a loop, allowing passengers to circle the same track multiple times. It can improve the fun of rail train rides. Furthermore, we also equip the track train rides with sound systems, colorful lights,theme decorations, bells, etc. Providing passengers with an exciting and delightful riding experience in this way.

How to Build a Train Track for Your Venue?

There are some steps for building a train track you can refer to.

First, we will plan the track layout. And then, design the length and shape of the train track to suit your site based on your needs. You can also customize the size and shapes of the track according to your favors.

Second, we will select the right materials for your track and determine the appropriate location for track construction.

Third, we are going to prepare the foundation for track construction, and ensure it is solid and flat.

Fourth, we need to lay the track in your site according to the track design drawings.

train track build

Then, after we finished the track installations for your train ride, we test it and ensure it can operate smoothly.

Last, After testing, you need to regularly check the operating status of the train to ensure safety and smoothness.

By the way,we will provide you with technical support to ensure that your track can be installed correctly and successfully.

If you find our products intriguing, we invite you to promptly send us an inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing potential opportunities for collaboration.