Have you seen a antique train ride whose appearance is similar to a real train? However, if there are such two trains, you can distinguish them at the first sight. The antique train rides from DINIS is attractive for children and adults. It has an exquisite exterior and always appears in an amusement park, shopping mall, carnival themed park, etc. When people see it, they can’t wait to start a usual and ineffable nostalgic tour.

Why People are so Obsessed for the Antique Train Rides from DINIS

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Exquisite Appearances

The antique trains from our company are very appealing. A hot-selling style of it has a gorgeous appearance and a special operation mode different from traditional railway train. The hot-selling antique train is has a bright black locomotive with red lines decorated its windows and body. Several colorful carriages follow behind the train and beautiful illuminations on its exterior glisten themselves. People are captivated at the sight of seeing it.

Special Operation Mode

It is trackless and can run on any flat and solid road. It is out of the ordinary train. People can ride such a train at any where not just in the railway station.

Novel Experience

The antique train brings happy for people. The small train is playful. People enjoy the tour with the antique train and get a meaningful experience.

Hot-selling Trackless Antique Train for 24-40 Passengers from DINIS for Sale

A high-quality manufacturer of amusement train, Dinis has made a antique train whose appearance is like a traditional train. It consists of one locomotive and several carriages, can hold more than 20 people. Two persons sit in the control cabins. It has so many choices for the train capacity that you don’t have to worry about whether all the passengers can get into it.

More important is that you can drive it on any a wide and flat ground flexibly! It does not need to runs on a specific track. So you can see it on the road of a amusement park, squares, outdoor malls, even in your community. It can not only be used to play, but carry passengers.

Compared to sightseeing buses, it is more entertaining. As a novel means of transportation, the antique train has gain favors from more and more businesses and passengers.

14 Seats Mini Ride on Antique Train Rides for Children and Adults

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Have you seen a miniature antique train which people can ride on it like on the back of a horse. There are big distinctions between it and the trackless antique train. First, it has no carriage but seats. It is unlike a traditional train rides with cabin holding passengers. This design of riding train makes people feel more novel and unique, therefore, they rush to ride it. Second, it runs on a track, and rely on electric power to supply. Third, it has a cute appearance and a compact size. It can runs in everywhere, even in your backyard! Moreover, its overall color is red, which make it looks happy and fashionable. If you purchase such a train for your scenic area, there will be definitely a lot of fun and joy.

Take a Nostalgic Journey on a Battery Antique Train

Would you like to take a train to experience of the feeling of returning to the times? If you ride an antique train rove in your prosperous city, browsing every scenery in it, how would you feel? That must be wonderful and special! Many people prefer to choose a battery antique train to run their business. The reasons are that it not only gives customers an amazing experience, but also is more convenient. You can use it in the day and charge it at night, which will not affect your business. Moreover, each charge fully just needs 6-7 hours and then you can use it for over 8h.

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How to Operate The Fantastic Antique Train on the Road

The antique train rides have a similar appearance with the traditional trains. However, its internal functions are different from traditional trains. It is easy to operate and you can learn how to drive it quickly. Concrete steps about operating the antique train are as follows:

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  • Rotate the key or press the start button to start the train engine.
  • Test whether the brake is normal and verify whether the train can be effectively stopped on level ground.
  • Wait for you passenger to get on, and tell them the passengers precautions before starting the antique train. Then remind them that the train is about to move.
  • Start the train and limited it at a safety and controllable speed. Meanwhile, you need to obey the traffic rules and attend pedestrian.
  • Press the buttons on the control console to play or pause music, or turn on the colorful lights or whistle. Give your passenger a good experience.
  • Park the antique train safely at the designated location, close the program and wait for your passengers to get off.
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Last but not least,every driver of operating the antique train must have undergone a systematic training and professional authentication. Some countries require the train drive possess a Driver’s License for Special Equipment. For specific circumstances, you can contact the local transportation bureau or transportation department. And ask about requirements for driving train rides. Besides, you need to master the safety procedures, emergency protocols and technical knowledge of the trains during training. After that you are allowed to drive the antique train on a road or in your park.

The Special Significance of Antique Trains for Scenic Areas?

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  1. The antique train play an important role in the history of train development due to its own characteristics. It represents both the technological advance and transportation evolution.
  2. The antique train shows human progress in technology. The emergence of traditional trains has brought great convenience to mankind. It is rapid and efficient, and can span hundreds of kilometers in a few hours. The antique train as a amusement ride, however, it cannot reach that speed such a traditional train. But matching with other vehicles in the scenic areas, it has obvious advantages. It can integrate advantages of various regions in the scenic area and give tourist an unusual experience.
  3. The antique train symbolize the evolution of transportation. The traditional mode of transportation in the tourism industry is mostly by car, and the emergence of small trains has updated transportation method of the tourism.
  4. The antique sightseeing train rides without track add entertainment to the scenic area. Most scenic spots are mainly focused on profit from tickets, with few entertainment projects set up. The antique train occurring in your spots not only make it more special but brings more benefits.

If you have any interest in our antique train ride, please send us an inquiry at any time!