Do you have an intention to buy an outdoor ride on train for your children, or to run your business ? DINIS has launched 4 styles of exquisite ride on trains outdoor. They are compact and lovely, and also, you can sit on it with your kids.  So if you are using it as a home entertainment project, that sounds like a good idea too.

Besides, you can also customize your ride on train outdoor with the company logo and some stickers you beloved. Moreover, we support you to tailor the track size and shape of the small train according to your practical demands. The enchanting train equipment is suitable for your multiple sites, such as the mall, funfair, amusement park, theme park, garden park, etc.

4 Styles of Outdoor Ride on Trains Popular with Kids

Have you ever taken a playful and delightful train amusement ride? DINIS has manufactured 4 styles rideable trains you can ride on. Embark on a wonderful journey with our outdoor Trains. Featuring vibrant colors, playful characters, and a track design, these trains bring joys to kids and adults alike.

Fuxing Train in Your Outdoor Amusement Park

Have you ever seen an outdoor train which likes a mini high speed rail? The cool and sleek exterior design of the mini high-speed express DINIS manufactured adds a touch of modernity to your amusement park. Modeled after the renowned Chinese Fuxing Train, it captures the essence of rail travel. Imagine that, how excited your child will be if he join in a fantastic trip with such a charming express.

outdoor mini ride on train rides

Moreover, it is compact and looks very exquisite. Your child has taken the high-speed rail, but has he ever taken the mini high-speed rail like this? If there is such a train ride like this in your outdoor funfair, I believe children will rush to ride on it.

Classic rideable train for backyard Outdoor

The miniature classic train equipment is similar to a real train, with a train appearance and running on its track. But it’s much smaller than a real train. The length, width and height of a conventional passenger train may be 23m*3m*4m. However, the size of the classic mini riding train is 13m*0.53m*0.65m.

When you see it for the first time, you will be amazed at how clever and intricate its design is! With lots of colorful lights decorated on its exterior, the mini rideable train ride looks more charming especially at night. Although it is compact but can accommodate 16 persons, and you can also ride on it.

Real Thomas Kids’ Train for Your Outdoor Funfair

Do you want to purchase a cartoon ride on train outdoor for your little customers? The mini Thomas outdoor kids train could be a nice choice. We design it to refer to the funny cartoon characters children beloved- Thomas and His Friends. Moreover, it is very suited for using in your outdoor funfair, and the ride-on design can provide a broad vision for your passengers. Besides, we can also tailor a roof for the electric Thomas outdoor train, which can resist sunshine and rain to some extent.

mini thomas ride on train

Meanwhile, no matter  whether it is in daytime or at night, using the mini Thomas train can bring you a good benefit. We paint the train colorfully and decorate it with colored lights and music box. When you press the start button on its control box, the Thomas will carry kids running in your kids’ park.Who can it is not a wonderful experience!

New Designed Bullet Amusement Train Runs in Your Backyard

Chinese Fuxing train rides

DINIS launched new small ride-on bullet train for outdoor places is hot selling. When you see it at first sight, you will definitely think it is cool and full of sense of science and technology. So it is! We design it into a bullet shape and paint it with elegant white and brilliant yellow. Besides, we also install it with 140 small colorful lights, which make it eye-catching even in the daytime.

Another advantage is that the bullet train has a small size and a big capacity. It is different from the first 2 trains I have mentioned. While, it is cockpit design, which gives each passenger his or her own little cabin or seat, similar to a small carriage. Furthermore, it also provides passengers with a more private ride experience while increasing safety, especially for children and families. Thus, it is very appropriate in your outdoor venues, even in your backyard!

Whether you prefer the modern technical charm of the Fuxing Express, the timeless of Classic mini trains, the fun journey full of laughter with Thomas locomotive, or the tranquility of a backyard train ride, DINIS offers a diverse range of rideable trains to suit your preference. Join us for an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, excitement, and joy!

The Mini Children Rideable Train Suitable for Your Multiple Outdoor Venues

There is no doubt that when choosing one kids train to use outdoor you need to consider both its appearance and its using places. All train equipment must move within the restricted gradient range. It not only ensures the safety of passengers, but also gives them a good riding experience. The limited slope for mini classic trains is not exceed 3%, while the Fuxing mini train must run under the slope of 1.5%. So please first make your site comply with the slope requirements for train operation, which helps you use it better.

