Appearance features of the garden train rides

The garden train rides are usually famous for their exquisite appearance and diverse site applicability. First, in order to meet various garden themes, the train rides are painted with multi colours. Generally speaking, a garden train has only 1 or 2 main tones. And this color scheme is designed to prevent it from appearing flashy and abrupt when operating in your garden. Besides, for the choosing of the train main tone, there is also particular about. We will, according to your garden theme, recommend you the appropriate train color to fit in your site style.

electric garden train rides

In addition, trains suitable for garden use usually have two styles, the small ride-on style and sightseeing train with open or semi-enclosed cabins. The ride on garden train has a compact size and light weight, thus, the track can be lifted. Moreover, its passenger carrying mode is different from traditional passenger train. Due to its mini body, it has no closed train car. So people just have to sit on its body, which design makes the train tour more special and interesting.

The other train style, the classic sightseeing train, can give visitors a better viewing experience. First, its exterior is similar to a traditional train. Second, it is with open or semi-enclosed train car. When your customers ride it to enjoy the beautiful scenery, their view will be broad.

Garden Trains Runs on Specific Tracks

mini ride on garden train for kids and adults

To prevent trampling and offer visitors an authentic train-riding experience, garden trains operate exclusively on their designated tracks. Besides, you can customize the track size and shape according to your practical requirements. Moreover, you can also paint the sleeper on the train track colorful to make your garden look more vivid.

The Cowcatcher: A Unique Design of the Garden Train

The garden train ride from our faactory has a special design than other amusement trains. There is a pilot on the front of its train locomotive. Adding these elements is to clean obstacles on the track, which can bring you convenience to a great extent. First of all, with the growing of the flowers increasingly, it is very likely to grow on the train track and block the train working. Besides, if there is some snow cover or large debris laying on the track. That may affect the normal operation and thereby cause a bad riding experience. However, the cowcatcher can push them to the both sides of the track and dispel your concerns. So, install a pilot for the garden train ride is necessary.

garden sightseeing train

Small Bell and Light Music, Bring You a Relaxed and Enjoyable Riding Experience

Image that you are taking an amusing small railroad train, gazing into the distant sea of flowers. The liquid ringing of the bell and melodious music echo in your ears. What would you feel like? I believe you must feel relaxed and cosy, even hope time will stop at this moment. Making tourists linger in your garden and not want to leave, which is the ultimate aim of we designing the garden train. It is undeniable that our train ride has achieved it.