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Amusement Park Train Rides for Sale!

Taking train rides is a very attractive things for many visitors. The small amusement park train for sale catches people’s eyes the moment it occurs owing to its beautiful appearance and exquisite decorations. Buying train rides not only can be used for traffic transportation in your amusement park, but can be regarded as an entertainment project to attract more people to experience. There are 5 types of different capacities of the train, the 8 seats- 48 seats for your selecting. DINIS, a Chinese high-tech enterprise for manufacturing various amusement equipment, is selling high-quality train rides you want to purchase.

8-48 Seats Amusement Park Train for Sale

Five types train rides of different capacities are hot-selling for your amusement park. The detailed introductions about them are as follows:

8-Seat Mini Fire-themed Kids Train for park

The appearance of the mini track train is designed to resemble a real small fire truck.  When kids ride on it, they can waggle the sprinklers to put out the fire in the small house in front of them. At the same time, they can also ajust the direction of the control dial for the fire extinguisher, to make the train tour more interesting. Moreover, adults also can ride it! If you accompany your kids to ride it, your kids must be very thrill. And you will also find your childhood fun in this experience.

16 Capacities Trackless Elephant Trains is running in parks

The Elephant train has a type with track and the other type without track. All they have the appearance of a cute Elephant locomotive and several carriages which can accommodate 16 people plus one driver. They are suitable as a outdoor train or indoor trains in your amusement park. The biggest difference between them is that the track Elephant train needs a special track to work, but the trackless train can run on your amusement park roads. Moreover, the track size, track shape and its external color and decorations all can be customized by yourself.

Another difference between them is that the track elephant train can work by connecting to the electric power supply, and the rated power and voltage of it are 2 kw and 220v. However, the trackless elephant train is battery operated, and it runs just needing 5 pieces of batteries, and charge once can last more than 8h. In addition , the price of the track elephant train is higher than the trackless price, so you can choose whichever the elephant train you think is more proper.

16-20 Seats Ride-on Train for Your Backyard Amusement Park

If you want to buy a small backyard train ride appropriate for all ages for your amusement park, the mini ride on train will be a nice choice. Its standard configuration is one loco plus 4 passenger carriages. But if you have more demands for the train capacity, we can add one carriage at most. Every carriage holds 4 people, so the train can accommodate 16-20 passengers. Besides, its seats are wide and long, so you can definitely take your little baby to sit on it together. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about safety issues at all because it is low. When people ride on it, they may feel as if they are on a moveable chair. So wonderful and special it is!

20 People Antique Amusement Park Train for Sale

Another train equipment, the antique amusement train which can hold 20 people, and it is trackless and depends on battery power to operate. It looks very lovely and delightful because its small size and colorful cabins. Moreover, you can also change the color scheme of the train locomotives and cars. we usually design the train with 3 semi enclosed carriages and 1 open carriage, and every car hold 5 persons. You can also match the car style according to your favor.

small antique train for amusement park

Swan Track Train for Your Theme Park for 36 people Riding

The Swan train, whose exterior colors are white with blue and yellow, is made into the shape of a swan, which makes it look simple but stylish. So if you buy a train rides like these, there will be many adults and children loving it. It is composed of one locomotive and 3 semi enclosed carriages, which can hold more than 30 passengers.

Besides, it runs with several battery packs and carry capacity of 5 tons and it needs a special track in your amusement park to work. You can also choose to print the logo of your amusement park to create an exclusive style.

Large amusement park ant train for sale, suited for 48 children and adults

If you have a large park, choose the Pink Ant train to run your business must be a nice choice. Its capacity is so big that can hold more than 40 passengers. Moreover, its appearance is very cute, with a big round head decorated with a yellow crown, and a shiny pink body makes its overall look more outstanding and eye-catching. In addition, it operates on a track and needs lithium batteries to power. 

Cost Comparison for Amusement Trains Based on Capacity

Different capacities train rides have differences in their purchasing price. Generally speaking, the more carriages you choose for the same style of train, the more you will spend. Dissimilar styles of train rides have different prices.

