Indoor Ride-on Trains

Do you want to buy one ride-on train to run your business indoor? Do you still are distressed for choosing the rideable trains?  There are two types of the indoor ride-on trains are selling in a China amusement manufacturer. I have made a detailed introduction for the trains in the following passenge for you. Please read down carefully.

Two types of Indoor Ride-on Trains for You and Kids

Kids miniature rideable trains for sale

Miniature rideable trains are extremely popular among young children. We have designed them in a cartoon style and painted them with vibrant colors to make them appear very charming and distinctive. Overall, they have a delicate and cute appearance. Due to their compact size, these trains cannot carry many people and can only accommodate up to 8 passengers. However, there is a benefit: their small size allows them to operate flexibly indoors.

Moreover, they run on a specific track and are controlled by an electric control box. So you can operate these rideable trains for kids conveniently. Simply connect the electric control box to the power supply and press the start button; the trains will then move autonomously without the need for a driver. Therefore, by investing in a rideable kiddy train indoor like this, not only will children be delighted, but it will also become a simpler way for you to generate income.

Classic Indoor Ride on Train

electric ride on train for sale

Indoor classic ridable train with track is on sale at DINIS. This train supports customization, including the shape and size of its train track. Furthermore, you can choose its exterior stickers and colors according to your preference.

For example, If you want to design a unique rideable indoor train with the logo of your company, just tell us in advance when you book it.

Besides, the classic train is battery powered, environmentally friendly and noiseless. Moreover, charge the train battery fully, it can run for more than 8h. Although it is small in size, adults and kids can enjoy it together, very suitable for family entertainment. What’s more, it is appropriate, no matter if you use it in shopping mall, indoor theme park, or your house.

How to Choose Different Sizes of Indoor Ride-on Trains?

Small Ride on Train for 8-14 Kids

small rideable train indoor

These mini sizes of rideable trains DINIS designed are exquisite, they are fashionable railway train, friendly Thomas, lovely small ant, etc. Moreover, they can be operated flexibly and do not require a large space. For instance, you can use them in your indoor theme park for kiddies, indoor shopping mall, or indoor leisure and entertainment center.

Usually, these small trains can carry a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 14-16 people. Besides, the number of the train carriages can be changed. Thus, you can also choose to customize the capacity according to your practicle demands.

Big Riding Train for 20 family members

If you want to buy a bigger ride on train to carry more people, the classic battery ride on train must be the obvious choice. Its overall vehicle size is 13m*0.53m*0.65m, and it can accommodate more than 20 passengers. Even though there are so many families waiting there to ride, you don’t have to worry about the passenger capacity of it.

The Price of Indoor Ride on Trains for Sale

In general, a set of the small rideable train can hold 4-16 kids, and its price is no more than $10,000. Additionally, the indoor train cost is affected by factors such as style. For example, at the same capacity, a Green Ant train set might cost around $6,000, while a Thomas the Tank Engine set might cost $4,000-6,000. The specific prices needs you contact the indoor train manufacturer. 

Amusement indoor train ride manufacturer

If you perfer to get a big rideable train for 20 passengers, you may spend 15,000 dollars to 18,000 dollars. In addition, the customized services may increase the purchase amount. So, when purchasing the amusement train equipment for indoor business, you not only need to understand the specific train price, but also need to consider your own actual budget. Select an indoor ride on train from DINIS, allowing you to purchase high-quality equipment at the cheapest price.

The Materials for Making the Indoor Ride on Train

Body Materials Of The Rideable Train Rides: FRP And Steel Metal

sheet matel train ride on train

Almost all the indoor ride on trains are made of FRP (whose full name is fiber glass reinforced plastics ) and Steel Metal material. Both materials have characteristics of hardness and corrosion resistance. The difference lies in the strong plasticity of the FRP. We can use the FRP to make the train locomotive and its exterior decorations of different shapes.

Furthermore, its price is relatively low in contrast to the sheet metal. Moreover, the engine hood made of FRP is less prone to damage and more durable. Besides, there is no problem with paint peeling off. However, the sheet metal is harder, more durable than those rideable trains made of FRP. But it is also more expensive than FPR because the manufacturing process of sheet metal is complex.

Therefore, we combine the advantages of both of them. We produce the indoor rideable train with FRP locomotive, and make the train body by processing the Sheet Metal.

Seat Material Of The Ride On Train

The materials of the ride-on train seats is simulated leather. It is soft and comfortable, suitable for kids and adult riding. even if you ride on it for a long time, you won’t feel numb. moreover, it is waterproof and durable,very suitable for you indoor business.

seats of the mini ride on material

Use the DINIS High-quality Rideable Trains to Run you Mall Business

If you choose our indoor ride on trains to run you business, you will get the following benefits:

small train for sale indoor
  • Our indoor train ride has many novel styles, like Small Ride-on Trains, Bullet Rideable Train, Carnival riding trains, etc.
  • All of the indoor rideable train rides from us are made of high-quality fiber glass reinforced plastics and Sheet Medals. Under correct usage and regular maintenance and repair conditions, you can use it more than 8 years.
  • You can buy the cheapest indoor ride-on trains from us. We are the source manufacturer for selling train rides. It is impossible to buy second-hand goods from us. So the indoor ride-on trains we sell to you are all first-hand prices. Moreover, the price of our train rides is affordable, and the quality of it is worthy for its price.
  • You can choose to customize the track shape and size of your trains, and the colors and patterns.
  • You can enjoy the best service. We provide you with one-stop service, including the transportation, delivery, installation, commissioning, technical training for your indoor train.

Where You can Buy Our Indoor Train Rides?

Two ways purchasing our indoor riding trains for you

Offline Purchase

Our factory, DINIS, is located in Henan province, China. If you have an indoor business in China, you can take time to visit our company. Offline Choosing indoor trains should be more in line with your preferences. You can inquire about the specific address of the company by sending us a consultation disc.

ride on train carriage for indoor venues

Online Buy

You also can choose to buy the indoor ride-on trains online. Email us or call us to get the free latest quote, and contact us at any time if you have any questions during selecting the train rides. We sincerely look forward to the opportunity to cooperate with you!