As the festive season approaches, finding ways to bring joy and unique experiences to visitors becomes increasingly important. The 6 styles of festival train rides for sale manufactured by DINIS are the perfect choice for this. Whether it’s for New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day, Halloween, or Christmas, these festive trains add a vibrant touch to your commercial events. DINIS has carefully designed and manufactured a diverse selection of festival-themed trains that are not only attractive but also easy to operate, providing fun and interactive opportunities for passengers of all ages. Each train carries its own cultural significance and creativity, aiming to offer your customers an unforgettable riding experience.

6 Festival Themed Train Rides DINIS Manufactured are on Sale!

DINIS designs and makes 6 styles of festival train rides for sale for your multiple selecting. They are New Year themed, Valentine’s Day themed, dragon themed for Dragon Boat Festival, antique train for National Day, little ghost for Halloween Carnival, and enchanting Christmas train in your backyard! If you want to know about what it is like, come and read it with me!

  • Bring Luck and Boom: Purchasing a Red Miniature Locomotive for Spring Festival

red holiday train rides

The red miniature locomotive, is very suited to being used as a New Year Train. Its striking red color exudes a vibrant and festive aura, setting the perfect tone for New Year celebrations. Besides, red is often associated with good luck, prosperity, and positive energy in many cultures. So there are lots of beautiful hidden meanings if you choose a red ride-on train for your customers. Whether during the Spring Festival or on ordinary days, it can bring luck and auspicious to your business and customers.

Embarking on the lucky red festival train with the blessings of Chinese manufacturer DINIS, and starting a wonderful journey. What’s more important, if you choose a Chinese train rides manufacturer, there are discounts as the Spring Festival holiday approaches.

  • Romantic Pink Trackless Sightseeing Train: A Perfect Valentine’s Day Experience for 9 Couples

DINIS launches newly designed Valentine’s Day themed trackless sightseeing train, perfect for your theme park or shopping mall. The pink trackless train can accommodate 9 couples, and the number 9 represents forever. We manufacture this festival train based on our sincere wishes for every couples. In addition, we install it with lots of colorful lights, which looks very eye-catch and fashionable. Furthermore, within the train carriages, we have furnished soft seats, ensuring that every couple enjoys a comfortable and joyous train tour.

  • Dragon Themed Festival Train Rides Parades in Your Water Park

The real dragon festival train rides for sale is the hot selling amusement equipment in Chinese manufacturer- DINIS. The dragon has a special meaning in Chinese traditional culture, and it stand for power and courage. Besides, Dragon boat rowing is a traditional celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival in China, which means to drive away bad luck and bring peace. Thus, we choose the theme and manufactures a dragon train ride full of strength and vitality. 

Due to its compact size and the ability to be elevated, it is highly suitable for use in your water park. Buying a small train like this will allow children and adults to feel the power and charm of dragons all the time.

  • Journey Through Time: Antique Train Rides Unite with National Day Celebrations

The antique train rides are perfect for those people who like retro style and are fascinated by past memories. It looks like a real passenger train but doesn’t run on a track. This new design without track makes it operate on cement roads and asphalt roads, allowing it to achieve conversions in multiple venues. Moreover, you can customize the antique festival train with your company logo or other patterns.

antique trackless train for holiday

Usually, the vintage festival train rides for sale include 1 locomotive and 3 cars, and every train can hold 16 passengers. The train’s external color can be changed and the combinations of different types of train carriages are also available according to your requirements. If you operated such a train during the National Day celebrations, I believe there would be many people eager to experience it.

  • An Unexpected Surprise for Kids: Taking the Halloween Festival Train Rides for Sale

Do you want to buy a cartoon holiday train for your kids or little customers? The small ghost train, very suited for the Halloween carnival activities, may be a good choice for you. It looks hilarious and weird, with a big grin. Additionally, it is trackless and every cabin can hold 4 people. And the entire train can accommodate up to 14 people. 

