Large diesel trackless train for sale from DINIS. It can accommodate over 40 passengers, and is suited for your multiple venues, such as the scenic spots, theme amusement parks, mountain areas, etc. Moreover, we equip the diesel train with many thoughtful configurations, such as the the colorful lights, chimney, and sound, etc.

In addition, the trackless diesel train can also relieve your endurance anxiety due to its high efficiency and large fuel tank. Moreover, it is easy to operate and meets environmental pollution standards. Therefore, it has been the choice of many investors.

High Capacity Outdoor Diesel Trackless Train for Sale

Beautifully crafted leather products.

40/ 56/ 70 Passengers Diesel Trackless Train Suitable for Your Multiple Sites

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The hot-selling diesel trackless train for 40-70 people are available in DINIS. It looks like a real train but has a wider using places than the real train. The real train only you can take in railway stations, however, you can ride it in your outdoor venues. It is suited to move on a cement or asphalt road owing to its rubber tires not an extra track. Large amusement parks, city parks, scenic spots, forest parks, seaside, farms can be the appropriate site to use it. Besides, the diesel train has an exquisite appearance and more fun than traditional trains. People can listen to music and enjoy the scenery while riding it. Image that, if your customers see a train in your venues, how surprised and curious they will be?

Detailed Configurations of the Exquisite Amusement Diesel Train

Trackless diesel train rides from DINIS have many detail designs. These design give your customers a good experience and ensure their safety to a certain extent.

Refined Appearance

The diesel trackless train has various styles. The cartoon theme diesel train, such as the lovely Peppa Pig train rides are especially poplar with kids. Its exterior is pink and covered with sticks of interesting Peppa Pig family. Besides, there are exquisite large Christmas train, stylish sightseeing train rides suitable for you business.

Moreover, they can smoke like a real train owing its simulated chimney, which makes them more amusing and vivid. More important is that, children and adults are fond of the diesel train with outstanding appearance. We design it into elegant white, stylish black with red, or charming sky blue, etc. You can choose its external color or you can customize it by yourself.

Seats of the diesel trackless train are made of high-quality Anti-corrosive wood and simulated leather. They are durable and can provide your customers with good riding experience. Carriages of the diesel train has 3 types, the open, semi enclosed, and fully enclosed train cars. Each train contains two carriages and one locomotive. Each carriage holds 20, 24, or 35 passengers and the loco can accommodate 2 persons. You can choose it according to your practical demands.

Seats and Carriages

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Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

Both open carriages and semi-enclosed carriages do not have glass windows. They are very well ventilated and cannot be equipped with air conditioning. Each fully enclosed carriage has independent sliding windows and we have installed an air conditioner in its locomotive. The air conditioner inside the train locomotive is free for you. However, if you want to install an air conditioning in each car, you need to pay the extra cost.

Sound System, Monitoring System and Illumination System

All the diesel train are decorated with a lot of colorful lights on their exteriors. Besides, we equip each carriage with audio, speakers and monitoring. These devices not only enhance the visitor experience, but also help you better manage passengers. Even if you use it in a crowed large mall, you don’t need to worry.

Diesel Trackless Train: Alleviating Your Range Anxiety

  1. First, the diesel generator of the trackless train rides have excellent fuel efficiency. Diesel generator can efficiently use fuel, and prolong the operating time.
  2. Second, the diesel generator has a large-capacity fuel tank which reduces the need for frequent refueling. So passengers have less to worry about running out of energy during their journeys.
  3. Third, the diesel fuel can be easily obtained in many places, and gas stations are relatively common. You can replenish fuel at any time as needed.

Therefore, whether you use it in a forest park, coast sites, or resorts, it is appropriate.

How Much does a Top-notch Diesel Trackless Train Cost

Prices of the prime diesel trackless train rides vary from different manufacturers to different regions. In addition, different style, capacity, carriage also are the factors affecting train prices. I provide some price ranges of different capacity diesel trackless trains in the following for your reference.

Take the classic diesel trackless trains with semi-enclosed carriages as a reference. If you want to purchase a train for 40 passengers with such configuration, you may need to spend $38,000-53,000.

If you would like to buy a bigger one, such as the train for 56 people, you may cost more. Its prices is not less than 50,000 dollars. Price of the 70 seats large diesel trackless train is higher than the first two. If you want to get such one, you may pay more than 85,000 dollars.

Why Diesel Trackless Trains Have Garnered Favor from Many Investors

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  • Sophisticated look and fantastic riding experience: The diesel train made of high-quality sheet metal provides customers with a good viewing feeling and a comfortable riding experience. Moreover, we combined with various entertainment elements and themed decorations when manufacturing it. It attracts a number of tourists by its beautiful appearance and increasing the popularity of your venues.
  • Comply with environmental standards: Modern diesel generator technology has significantly reduced emissions and satisfies investors’ requirements for environmental protection and sustainable development.
  • Easy to maintain and durable: Compared with other power sources of the trackless trains, the diesel train is sturdy and durable, and easy to maintain. Moreover, it has a lower repair cost than the battery train rides.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Operating the diesel train rides from DINIS is easy for you owing to its straightforward and intuitive control panel.
  • Suitable for all ages people: The diesel train without track is proper for all people riding. It is suitable for riding whether it is an old man or a child due to its thoughtful designs, such as the pedals, armrest, etc.
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DINIS, A Chinese Manufacturer of Making the Trackless Diesel Train Rides

Our company, DINIS is a China high-tech enterprise. We are the manufacture of professionally making the amusement equipment, including the diesel trackless train rides. Besides, we apply ourselves to manufacturing other amusement mechanical equipment, like the Carousel, flying chair, pirate ship, etc. Moreover, the non-powered equipment that is environmentally friendly and easy to maintain is also our main product.

The products we produce absolutely comply with national requirements for special equipment, and the quality is guaranteed. We provide you with free technical installation support and one-year product warranty. If you have any doubts during using our equipment, our professionals will explain it to you carefully.

If our product line has captured your interest, we kindly request that you expedite the process by submitting an inquiry to initiate further discussions.