After saving the problem of applicable slope of kids outdoor train, you can choose the style of it according to your favor. There is no restriction in you outdoor places only it meets two requirement of slope and a flat ground with solid foundation.You can use them in these places like outdoor amusement parks, squares, large communities, outdoor market, children’s entertainment centers, etc.

Customize an Appealing Outdoor Kids Train from These Aspects

small train kids train for sale

Capacities and Structures of the Mini Outdoor Track Train

In general, the train amusement equipment consists of 1 locomotive and several carriages. However, owing to the mini body, the ride on train are designed only having seats without cabins. It contain 4 riding cars, and every car can hold 4 passengers. You can also choose to add one car behind the last car. The Fuxing outdoor train is different from all the train rides. It has two locomotives and they are located at both ends of the train. This design makes it more consistent with the shape of a real high-speed train.

Customizable Color Matching for Your Train

We support to customize the external color of your mini ride on train. Besides, you can also choose some stickers you like or your logo to stick on the train body.

Track Shape and Size of the Rideable Train

There are 3 kinds of the train track, straight tracks, curved tracks and multi-level tracks. You can select its shape and size according to your favor and practical requirements.

customized small ride on train

Inspirations of Designing the Kiddies Outdoor Ride on Train

mini track train for adults

Taking a miniature train may be a fantastic thing for many kids. The design concept of ride-on Fuxing train is derived from the real high speed express. Smooth body with black, white patchwork decorations makes it advanced. The inner yellow seats adding a lively touch to the overall atmosphere. It has only open carriages which makes your customers visit your outdoor scenery while riding. Moreover, the colorful lights make it looks very cool and charming.

We refer the real train shape to make the classic mini rideable locomotive. In addition, we also add some Chinese style elements,like the red and dragon. They have special meaning in China. Red represents happiness and good fortune, as well as wishes for health, safety and success for others. The dragon is a symbol of strength and is also believed to bring good luck, blessings and harvests to people. Usage of the two elements places our blessings on you and your customers. Meanwhile, we also hope that our train equipment can bring you happiness and luck.

how to operate mini train with track

Cheapest Outdoor Rideable Train and Track Available in China DINIS

Do you still struggling to find a good manufacturer to purchase one kid rideable train used for your outdoor places? All types of the outdoor trains you like can be made by DINIS. In addition, we can provide you with customized service and one-stop service. Chinese high-tech enterprise, DINIS is a company of amusement equipment that integrates production, research and development, and sales. You can buy the cheapest outdoor train from us. Moreover, our service is considerate. You don’t need to worry about the transportation, installation, commission and technical training of your outdoor train rides. Our high-quality products and service can make you satisfied and at ease!

FAQ About the Ride on Amusement Trains for Outdoor Sites

The 3 train rides, including the Fuxing Miniature Railway, Classic Ride-on Train, Bullet Outdoor Train, are powered by Lithium batteries. However, the Thomas outdoor ride on train suited for kids is electric powered.

Besides the kids Thomas outdoor train, other trains can run 8-10 hours after fully charged, usually <7km/hr. And the mini Thomas train is powered by electricity and regulated by a control box. Thus, as long as you plug it in, you can use it normally without time limitation .

According to the use consider to confirm whether we need to replace the train battery and other parts. And the train maintenance manual will be provided to you after you purchase the train.

Generally speaking, your outdoor train rides can be completed in 15 days.

Determine the quantity and I will help you apply for a discount.

Commonly, we will pack all train ride parts and the control boxes of the kids track trains with 3-5 layers of good bubble wrap. Then, put them into a container of suitable size and transport it by 6.8m high rail car to your designated port in China.

Actually, Our equipment is disassembled and packed into containers for transportation. No damage will be caused during transportation, unpacking and secure. You don’t have to worry at all.

Moreover, this way we provided for you can save container volume and freight. (A high cabinet is required for assembly, and only a high cabinet is required for disassembly). Besides, the small ride on railway is easy to install, and you just need to connect rods between carriages.

About the payment: 50% TT in advance, the balance you should pay before delivery.

The price I quote you is the ex-factory price, excluding shipping costs. If you give me the port closest to you, I can calculate the shipping fee to your country.
If you want to see our factory, welcome to you at any time. And there are many investors who come to our factory to experience the physical train rides every year.

After you knew about these outdoor ride on trains, have you decided which train to buy? I think you must be impatient. Come and send us an inquiry!