DINIS offers a comprehensive range of garden trains for sale, from whimsical designs for children to elegant sightseeing options. With 20 years of manufacturing expertise, we provide customizable, high-quality rides suitable for various garden venues. Buying a cheap garden train in DINIS only costs 6,000- 8,000 dollars. If your budget is between $35,000 – $48,000, you can select a big sightseeing train for 36 people to take. Moreover, we promise to provide you with 1-year warranty service and lifetime technical support, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for our customers.

Carnival Trains for Children in Garden

Do you want to buy a small garden train suited for kids? DINIS has launched multiple styles of train for garden with cartoon shapes. They are funny garden railway Thomas, cute Peppa Pig trackless train, Boonie Bears’ adventure train in garden, cool bullet amusement train, etc. Furthermore, all them are exquisite and lifelike as animated characters coming into reality, which makes people want to check the truth.

Not only children, but even young people visiting your garden can’t help but desire to experience them. Besides, we equip the trains with seat belts and handrails in every carriage, and the interiors are also flat and smooth. These designs add to kids’ riding security even when they are without adult company, providing parents with more peace of mind.

11.8 Inch Miniature Garden Railway for Sale

Mini ride on garden trains for sale are available in DINIS! Shapes of the mini trains are unlike other styles of train rides because they only have external seats without cabins. Moreover, it needs to run on its specific track, and the inner track gauge is 11.8 inch. So compact and special it is! Besides, its appearance is similar to a really traditional train with a steam chimney and large lighting.

Furthermore, these designs are not just decorative items, and they are all usable. You can press the steam control button to give passengers an interesting entertainment experience in your garden. In addition, You can adorn some colorful lights on your plants. And the large headlamp and colored lights can bring your customers a special experience of night garden train tour. When night comes, turning on the lights will bring a different scenery. And these will make you get profits both day and evening.

Big Garden Trains You can Ride for Sale: Noble, Fashionable, and Accommodates 36 People

Are you still searching for a big train ride for your botanical garden? DINIS recently designed a fire-new sightseeing train for park use. We paint it with elegant blue and gold, which makes it look noble fashion. Additionally, its internal seats we choose the wooden material brushed with anti-corrosion, durable and aesthetically pleasing. I believe that if such a train appearing in your garden, it will definitely make your garden look more upscale and attractive than others.

In contrast to the cartoon garden train for kids, the big train is suited for family entertainment for all ages. From a child’s perspective, it looks like a real passenger train. For adults, it looks fashionable, unique and very interesting, completely different from traditional trains. When people ride on such a train in your garden, they can not only enjoy flowers, but listen to pleasant music. At the same time, their body and mind will get relax. Who can say this is not a meaningful garden trip?

Customizable Garden Trains DINIS Provided for Your Theme Park

DINIS provides multiple customization services for your outdoor garden train. First I have to say, you can design the outdoor train ride with your company logo. Moreover, if you want to stick the small train with interesting pictures, just send us them. After manufacturing your train, we will apply stickers featuring unique patterns to make it exclusively yours, tailored for your garden. By the way, these stickers are waterproof and traceless. Even if you want to replace it in the future, it’s convenient.

Next, the standard configuration of most train rides from DINIS has steam whistle, chimney, small bell, music box, lights. However, there are still some configurations that require your notes in advance we can install them for you. Such as the loudspeaker, some people may think it is unnecessary. But if you choose a large garden railway, we recommend you install the loudspeaker and monitor. On the one hand, it can help you manage passengers and monitor the situation inside the carriage in real time. On the other hand, if there are emergency, you can stop the train quickly and then take action.

garden train rides for DINIS for sale

Eventually, we support you tailor the track size according to your planned train route. In addition, if you want to change the train color, just send us your color card. Likewise, you can also select the train color scheme we already designed to customize your train for garden.

How Much Does an Outdoor Garden Train Cost?

The garden train price is impacted by various factors, such as its style, materials, scale, manufacturer, and track, etc. In general, larger or more elaborate garden trains usually cost more. Besides, customized services may also increase overall costs. Moreover, the price of trains is also affected by market demand and supply conditions. Some garden scale train styles that are in short supply may be slightly higher. Next, we have compiled a list of the current price ranges of different styles of garden trains for your reference.


Style Thomas Train Peppa Pig Train Ride on Train Bullet Train Big Sightseeing Train
Capacity 16 seats 24 seats 16 seats 24 seats 36 seats
Material Fiberglass,steel Fiberglass,steel Sheet metal Fiberglass,steel Sheet metal
Track / trackless Track Trackless Track Track / trackless Track
Price $6,000 – $8,000 $13,000 – $20,000 $15,000 – $20,000 $35,000- $45,000 $35,000 – $48,000

Due to varying retail prices of trains produced by different manufacturers, you need to contact them to get the detailed prices of garden train.

Quality Garden Trains for Sale by DINIS – 20 Years of Expertise in Amusement Equipment Manufacturing!

DINIS is a Chinese manufacturer in making amusement rides for 20 years. We are devoted to design more styles and types of trains to meet more customers’ demands. Train rides from us are not only suitable for garden use. But also for various indoor and outdoor venues, like the amusement parks, shopping malls, funfairs, even in your backyards! Besides, choosing our train has 100% quality assurance for 24 months.

Moreover, train prices we sell for you are unified retail prices, no Intermediaries, no Markup. Also, we can not only provide guaranteed quality, but also give free technical support for you. If you have any questions about selecting, purchasing, and using our train rides, you can contact us at any time. Our customer service personnel will solve your problem as soon as possible.

If you find our trains intriguing, we invite you to promptly send us an inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing potential opportunities for collaboration.