Halloween carnival trains for sale

No matter whether you use it in your shopping mall indoor, or in your funfair outdoor, it is perfect. The funny external appearance can catch children’s eye at first sight. Moreover, we equip it with music box and colorful lights, which make the Halloween trip more enjoyable. So, come buy a little train ride like this and take your family to participate in the Halloween carnival.

  • Experience the Magic: DINIS Christmas Train and Track for a Festive Backyard Delight!

The Christmas train and track manufactured by DINIS are now on sale! Are you looking to purchase a Christmas train for your backyard on a beautiful Christmas Eve? Our best Christmas track train is specifically designed for you and your backyard business. The Christmas-themed festival train rides for sale are exquisitely decorated with two elks. 

Christmas ride on train rides

Additionally, the train operates on a 220V power supply voltage and is easily controlled through an electric control box, providing convenience in operating the train. Simply press the button on the control box, and you can embark on an enchanting train tour with Santa Claus. Furthermore, the Christmas train is suitable for passengers of all ages, inviting your neighbors to experience the festival train!

Last but not least, no matter which themed train it is, it has a wide site suitability. You can choose it according to your favor, or customize one referring to your real requirements.

Festive Train Rides for Sale: Fun for Kids and Adults, Perfect for Malls!

trackless holiday sightseeing train for mall

Do you want to purchase an amusement train for kids and adults? Are you still worried about which style of train to choose? Our festive trains – the ultimate attraction that brings a smile to every visitor’s face in your mall! Whether you want to purchase it for shopping mall shoppers with their families or seek an enchanting addition to your outdoor mall, our various festival themed trains are a must-have. 

Moreover, these trains are ideal for kids and adored by adults. Also, they are not just rides, and It’s a unique holiday experience. Delight your visitors as they hop aboard on the festival train for a whimsical journey, complete with active music and colorful lights.

Our trains come with customizable features, allowing you to match the theme of your mall or the decor of the venue. Besides, we have equipped the holiday train with safety belts and armrests, along with comfortable seats, ensuring your guests can relax and enjoy the ride while creating lasting memories. Plus, with easy setup and operation, you’ll find these trains to be as friendly to your staff as they are to your guests. Have questions or special requirements? Get in touch, and let us make your festive train vision a reality!

You can Utilize the Festival Train Rides for Sale in Various Settings, Enhancing Celebrations and Events


ith our versatile Festival Train Rides, you can add a touch of magic to any event and venue. Festival train rides for sale from our company are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Not only shopping malls, amusement parks and theme parks, but the children’s playgrounds, squares, markets, and even your backyard can be the best places to use the festival train. Our trains can navigate through your event space, bringing joy and excitement directly to your guests.

Besides, it is perfect for holiday celebrations, special promotions, or everyday entertainment. Our festival expresses are a dynamic attraction that can transform an ordinary day into a special occasion. Furthermore, you can also provide some train games or projects such as taking photos with small holiday trains to increase interaction with customers and attract more passengers to participate.

In addition, we also offer branding options to showcase your business name or sponsors as the train winds its way through the crowd. Not sure how a train can fit into your venues? Our customer support team is ready to offer creative solutions tailored to your unique setting.

Where I can Buy an Affordable Festival Train Ride for My Business?

featival ride on trains for sale

Are you still search for the perfect festival train ride at the right price. Chinese amusement rides manufacturer, DINIS specializes in manufacturing and selling festival train rides that balance affordability with quality. We offer a variety of train equipment to suit different themes and budgets, ensuring that you can find the best option for your guests and your venues.

Meantime, in order to ensure you make an informed decision, we provide comprehensive consultation, taking into account your space, target audience, and specific needs. More important is that our customer support doesn’t end with your purchase. We’re here to assist you with operational training, maintenance tips, and any questions that arise as you delight your customers with your new festival train.

Ready to get started? Reach out to us, and we’ll help you choose the ideal amusement train ride that promises a track record of success!