Elephant Train

$9,000-12,000 /set

  • 16 seats
  • Track / Rubber tires

  • Track size: 10m diameter
  • Support customization

  • With electric box / Maintenance-free battery powered

Vintage Amusement train

> $12,000 / set

  • 20 seats
  • Without track

  • Maintenance-free battery powered

  • Turning radius: 3m
  • Support customization

Ride-on Train

> $18,000 / set

  • 16-20  seats
  • With track
  • Lithium battery powered
  • Turning radius: 7m
  • Support customization

Swan Train Ride

> $20,000 / set

  • 36 seats
  • With track
  • Lithium battery powered
  • Turning radius: ≥ 7m
  • Support customization

The price of a set of Elephant Track Train for 16 people is probably 9,000 dollars to 12,000 dollars. It is higher than the Trackless Elephant train of the same capacity. If you want to buy a 16 seats trackless train of elephant train, you need to pay about 9000 dollars.

If you prefer the small ride on train for 16-20 seats, you may cost $18,000 at least.

Purchasing a medium-size of train rides for your amusement, like antique train for 24 people, may cost you over $12,000.

However, A bigger train ride for 36 persons you like may spend more than 20,000 dollars.

Using Our Amusement Park Trains to Increase Your Profits

As a Shuttle Train Runs on Amusement Park Roads

The train rides as a novel and fast vehicle, using it on the roads of your amusement them park can play a role in integrating various amusement regions. For the customers, riding the small trains not only can save a lot of time wasting in roads and experience the most projects in the least amount of time, but relieve their fatigues, saving energies. Of course for you, the more projects customers experience and consume in your amusement park, the more income you will get. So how can’t this be called a win-win situation?

amusement park road train for sale

By the way, the track train rides and trackless train are suitable for using between areas of amusement projects to carry passengers. But the track train is more proper in areas that are narrow or unsuitable for building cement road. If most of the roads in your amusement park are laid cement and flat, choosing the trackless train will save you a lot of costs.

As an Amusement Project in Your Park

The train rides are always popular with kids and adults as a entertainment project in amusement park for many years. So many styles are proper for parents-kids experiencing, such as the Elephant track train, vintage train, mini Thomas train rides, Christmas track train. You can regard the train rides as other amusement equipment like carousel or flying chair, and build a specific train ares to provide your customers to play.

As a Vehicle Temporarily Rented for Some Activities

There is another way to improve the availability of your amusement park trains. You can carry out a leasing service. The train rides are a good way to regulate the atmosphere of group activities. You can rent your road train for these people who need to hold group activities or kids parties. By making full use of your train rides to maximize your profits. Of course, first, you must ensure that it does not affect the internal business of your amusement park.

amusement park elephant train rides

How to Buy an Amusement Park Train for Sale

amusement train for kids for sale from DINIS

First and foremost, choosing legitimate factories with relevant train rides production license through formal channels. For instance, you can find located manufacturer or suppliers near you. Or you can to search out the legitimate and qualified companies online.

Another way is connecting us. Our company, DINIS has twenty years of making experience for amusement park trains. Moreover, materials we use are all superior Fiberglass and Sheet Metal. So the quality of the trains we manufacture is also is high.

High-quality Amusement Park Train Rides Manufacturer

DINIS is an environmentally friendly company of amusement park train rides that integrates production, research and development and sale. We are responsible to you from selecting the materials of train rides to transporting the trains and after sale work. We produce trains with various styles, exquisite decorations, and outstanding appearances, like the elephant trains, Ocean trains, Christmas trains, etc. They have received unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers. You can select them according to your favors and demands.

Besides, we can make the train according your requirements. You can customize its external color and image as well as the track shape and track size.

Choose Our Park Trains to Run your Buniness with Quality Guarantees and Excellent After-sale Service

antique amusement park train manufacturer
  1. Quality assurance. All our products are made of high-grade FRP and Sheet Metal. You can use it more than 8 years just needing your regular maintenance.
  2. Perfect service. Our provide you with comprehensive service, including the barrier-free service, butler transportation, door-to-door delivery, installation, commissioning, technical training one-stop service.
  3. Meticulous after-sale service. Any questions about our train rides when selecting or purchasing or using, you can connect us at any time.

If you have any interest for our products, please sent us an enquiry at any time!